How We Test Products

With over 35 years of fishing experience and a decade spent rigorously testing products like fishing rods, reels, kayaks, and more on, we’ve honed a deep understanding of what quality means in the angling world. Our testing process is rooted in this rich experience, ensuring that every review we publish is informed, thorough, and trustworthy.

At FishingKris, our approach to product testing is built on a foundation of expertise, hands-on experience, thorough research, and independence.

35 Years of Experience: Our reviews are informed by many years of experience in the fishing world. Led by Kristian Ole Rørbye, a marine biologist and a seasoned angler, our team has an in-depth understanding of what makes fishing gear effective and reliable.

Hands-On: We believe in the power of real experience. Whenever possible, we personally test the products we review. This hands-on approach ensures that our reviews are based on actual performance in real fishing conditions. We assess everything from durability and functionality to ease of use, providing you with insights you can trust.

Research: In instances where hands-on testing isn’t possible, we engage in rigorous research. Our team delves into technical specifications, user feedback, and expert opinions to compile comprehensive reviews. This thorough research process guarantees that our reviews are detailed and trustworthy even without direct testing.

Continuous Updates: The world of fishing gear is ever-evolving, and so are our reviews. We regularly update our content to reflect the latest information and long-term product performance, ensuring our readers always have access to the most current and reliable advice.

Criteria: Our reviews are comprehensive, focusing on factors like performance, durability, ease of use, and value for money. We test products under various conditions to assess their true quality and functionality, ensuring our recommendations meet the high standards our readers expect.

At FishingKris, our mission is to provide you with reviews that are comprehensive, informative, transparent, and regularly updated. We’re dedicated to helping you make the best choices for your fishing needs.

How We Test Fishing Products

At FishingKris, we follow a meticulous and systematic approach to testing fishing products.

Here’s how we do our tests:

  1. Unboxing: The process begins the moment we unbox the product. This initial step is about first impressions – evaluating the packaging, the care in presentation, and the included components. It sets the stage for the detailed review to follow.
  2. Check Design: Next, we examine the product’s design. This involves assessing the build quality, materials used, and ergonomic features. We pay attention to the details, understanding that good design is often in the nuances.
  3. Check Features: Here, we delve into the product’s features. We look at what sets it apart from others in the market. This includes evaluating any innovative aspects, the usability of the features, and how they contribute to the product’s overall functionality.
  4. Testing in Real Conditions: The core of our process is hands-on testing. We take the product out into the field, using it in real fishing scenarios, just as our readers would. This step is crucial to understand how the product performs under various conditions, be it in calm waters or more challenging environments.
  5. Performance Evaluation: During testing, we assess the product’s performance. This includes its effectiveness, reliability, and efficiency. We also consider ease of use and comfort, ensuring that the product not only performs well but is also user-friendly.
  6. Verdicts: After thorough testing, we arrive at our verdict. This is where we summarize our findings, weighing the pros and cons. We provide an honest, balanced view, highlighting where the product excels and where it may fall short.

Our testing process at FishingKris is designed to be thorough, fair, and transparent. We aim to provide our readers with clear, unbiased, and comprehensive reviews, helping them make informed decisions about their fishing gear.

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