How to Install a Lowrance Fish Finder

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It doesn’t matter whether you fish casually just for the fun of it all or are an experienced angler or are even a weekend cruiser, at some point or the other you have considered the possibility of having a fish finder on board with you. Also, if you are constantly going fishing, the chances that you are going to need a fish finder on board are more.

If you are seriously considering going in for one, here is everything you need to know about how to install a Lowrance fish finder.

Make a waterproof battery box

First of all, make a battery box by fitting the female end of a super seal connector to the power lead of the Lowrance. Once you do this, cut the power lead. Strip back the wire a little bit and put on the rubber seals. Crimp the male connectors to the wires. Plug them to the female connector’s back. Put everything together with insulation tape. Following this, make a battery box holder.

Mount the Lowrance head unit

Lowrance units have their own mount. So all you have to do is:

  • Drill holes for four fixing points. Use stainless steel bolts and using the base as the template, cut a circle on the chopping board. Drill holes identical to the positions on the boat. To countersink the nuts, use a hull.
  • Push them into the holes and then melt the bolts without pushing the nuts all the way through. Make an entry and exit point for the wires of the unit.
  • Drill the hole at the back of the binnacle mount. Then you can put the fish finder and binnacle in the drilled spots to check whether they work.

Add sealant around the holes so that mounting the fish finder is easy. See that you also apply it to the bolts. This ensures the fish finder is not knocked around and stays in place.

Hooking the system together

Run the power leads by understanding whether you need to lengthen or shorten the wires. Drill an exit hole. The wires need to run to the power source and attach to the fish finder. Following this, keep the transducer at the deepest area of the boat. Holding the transducer mount against the transom, run the wires to the dash. Once you install the wires, fix the transducer and hook the system in place.

See that the battery is turned off prior to hooking the wires. Seal the wiring hole at the back of the binnacle mount. Once you do this, all that you have to do is power on.

And, that is how you install a Lowrance fish finder. So, go ahead and install it.


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