How to Set Up a Fishing Pole with a Bobber

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There is no doubt that fishing is a relaxing experience that lets you take in the sights and sounds of the vicinity you are in like no other. However, it will be far from this if you hook yourself owing to the fact that you could not cast a reel. So while preparing your rod and steel as well as attaching a hook are some of the basics that go into a routine fishing experience, there are other things you shouldn’t turn a blind eye towards too. For instance, you also need to know how to set up a fishing pole with a bobber. You can also read our guide to set up for lake fishing first.

What is a bobber?              

A bobber is basically a floating object that makes it easy for anglers to determine when the fish has bit the bait. They are usually connected to fishing lines which gives you a better ability to offer baits to fish at accurate depths that the angler has already decided. On average, there are various kinds of bobbers, such as the spring bobbers that you need to attach straight onto your fishing line.  

Putting on a fishing bobber

To make it possible to attach the fishing bobber to the pole, you need a fishing line, a fishing rod, and reel as well as bobbers.

  • First, gain an understanding of how far into the water you want the bait to go. So for instance, if you are looking to hang the bait about three feet in the water, the bobber needs to be placed three feet above the bait.
  • Press the piece of plastic on top of the bobber. This helps to open up a small chip on the bottom of the bobber. You need to thread the line through this clip and gently release it. This action makes sure the bottom of the bobber is affixed to the line.
  • Placing a finger where the line is attached to the end of the bobber, press down on the outside edge of the plastic piece that exists at the top of the bobber. This unearths a small clip where you can thread the line through the clip and release.

Following this procedure ensures the bobber is attached to the fishing line.

Changing the placement of the bobber

If you are looking to change the position of where the bobber is placed on the line, just remove one end of it from your fishing line. Although one end of is still going to be attached, you needn’t worry. Just slide it up and down the line to change its placement. After you are happy with where the bobber is positioned, reattach the removed end to the line and you’re done.

The right bobber offers you the ability to fish at any depth as it is specifically designed to move up and down a line in a manner that does not interfere with casting or landing a fish. So there you, now that you know exactly how to set up a fishing pole with a bobber, go ahead and try it out yourself.


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