How to Tie Two Pieces of Fishing Line Together

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When you are a fishing enthusiast, you need to know all or at least most of the ropes of the trade to make sure you better your chances of getting a good catch. Even then, the mark of a good fisherman is not in the number of fish they catch but how well acquainted they are with the various secrets and trades that only come with experience and growing expertise. One such technique involves tying two pieces of fishing line together.

There are various types of fishing knots that can help you achieve this in the best way possible. Here is how to tie two pieces of fishing line together with the best knots.

Tying two fishing lines together

First, you need to first take two ends of the lines. You need to know that they should both be 6 inches. See that the lines are of equal diameter or else the knot is not going to be strong enough if they are of both different diameters.

  • Make a loop on the line attached to your reel. Hold the loop with your fingers.
  • Take the other piece of line, and put it through the loop. Now you twist the line around the loop – around 7 times.
  • Once you do this, you need to take the new piece of the line back through the loop and pull.

Next, you need to take one of the ends of the tag and wrap it around the two fishing lines. You need to do this for around six times or so. However, you need to be alert that the loop is open. While wrapping it for more than six times is completely possible, the rope is going to get shorter. You will lose space in the remaining area of the fishing line.

Other things to keep in mind

Next, you take the tag end of the same fishing line (which you initially used to wrap the fishing lines) and put it through the loop. To do this, all you have to do is tug at the tag end tightly. This crowds up the coils that occurred by wrapping the fishing lines for six times. This step is necessary or else when you place it in the water, the water current can cause it to unwind. Do this procedure in the exact same way with the opposite end of the fishing line.

Tag the end and wrap it for about six times. Tighten it up by pulling it. Finally, all that is left for you to do is tighten the knot up. To do this, pull from both sides. Following this, trim the excess fishing line that comes out from the knot. In this way, there are various kinds of knots that you can slowly learn and get the hang of when earning how to tie two pieces of fishing line together. So go ahead and learn the tactics of how this is done and make your fishing expeditions more fruitful.

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