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Rooster Tail has been around since the 1950s and has landed thousands of fish during that time. This lure has earned a reputation as one of the world’s most versatile and productive fishing lures. It has been able to catch everything from trout to bass; Rooster Tail has many unique features that make fish bite and bite hard.

The lure is equipped with a shiny blade that attracts fish to bite when nothing else will. It is designed with a cylindrical body, and the tail is specifically weighted for easy and consistent casting. The lure is made with a soft hackle tail that gives the lure a natural, lively action. Equipped with a sharp treble hook angle sharp hook, it offers proven performance that will be a great addition to every tackle box.

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Why Rooster tails are good for bass fishing?

Rooster Tails are one of the most effective bass fishing lures you need in your tackle box due to their simplicity. This is because, as a bass fisherman, you can easily and quickly cover a large area of water, the general technique doesn’t get any easier, and it can catch almost all kinds of fish in the water. Rooster Tail comes in various sizes and colors that match all water conditions, and the easy-to-use design requires limited skill and technique to attract bass to the bite.

rooster tail bass fishing

These great lures will catch smallmouth and largemouth bass in any river or lake you fish. Whether you are introducing a youngster to fishing or trying to take a step back from all the flashy bass lures, tie on a Rooster Tail and see what bites. However, it will provide some great fishing action that will help you get more bite and increase your catch, regardless of your fishing skill level.

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Another great reason to fish Rooster tail is its affordable price point. There are a lot of expensive lures out there. Some anglers want the best lure money can buy, while others want anything that will get them a bite. There is nothing wrong with either. I think many anglers can appreciate this fishing lure for its price point.

How to fish a Rooster Tail for bass

If you have never fished a rooster tail lure before, there is one important tip you need to understand before we proceed on how to fish a Rooster Tail for bass. When fishing rooster tail, tries placing your lure where the fish are located. If they are near the surface, cast your lure and retrieve it near the top of the water.

And if they are close to the bottom, you may require a heavier lure to get to the deeper columns. Rooster tails are easy to use when targeting bass, so don’t overthink your method. The following tips you should know will help you fish this lure successfully and land more bass than any other lure.

Fish around the cover:

Bass are known to stick to cover like overhanging brush, downed trees, and dock pilings. Although rooster tails are not an anti-weed lure, you can still fish it easily along the weed edge and in a thick cover. Feel free to cast your lure right to the edge of the bass habitat.

Retrieve slowly:

These lures work well in streams and water with the current. However, you can also spin the blade well in static water. I prefer starting my retrieve at the slowest speed needed to keep the blade spinning. You can increase your speed if the fish are not responding.

Jig your lure around the cover vertically:

Jigging your Rooster tail vertically when fishing is the best way to draw bass attention and attract them to bite. I have landed a lot of basses from twisted piles of underwater branches and between thick blankets of lily pads with this jigging method. Drop the lure naturally and give it a quick lift to spin the blade; this drives the bass crazy.

Cast beyond your target:

It takes time for a spinner blade to turn on and start spinning. For this reason, you need to cast past your target by a few feet. This won’t scare the fish as it lands and will spin well when it reaches the location where the bass is probably waiting.

Twitch the rod tip to add action to it:

Most time, steady retrieve doesn’t work. If the bass is not biting, you can change the retrieve by adding an occasional twitch or jerking action to the tip of your fishing rod.

Best Rooster Tail Size for Bass

No particular size works 100 percent better all the time when it comes to fishing bass with rooster tails. I have landed a good number of bass with different sizes of rooster tails, anything between 1/4 ounces and 1/16 ounces. But my favorite size of rooster tail for bass should be 1/8 ounce. It appears to be the ideal balance between numbers and volume and should lead to a successful day on the water.

A smaller size will normally catch more fish, while larger sizes will catch bigger fish. This is not always the case, but most of the time. 1/8 ounce of rooster tail should give you a good amount of action and some good-sized fish. And, if you are on a tight budget, I recommend going with 1/16 ounce of Rooster Tail. This is because you can use it to catch trout, bluegill, crappie, and anything else in the water.

Best Rooster Tail Color for Bass

Like rooster tail size, I don’t think the color matters, and there is a specific color that has been confirmed to guarantee more catch. Different habitats will have different food sources, influencing the bite. Personally, from my experience, I think certain colors have been a little more consistent across the board.

rooster tail for bass - the best

The first would be Glitter White, Flame Red, perfect for fishing in dirty water and on overcast days. You need a color like this because it is bright and can stand out even when visibility is poor. Bass does not have the best vision; something bright can help you catch more fish. Check Yakima Bait Wordens Original Rooster Tail on Amazon.

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The next is the Fouceclaus Fishing Lures kits that come with 10pcs in different colors, including white, which is good for fishing clear water. These lures all look natural with their different fantastic colors that bass can’t resist. You can pick the whole kit and enjoy a variety of colors, from white to silver, they are all amazing. Check Amazon for the kit.

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