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If you are looking for an excellent tasting fish that is also fun to catch, then you might want to consider going after whiting. These fish, also sometimes known as channel mullet, are a popular warm-water species that have a very light and almost sweet taste to them.

In order to properly catch yourself some whiting, we have prepared the best possible rig that you can use to effectively catch these tasty fish!

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The Whiting Rig

Creating a simple whiting rig is very simple, and you might even have many of the items needed already in your fishing gear. These items include:

  • some 15 to 20-pound test fluorocarbon fishing line (for a leader)
  • a 2-ounce teardrop sinker
  • 2 red plastic beads
  • a snap swivel
  • a sinker slide
  • and a hook (a size 6 circle hook works best).

Once you have all of these items, you are ready to start assembling your whiting rig!

  1. First, you will want to cut a small length of the fluorocarbon line of about two feet. At one end, tie your hook.
  2. After the hook is attached, slide the two red plastic beads onto the line.
  3. Next, you will attach the leader to the snap swivel. Once it is connected, thread the sinker slide onto the main fishing line and then tie your leader to the mainline.
  4. The last step is to tie your sinker to the sinker slide, and you are all done with this fishing rig!

How to Catch Whiting with This Rig

Whiting rig

Once you have your whiting rig constructed, you will want to add some bait to your hook. For whiting, popular choices include clams, sand fleas, or shrimp. You will want to cast it out to an area where you suspect whiting might be hiding and wait. When you feel a bite, you can gently set the hook and reel your fish in. 

Every piece on this rig serves an important purpose and plays a key role in attracting and catching whiting. For example, the red beads will attract whiting to your fishing rig.

This is why it is important to use bright red beads, as they will stand out in the water and attract more fish. The sinker slide will also help to prevent the whiting from feeling the line once they take the bait. When you feel a bite, you can let the fish run with it for a little while before setting the hook. This will greatly improve your chances of getting a good hookup.  

Final Thoughts

Whiting are a very popular fish not only for their delicious meat but for their ability to be caught fairly easily if you are using the proper equipment and fishing rig. These fish put up a great fight and make for a great meal, so using this whiting fishing rig will help you get out to the water and enjoy them even more!

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