The Tandem Flounder Rig

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Tandem Flounder Rig

If you want to go fishing for flounder, you might want to prepare yourself with the right equipment and knowledge. It is also important to set up your fishing gear correctly and use the best fishing rig for the job. For flounder, you may want to consider something like the tandem flounder rig. 

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The tandem flounder rig was designed and perfected to be the best rig for flounder fishing. Flounder is a large, flatfish species that are found throughout almost all waters and coasts around North America.

To target these fish with the tandem flounder rig, you will only need a few basic fishing gear items!

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Necessary Materials and How to Assemble 

Assembling this rig is very easy, and you only need a few basic items to do it. Many of these items you might already have in your tackle box!

To get started, you will need some additional fishing line to create a leader line.

A great choice for flounder is a 20-pound test fluorocarbon line for a leader.

You will also need two Buckhead jigs, two white Berkley Gulp swimming mullets, and one snap swivel

To start assembling this rig, you will first need to cut a five to six-foot length of leader from your fluorocarbon line.

Attach the jigs to either end of this line, and then pinch a point between the two and tie a loop knot.

The snap swivel should be connected to the end of your main fishing line, and you can then connect it to the loop that you tied on the fluorocarbon leader.

Now all you have left is to thread the Berkley Gulp mullets onto the jigs and you are ready to start fishing!

Catching Flounder

Using this rig is just as simple as assembling it. It really shines best when used in water with depths of 20 feet or less, and is best fished all the way on the bottom.

Flounder are bottom-feeding fish, so you will want to allow this rig to have plenty of time to sink after casting it out.

Once it is on the bottom, you will want to bounce it along the bottom. Flounder will be lying on the very bottom, so you do not want to drag it along the very bottom and instead want to consistently bounce it right above them at the bottom. 

Final Thoughts

Flounder a great fish to catch for both veteran and beginner anglers alike. With the tandem flounder rig, you can create a lot of visuals for these fish to see and strike while hanging out on the bottom of the water, and start to catch them a lot more consistently. 


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