Survival Fishing Kit: You Need One If You Enjoy Fishing or Camping Trips

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Survival Fishing Kit - Our top pick

Survival Fishing Kit by Uncle Flint’s


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Basic Emergency Fishing Kit by the Best Glide ASE Store


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Survival Fishing Kit by Rule The Wasteland



I am an avid fisher and go to all types of water bodies to enjoy a relaxing and thrilling fishing experience. I also know that anything can happen and I could find myself in a survival situation. That is why I never leave for a trip without my handy survival fishing kit. It ensures that if I am in a survival situation, I can fish and keep hunger at bay, maintain body heat with protein, and also keep my energy levels up.

So, if you are an outdoors person, I have compiled a list of some of the best survival fishing kits to help you choose one that is right for you.

Table: Best Survival Fishing Kits
Product Name Price
#1 Survival Fishing Kit by Uncle Flint’sCheck Price »
#2 Basic Emergency Fishing Kit by the Best Glide ASE StoreCheck Price »
#3 Survival Fishing Kit by Rule The WastelandCheck Price »
#4 Pocket Survival Kit by Best Glide ASE StoreCheck Price »
#5 Compact Survival Fishing Kit by Best Glide ASE StoreCheck Price »

Best Survival Fishing Kit: Review of the Top 5

1. Survival Fishing Kit by Uncle Flint’s

This complete fishing kit is the ultimate survival kit. It has everything that you may require if you are in a situation where you cannot get immediate help. It has high-quality items that will definitely come in good stead when the need arises.

Product Specifications

  • Comes in a steel storage tin
  • Size: 4.2 x 3.125 x 1 inches
  • 63 pieces of essential fishing supplies for survival, including hooks, swivels, jigs, fly lure, safety pins, aluminum foil, mini scraper, and razor with plastic holder
  • 2 monofilament fishing lines – 50 feet of each of 20lb test line and 40lb test line

Our Verdict

This is exactly the kind of pocket fishing kit that I would include in my bug-out bag when I am going fishing. It is easy to store due to its size but don’t let that fool you. It carries all the fishing supplies I would require to fish and survive other than a rod and reel. I found the quality of the items high and I feel both beginners and seasoned anglers can use the kit without any problem.


  • Contains all essential fishing items
  • High-quality
  • Comes in a sturdy storage container
  • Perfect for emergencies
  • Can be used by beginners and experienced anglers


  • Higher priced compared to similar survival fishing kits

Tip: You can use this kit to practice dry run and ensure you learn how to use every item in it.

Info alert: If you happen to use items from this kit, be sure to replenish them in case they are lost, or wash and dry them thoroughly before putting them back into the kit.

2. Basic Emergency Fishing Kit by the Best Glide ASE Store

As the name suggests, it is a basic fishing survival kit that you can use in SHTF situations. It comes in a tin container that has a rubber seal on the inside and a vinyl seal on the outside to prevent moisture from getting in.

Product Specifications

  • Assembled in the US
  • Meets the overflight requirements of Canada and Alaska
  • Contains jigs, hooks, fly, leader, split shots, float bobbers, and 50 feet of 12lb test line
  • Has either crappie nibbles or salmon eggs

Our Verdict

It has the basic fishing supplies that I would need to survive in an emergency situation. Yes, the container is waterproof and I put it to the test to confirm it. The lightweight tin container is easy to carry in your vest pocket or bug-out bag. I would recommend that you invest in this survival fishing kit, especially if you are a beginner.


  • Assembled in the US and hence, conforms to American standards
  • Has all the basic items that you would need to fish and survive in an emergency
  • The kit is designed by survivalists and fishers
  • Good quality items
  • Perfect for catching small fish in an emergency situation


  • The container does not have separators so things can get messy unless you store the items in individual plastic pouches
  • There is no room for upgrade considering the small size of the container

Tip: Do not discard the silica desiccant you find in the container. It is there to keep moisture at bay.

Info alert: The 12lb test fishing line is meant for river or stream fishing and not deep-sea fishing.

3. Survival Fishing Kit by Rule The Wasteland

This is an emergency fishing kit so that you can survive if things go south and you are waiting to be rescued. It contains everything you need to fish and survive. The lid is screw top so no worries of it accidentally opening.

Product Specifications

  • Aluminum tin
  • Folding multi-tool pliers
  • 2 monofilament fishing lines of 15lb test and 30lb test
  • Large, small, and treble hooks
  • 2 razor blades
  • Jigs, float bobbers, swivels, lures, sinkers, and more

Our Verdict

The 4oz container has everything you would require to catch fish and survive in an emergency. I liked the screw-top lid as it keeps everything inside the box. The multi-tool pliers are definitely a plus. It is a great survival kit for beginners and seasoned fishers.


  • Compact and easy to carry
  • Contains everything you need to catch fish in an emergency situation
  • High-quality fishing components
  • Contains 2 monofilament lines of varying lb test


  • It is a basic survival fishing kit

Tip: You can upgrade the items based on your requirements.

Info alert: The kit allows you to use the lures directly to catch fish if you do not want to bait the hooks.

4. Pocket Survival Kit by Best Glide ASE Store

This pocket fishing kit is easy to carry and comes with military-approved items is just what you need in a survival situation until help arrives. Everything comes in a water-resistant tin container that is easy to carry in your vest pocket without being bothered by it.

Product Specifications

  • Compass
  • Survival whistle
  • Signal mirror
  • Razor knife
  • Wire saw
  • Firestarters
  • Candles made from beeswax
  • Weather-proof matches
  • Sewing kit
  • Mini fishing kit
  • Water purification tablets
  • Water bag

Our Verdict

While this is a survival kit, I have added it to the list of the best survival fishing kits because it does have a basic fishing kit included as a part of the larger survival kit. The fishing line is 50 feet of 10lb test and there are several high-quality and durable fishing hooks. It is the perfect Boy Scout survival kit!


  • Contains military-approved items
  • Small and compact tin container
  • Contains utilitarian items required in a survival situation
  • Items are high-quality and durable


  • Does not offer a lot of room to add more items to the kit

Tip: You can create your own mini fishing kit if you like with your choice of hooks and lines.

Info alert: It is advisable to use the fishing kit and other items each month so that you become familiar with them and their usage.

5. Compact Survival Fishing Kit by Best Glide ASE Store

Unlike other survival fishing kits, this one comes in a heavy-duty Ziploc bag. It contains silica desiccant that keeps moisture at bay and prevents the hooks, jigs, and leaders from getting corroded and rusted.

Product Specifications

  • Assembled in the US
  • Comes in a Ziploc bag
  • Contains jigs, jighead, baits, fly, hooks, float bobber, leaders, and split shot
  • 50 feet of 12lb test fishing line

Our Verdict

I recommend this survival fishing kit if you are not keen on carrying a tin container. It has been designed by survivalists and fishers so contains everything that you need to fish and survive in an emergency or survival situation. The items are of high quality and durable. So, no worries there.


  • Lightweight package that is easy to carry
  • Contains all fishing supplies that you may require in a survival situation
  • High-quality supplies
  • Does not require a fishing rod to fish
  • Designed for catching small fish


  • Some users found it expensive to buy

Tip: You can customize the fishing kit based on your requirements and the Ziploc bag is strong enough to carry the additional weight.

Info alert: This pocket fishing kit is designed for rivers and streams, and catching small fish. It is not meant for deep-sea fishing.

Buying Guide for the Best Survival Fishing Kit

  • Saltwater or Freshwater: Remember, most fishing kits are designed for emergencies so you need to see if they can handle saltwater or freshwater fishing. An emergency fishing kit usually has a less lb test fishing line that enables you to catch small fish. So, it may not be the best solution for deep-sea fishing.
  • Quality of Hooks: Ensure that you check the quality of the hooks as your survival will depend on them. They should be strong and durable, and such a hook will even enable you to catch a larger fish in some situations.
  • Length of the Fishing Line: The minimum length should be 25 feet so that you can cast the line and ensure you get your protein requirement to keep your body warm and energy levels up until help arrives.
  • Bobbers: If the survival fishing kit has bobbers, it will increase your chances of catching smaller fish that tend to steal bait and disappear. However, it is not mandatory but can be helpful.

In Conclusion

These are some of the best survival fishing kits on the market today. If you want to be prepared for an emergency and get separated from your fishing gear, make sure you have a survival fishing kit on your person while you are hiking, fishing, or camping. It could make the difference between surviving and languishing in an emergency or survival situation.

Updated: May 5, 2021