6 Ways to Store a Kayak in the Garage: Avoid damaging the hull

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Correctly storing your kayak will help extend its life and ensure it does not suffer damage when you are not using it. Consequently, there are several ways to store a kayak in the garage properly and just as many wrong ways. Thankfully, we outline the correct ways to store it to keep your kayak in proper working condition until the next time you need it. 

If you need a way to store a kayak in the garage, here are some of the best methods: 

  • Use a kayak rack
  • Wall mounts
  • Ceiling suspension 
  • Ceiling rack
  • Vertical positioning 
  • Portable stands 

However, paddlers should prepare their kayak for storage and use the proper hardware and positioning to minimize damage even when using suitable methods. 

Keep reading to see how to store a kayak by using each of these techniques properly. This way, your kayak will be safe and undamaged, so it is ready for the next time you take to the water.  

Benefits of Using a Garage for Kayak Storage 

Storing your kayak in a garage is a terrific way to keep it when it isn’t in use. Some of the benefits of using your garage for kayak storage include: 

  • Avoiding extended sun exposure
  • Limits contact with extreme heat or cold temperatures 
  • Away from snow, rain, hail, or other elements 
  • Frees up space in your home or basement 

If you have the garage space available, finding an ideal storage solution will be better for your kayak than leaving it outdoors when not in use. 

Even when storing a kayak in a garage, you should ensure that it is clean and fully drained before putting it away. In some locations, the temperature and humidity levels can drop and rise, making a kayak vulnerable if it still is holding water or is not prepared for storage correctly.  

6 Ways for Proper Kayak Storage in a Garage

The amount of space in your garage will help determine which one of these six methods will work best for your kayak. For example, if you need to know how to hang a kayak in a garage because you need the floor space for vehicles, there are a few different ways. 

Each storage method requires specific hardware and tools, so ensuring that you set it up correctly is vital to keep your kayak safe. You do not want it to fall or sustain damage from storing it incorrectly. 

Use a Kayak Rack 

rack for kayak

Custom kayak racks will come in various styles and sizes, or you can make your own. These racks get your kayak off the ground and correctly support it while tilting on its side or in an upside-down position. 

However, they can take up quite a bit of space in your garage. Remember to consider if a large kayak rack will fit in your area or if it will interfere with your garage door opening or moving vehicles in and out. 

Wall Mounts

Wall mounts are terrific options when you do not have the floor space for a kayak rack. Wall mounts will keep your watercraft off the floor and secure for storage. Additionally, you can find models that will keep a kayak on its side at an angle or upside down to minimize any hull damage. 

Consequently, wall mounts can still take up significant space in a garage since they stick out from the side of the structure. Install a wall mount clear of any areas where vehicles come in and out, and away from any doors. 

Ceiling Suspension 

Ceiling Suspended kayak in garage

To maximize the space in your garage, using a ceiling suspension system will keep your kayak appropriately stored and away from other items. These storage solutions will typically have pulleys and cables that require installation to beams for a secure hold. 

Although this method uses space that is otherwise not taken up in your garage, installing and getting your kayak up and down can be tricky.  

Ceiling Rack 

ceiling rack for kayak

Another simple solution when seeking out how to hang a kayak in a garage is a ceiling rack. This method does not interfere with other garage items on the floor or walls. Rather than using cables and pulleys to suspend your kayak overhead, these stationary racks will hold it securely above. 

Like the suspension kits, a ceiling rack will require mounting to the support beams to ensure your kayak remains safe. Nevertheless, this is a terrific solution for many homeowners looking for an easy-to-use method of storing their watercraft. 

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Vertical Positioning 

If you want to store your kayak vertically rather than lengthwise in your garage, it is possible, with some care. When you use vertical positioning, your kayak will take up less space as it goes up the wall rather than along the side of the garage. 

It is simple to secure your kayak vertically with straps to attach to stable wall mounts. One critical point to remember with this storage method is that your kayak will need something to support the bow or stern so it does not sit right on the garage floor. 

Portable Stands 

A portable stand is the less-expensive and easiest option for some paddlers for garage storage. Portable stands are simple to move around if you need more space in one area, and you are not limited to a stationary storage method. 

This storage option is also a terrific solution when you do not want to place permanent hardware into your garage wall or ceiling. 

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The Takeaway 

Finding a suitable storage method for your kayak during the off-season is vital. You do not want to damage your expensive equipment, making it unusable the next time you want to head out on the water. 

So knowing how to hang a kayak in a garage correctly will ensure that your watercraft stays in good condition and you can help prolong its life. A kayak is an investment, and doing what you can to take care of it in and out of the water is vital.


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