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The PENN Torque Spinning Reel is one of the most affordable and durable reels on the market today. In this Penn Battle II Spinning Fishing Reel review, we will cover everything someone interested in purchasing this reel.

PENN Torque Spinning Reels Reviews on Features, Use, and Price

When people are thinking about purchasing the PENN Torque Spinning Reels, they are usually interested in three things: the features of the reel, how it’s used or how it’s handled, and if it’s worth the price.

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Features of the PENN Torque Spinning Reel

The PENN Torque Spinning Reel features a full meta body with side pilate and rotor. The CNC Gear technology is unique to this reel, as well as the IPX6 Sealed body and spool design. The updated Slammer Drag System is now made with Dura-Drag material, adding to the durability past models possessed.

The Instant Anti-Reverse bearing with a 9+1 stainless steel bearing system. The cherry on top is the silent back up ratchets and a Superline Spool.

Using the PENN Torque Spinning Reel

The PENN Torque Spinning Reel was specifically designed for heavy-duty fishing. There’s no need to worry about water getting into the gearbox or drag system because of the IPX6 Sealed System.

Anglers can benefit greatly from this reel because of the rugged spinning reel. Saltwater angling can be handled easily, even in briny situations.

The reel is great for Northern fishing with the size 5 bucktails. Miami anglers will enjoy the reel for sailfish and tarpon. Yellowfish and cobia are no match with this reel. Take it anywhere you need for the best fishing experience. This means in the saltwater or sand, you don’t have to worry at all about it getting into the bearings like with other models.

Unlike others, you also don’t have to worry about the back play from the rotor. The one-piece aluminum frame with the aluminum spool and side plates make it function like no one would expect this reel would.

The spool matches the high-quality workmanship of the reel so it can withstand the strains the braided lines put on the reel.

What You Need to Know When Purchasing the PENN Torque Spinning Reel

Make sure the pole you use with this reel has a good amount of drag and you can adjust the reel to the drag rating of the pole. The pole will snap if a miscalculation is made.

The drag will get hot when you’re on long runs. Try a lower drag setting to keep it at a good temperature, or you can manually do it.

Pros Vs. Cons of the PENN Torque

One of the biggest pros of the PENN Torque is its beauty. Any fishing lovers will drool over the beauty of this reel. It’s sleek, elegant the simplicity that hides the power really attracts buyers.

In addition to its power, it’s also designed for durability. Many buyers believe this reel will be one they will be able to pass down to future generations.

There’s no need to clean the inside of the reel because it is self-cleaning. The outside just needs a wipedown.

The PENN Torque may not cost $3,000, but it will go up against those reels and win time and time again. It’s worth every single penny you spend on it.

The cons for PENN Torque are not devastating to the decision to purchase it. The beauty of it can make it hard for many to want to use it in salt water and sand, even if it can stand up against them.

The simple appearance can be a turn off for some people when they see the price. It can seem like it’s not worth the price because the power can’t be seen on the outside. If the appearance was a bit more robust, it may look as though it’s worthy of the price.

Final PENN Torque Spinning Reels Review

The PENN Torque Spinning Reel is a great option for saltwater fishermen looking for a reel that can keep up with large game fish, such as marlin, shark, sailfish, swordfish, and wahoo.

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PENN is a name that’s been in the industry for many years. They know reels, and they’ve been able to build a reel that has all of the features needed to handle the power of angling. Along with their manufacturing, they provide excellent customer service, including repair services for all of their products.

Sportfishing is now possible for less money because of the PENN Torque Spinning Reel. This reel is a true alternative to the higher end models that may not be worth the price tag because this reel is available with similar capabilities.


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