How to Install a Fish finder on the Bow

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While installing a fish finder can feel like a frightening and technical process, which is specifically true if you are trying your hand at it for the first time, it is not impossible. The trick lies in knowing what you are doing. Once you know the basics and have a guide in place, it is a comparatively easy project. Here is how to install a fish finder on the bow of a boat.

Get the basics right

The most important thing you need to do is get the wiring right. To wire in the best way possible, all you have to do is extend the two wires on the power cord. After this, run them straight into the battery.

  • While you can also consider fixing it to a fuse box, you can run the power wires directly to the cranking battery with an inline fuse. This also helps in a big way to minimize electrical interference and additional drain on the trolling motor battery.  
  • Also if your boat has some kind of wiring near the bow like a light switch or motor trim switch, you can make use of this wiring. Looking at the way your boat is wired, you can tap into these wires.
  • If no bus in the bow exists, you can run the wire back to the console. This is the place that houses the main fuse panel.

Make certain you utilize the right amp fuse. If you have queries about the wiring, all you have to do is wire straight onto the starting battery. Do this with the inline fuse supplied to the unit.

Other tips to keep in mind

There are many more ways how you can mount your fish finder at the bow. The flush mount, for instance. Some boats come with a wedge-like panel at the bow’s tip. You can install your fish finder here. There is also the Gimbal mount that is easy to view as it raises the unit up a few inches. The bridge mount involves buying a bracket that spans over the top of the trolling motor pedal recess. You need to mount the unit at the top of this.

So there you go, now that you know the nuances that go into how to install a fish finder on the bow as well as the various ways in which you can do this, installing it and making use of it for fishing is going to be effortless and efficient.  


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