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One of the best ways to save money when buying fishing equipment is to utilize the fishing clearance section. Often overlooked, you can find mind-blowing deals that cost a fraction of the full price.

While the clearance inventory is always sporadic and typically thin, you can usually dig through and find some helpful fishing gear that you’ve been needing.

However, don’t think that this is just a treasure chest full of gear that can everyone is dying for. The purpose of online clearance racks is to get rid of overstock overflow or sell the last bit of a product. Sometimes online clearance racks sell products that the customer has returned, and the packaging is damaged.

Pros for online fishing clearance

  • Incredible discounts
  • Often unique products
  • No searching through clutter
  • Shipping

Cons for online fishing clearance

  • Limited products
  • Possible damaged products
  • Often unpopular products
  • Questionable with products with a shelf life

The time it takes to search these online fishing clearances makes it worth the while even if you don’t find anything that piques your interest.

For example, a quick scan could save you enough money to fund your next fishing trip.

Bass Pro Shops Bargain Cave

Bass Pro Shop bargain cave offers some of the best bargains in the fishing industry. The bargain cave will surely have something you can use, from fishing clothing to an endless supply of lures.

Unlike other online fishing clearance sections, Bass Pro Shops often has high-quality products that are considered the top of the line. Fishing lures are a hot product in the bargain cave. Even high-end brands such as strike king are often found on clearance.

If you have ever been to Bass Pro Shop’s bargain cave in person, it is organized, but there is no structure to the clearance area. The online version of this fishing clearance makes it easy to find what you need.

Visit Bass Pro Bargain Cave here »


Amazon is known for its endless availability of products in all industries. The same goes for the fishing products available. The fishing rod clearance on amazon is the best among their other fishing gear.

The baits and lures on the Amazon’s fishing clearance are typically not of the best quality. Most of the lures on Amazon are mass made, and the quality is much lower than other fishing brands.

One would say the most significant advantage to shopping Amazon’s fishing clearance is the price and speed of shipping.

For those with Amazon Prime, shipping is free, and you will more than likely receive the product in 2-3 days. You will also get it in this time frame, even if you pay $5 or 6 for shipping.

Visit Amazon clearance here »

Tackle Warehouse

Tackle Warehouse is an extremely popular online store that fishermen flock to throughout the year. The endless number of products covering nearly every brand possible can really be overwhelming.

One of Tackle Warehouse’s biggest reasons their clearance is so popular is because they not only offer new products to it daily, but they will put particular gear like lures that were the previous year’s line and offer it at a discount.

With an incredible stockpile of merchandise, the fishing sales hosted on this website are incomparable. From rods to reels and lures to baits, the Tackle Warehouse Clearance site is jammed packed with seemingly thousands of different products.

Visit Tackle Warehouse here »

Academy Sports and Outdoors

While Academy may seem like a fishing clearance all on its own, even better deals are found within the fishing clearance page.

While most of the fishing deals you will undoubtedly find here are the academy brand (H2O Express), the products are of good quality. Any of the fishing gear clearance that you find on this page seems to be the most usable of most brands.

If you are looking for a new rod or reel on clearance, Academy is the place you should look first. Lew’s is one of their best-selling brands, and you can often find these rods and reels at a significant discount. Academy also offers a better line of rods and reels from cheaper brands such as 13 Fishing. These types of brands get a bad reputation because people often buy cheap reels that just aren’t that good.

Do yourself a favor and glance at Academy’s fishing clearance before paying full price for a new piece of fishing gear. You’ll be glad you did.

Visit Academy here »

Fish USA

Fish USA is a great fishing website that is perfect for anglers that appreciate high-quality products. Their fishing outlet clearance is littered with high-quality products at a great price. You will find brands such as St Croix, G Loomis, Shimano, and other high-end fishing brands.

If you aren’t familiar with Fish USA, you might be surprised at the prices of the products on clearance. This is because the cost of these brands was high, to begin with due to the quality of the products sold here. 

However, finding a rod or reel that could be over $100 off is not unlikely.

With the quality of these products being so good, there is not a huge selection of products available on clearance. So don’t let this deter you from checking from time to time. Instead, you might come across a deal on one of your dream rods.

Visit FishUSA here »

Fishing clearance made easy

When it comes to shopping on online fishing clearances, it could not be made easier. Being able to open up tabs for all of these different websites to check the fishing clearance can help you cover a wide range of stores in a matter of time.

While the fishing industry tends to have trends like any other merchandise industry, the number of different products that you will find is unimaginable. Even though some stores offer free shipping for a fishing clearance, the shipping price is still lower than driving to the store and taking the time to find it.

Take advantage of spring sales and fishing clearance to find the best deals and turn your expensive hobby into a manageable one!


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