How to use a frog lure for bass fishing

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In the bass fishing world, there are a number of presentation types that can harbor some excellent results. Finesse, power, and a few others seem to take on the mainstream of the industry. However, one of the most fun is topwater.

A topwater presentation is when you use a floating lure on the surface of the water. You make a disruption and the bass come up and eat it. When a fish comes to the surface and demolishes a lure, the visual appeal is awesome. So, topwater fishing is definitely at the top of the list in terms of having fun on the water.

One of the best topwater lures on the market is the frog. Frog lures replicate a real frog’s action and entice bass to strike the surface. Here is all about using a frog lure for bass fishing!

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What is a frog lure?

A frog lure is, quite simply, a lure that resembles a frog, a natural part of the bass’ diet, and sits on the water’s surface. There are a few types and each one has slightly different uses and presentations. Here are a few variations of frog lures.

  • Hollow body frog
  • Paddle frog
  • Spinning frog
  • Hyper realistic frog

These are a few types and they come in an array of sizes and colorways.

Where should frog lures be used?

The most fun place to use a frog is over lily pads or algae floating on the surface. This is where frogs naturally move around, so you are doing yet another thing to blend into the environment. Thankfully, the frog lure industry has made weedless frogs that can handle these conditions with ease.

They are also great for areas with reeds, grass, or any other type of structure that does not totally inhabit the area. When seeing a frog above, bass will come out from under the structure and take a bite.

Frog lures are also great to use in the early mornings and right before sun down. Bass love to feed during these cooler times of the day, so throwing topwater can be the best way to target these times.

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How to use frog lures for bass fishing

The key to successfully presenting a frog lure is by learning a cadence and rhythm to walk the frog. Walking the frog is how you maximize the effect has on the bass swimming below. Especially with hollow body frogs, a certain action gives the ideal look on the surface.

This takes a bit of practice, but you should twitch your rod in a steady way that gives the frog a rhythm. However, this is not the only way to present the frog. The next strategy is a bit slower and requires less technical skill.

Slowly retrieving a frog can present a super realistic presentation. When frogs move across the water, they often make short, quick bursts of movement. This is a slower retrieval because it will be in the water longer per cast.


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