Red and Black Drum Rig for Deep Water

Kristian Ole



Red and black drum are popular saltwater game fish species that belong to the same family of fish. But although they may be similar and belong to the same family, they are very different.

While both are hard fighting fish, red drum (redfish) love to run wild in all directions and even show some acrobatics on the surface of the water.

Black drum, on the other hand, tends to keep to the bottom and give an angler a tough fight until tiring out. 

Although these species are very different, fishing for them can be very similar. With a deep water fishing rig, you can effectively target and catch both red and black drum while out fishing. So what is this rig and how do you assemble it? Let’s go over everything you will need, and how to set it up!

Needed Equipment and How to Assemble

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In order to create this deepwater rig, you will only need five basic items. Sounds simple right?

These items include some fluorocarbon fishing line for a leader (30-pound test works great), an egg sinker (two or three ounces in weight), a barrel swivel, a red bead, and a hook (anything in a 2/0 size).

With all of these parts, you can start setting up your deepwater rig!

To start, you will want to slide your main fishing line through the egg sinker, and then the red bead.

You will then tie the line onto the barrel swivel. The red bead is there to protect your knot from getting damaged and coming undone, and the weight should slide freely up and down your line. From here, you can attach your leader to the other end of the swivel. 

You can make your leader as long as you would like, but three feet should be more than adequate. Attach one end to the swivel and on the other end your hook.

You can then add any type of bait to your hook and you are ready to fish! This rig is extremely simple and is perfect for catching red and black drum down in deeper water. 

Final Thoughts – Red and Black Drum Rig

Red and Black Drum Rig for Deep Water

With this deepwater drum rig, you do not need to even cast it out. Simply find some deep water where you suspect some red or black drum might be hiding, and let it sink to the bottom.

Once you feel a hit, you can set the hook and have yourself a nice fight with either a black or red drum. These fish are not only beautiful but are hard fighters and make for some excellent eating. With this deepwater fishing rig, there will be no place that they can hide!


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