How to Tie a Leader to a Swivel

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The swivel is basically a small device that comes with two rings. These rings are connected to a pivoting joint. The device is basically used to connect two lengths of fishing line together. This includes attaching a leader to a rig. It also proves to be handy in situations when a hook length joins a rig body. Other than this, swivels help to do away with line twists. Owing to the fact that the two eyes of a swivel can spin and twist independently of each other, it minimizes line twisting.

While coming with many advantages, the swivel is by far the most misused and often misunderstood fishing technique. This is because there are many things anglers do not know about it including how to tie a leader to a swivel. Make sure to check out our top picks for the best swivels.

The best place to keep the swivel

The best place to keep a swivel in place is at the top of the leader. You need to make certain it is at a safe distance from the hook or lure. This makes it easy for the swivel to be on the line. This assures you that it can absorb line twists from the bait. This ensures it does not look like a hideous bulk that is right near the bait. This inevitably minimizes the chances of scaring off the fish.

  • You need to use only the required amount of swivels. Fewer swivels ensure you end up with limited weak points in your fishing line.
  • A majority of rigs need only a single swivel. This acts as a connecting point between the rig in the main fishing line.  
  • It is vital to utilize a fishing line that is adequately sized for your fishing line. Also, pay attention to the type of fish you want to catch.

Tying a swivel

One way of tying the swivel involves making use of an offshore fishing knot. First of all, thread one end of the fishing line through the swivel. Then, thread the same end back through the swivel. This works to create a loop. Once a loop is made, twist it once right above the swivel. Next, take the loop above the swivel and fold it back over it. This overlaps the line. Put the fingers of one hand at the place where the loop meets the line. This holds everything in place.

Go on turning the swivel through the loop’s opening as well as line. Do this 3-6 times. You have to make certain the swivel is fully rotated every single time. This works to come up with coils in the line. Then, hold the swivel in one hand and use the other one to pull the line tight. This secures the knot and keeps the swivel along the line.

Make certain you use the swivel systematically. Use a swivel that is adequately sized for the fishing line. Bigger and harder fighting fish need a more substantial swivel. Once you get the hang of attaching the swivel, tying the leader to this piece of equipment is going to be a seamless process.  


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