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It’s time to get back into the boat and go fishing. You’ve been waiting all winter for this, so you’re going to need a new GPS unit to make sure you don’t miss any of your favorite spots!

The Lowrance Mark 4 combo base is a great option as it has an easy-to-read display with high-definition graphics that can be viewed in sunlight or at night. It is also a great pick for a small boat.

Plus, the sonar mapping feature will help you find those fish faster than ever before!

In this article, we’re going to take a closer look at what makes the Lowrance Mark 4 so great and how it can help you catch more fish.

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What Is Lowrance Mark 4?

The Mark 4 is a top-of-the-line fish finder GPS that combines the convenience of a unit with a 4.3-inch widescreen color display with advanced features such as chart plotting and sonar.

This allows you to see your bottom contours at higher resolution, so you can find those fish fast!

The fish finder and chart plotter can work together to give you a complete picture of what’s happening on the water right now, including details such as fish location, weather information, and other helpful features.

How Does it Work?

With the Lawrance Mark 4 combo base, you can easily bring up your sonar to 200 watts via a quick-release transducer for greater efficiency and less downtime.

The fishfinder system is compatible with high-speed DGPS and GLONASS satellites, which allows you to get super-fast time updates for faster GPS positioning.

You can also update waypoints and markers on the go, so you don’t ever have to stop fishing.

Key Features of Mark 4 Combo Base:

1) High-resolution display – The high-definition display provides detailed images, so you can see what’s lurking beneath the surface.

2) Advanced Chartplotter – The Chartplotter shows you detailed satellite imagery of your location on the water, including contour lines and sonar to plot where other vessels are located around you.

3) GPS capability – GLONASS satellites allow for fast position fixes using high-quality GPS signals.

4) Sonar capabilities – With the sonar capabilities, you can see detailed images of what’s going on beneath the surface and detect fish and other objects nearby.

5) Map overlay – You can quickly bring up your maps to see where you are concerning specific spots or locations that you plan on fishing.

6) Depth finder – You can use the fishfinder to view a detailed picture of what’s happening below you, including depths and outlines of different objects.

7) Compact design – The low-profile design is small enough to be mounted in almost any location, yet it still packs all the features you need to stay on top of your fishing game.

8) Built In GPS Antenna – High-speed GPS antenna ensures that you can receive your position within 10 seconds.

9) Easy to mount – The fishfinder’s mounting bracket is easy to install and allows you to move it from one location to another easily.

10) The Price – The Mark 4 is a great option for those who are looking to spend around $150.

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Negative Reactions

There have been instances where the sonar has not been detected easily at first, but many users say that this was only a minor problem and eventually went away.

If you have experienced any issues with your fish finder in the past, you should note that this unit allows for easy troubleshooting by using markers to track down and fix any problems you have.

As with most fish finders, the screen can get scratched and damaged over time. If this does happen, however, all of the Mark 4’s components are easily replaceable, so replacing the parts on your unit is an easy fix to avoid having to purchase a new one.

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How do I stop trolling motor feedback on my bow mounted Lowrance unit?

With the Mark 4, there’s common for a small amount of trolling motor feedback, but you can get rid of this problem simply by adjusting your angle.
If that doesn’t work, you may want to check your wiring and make sure everything is connected properly.

The Final Verdict

With the latest in GPS and sonar technology, you can have various fishing options at hand.

The Mark 4 is one of these products that will help you find fish with ease while also giving you enough information to decide what bait would be best for your next catch.

Fishing enthusiasts love this new product because it gives them more control over their hobby than ever before! If you want to try out some features from this great device, give our experts a call today–we’d love to hear from you!


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