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If you are looking for the best possible rig for catching some mangrove snapper, then look no further than the mangrove snapper rig. This rig is extremely simple and easy to use, and is the perfect choice for the warm waters that mangrove snappers call home! 

What You Will Need For The Rig

All of the fishing equipment that you will need in order to set up a mangrove snapper rig can be readily found in just about any tackle or bait shop, and you may even already have everything in your tackle box. 

For the fishing line, you will want to use a strong line that you trust, with a minimum pound test of the size of fish you will be targeting. You will also need some line for the leader, and for this, we recommend a 15-pound test fluorocarbon line. This will provide enough strength to pull in the fish, while not being as visible as a braided line. Next, you will want to get a strong hook. Most anglers recommend a simple J hook, in either a size 4 or 5. 

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In addition to the hook and the line, you will also need a sinker, swivel, and something to snip the line with (scissors or nail clippers work great). For the sinker, use an egg sinker that is over an ounce in order to give the rig enough weight, and don’t forget a barrel swivel to go along with it!

Setting Up the Rig

To set up a mangrove snapper rig, first, you must thread the fishing line through your egg sinker. It should be able to easily slide up and down, letting the fishing line flow freely. Once the line is through the sinker, attach it to your barrel swivel. Make sure the knot here is tied well and strong, as you do not want to risk a fish breaking it off!

From here you are now ready to attach a leader line to the other end of your barrel swivel. This is where the 15-pound fluorocarbon fishing line will come into play. Make the leader anywhere from 18 to 24 inches long, and tie it firmly onto the other end of the swivel. 

Finally, you will attach your hook to the other end of the leader line. This is the last knot in setting up this rig, so once again, make sure it is strong and secure! After the hook is tied on, you now have a finished mangrove snapper rig and are ready to start fishing. As you can see, this rig is extremely easy and simple to set up!

Using the Mangrove Snapper Rig

One of the favorite baits to use with this rig when fishing is live shrimp. It is best to hook the shrimp through the tail in order to keep them alive the longest amount of time possible, as live shrimp works great for plenty of different species of fish (including the mangrove snappers).

Mangrove Snapper Fish underwater photo

Once you have your bait on the hook, you will want to cast it out into the water and let it sink all the way to the bottom. When it gets to the bottom, you will take out the slack from the line and start to wait. With this setup, you do not need to do anything else except wait for the fish to find and take your bait!

Final Thoughts

The mangrove snapper rig is not only simple and easy to set up, it is very effective at catching all sorts of different types of fish. Learning to tie and use this rig will no doubt increase your success on the water, and who knows? You may even catch the fish of a lifetime!

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