How to Install a Fish finder on a Pontoon Boat

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If you are frequently into fishing or are a regular angler, you will be aware how much a fish finder can help with the fishing expeditions. In fact, for quite a few serious anglers, a fishfinder can be the reason why you end up with a great catch in the first place. If you have a pontoon boat that that does not come pre-installed with a fishfinder, do not fret. Here is how to install a fishfinder on a pontoon boat.

Understand the location of the transducer and fishfinder monitor

A majority of pontoon boats possess a bracket on one end of the boat. You can place your transducer here while you can also fix it at the starboard side of the boat. You can keep your fish finder monitor on the right side of the captain’s console If it does not already come with a dedicated space for it.

  • Remember, transducers make use of sonar to find fish.  These devices need to be kept underwater.
  • Some pontoon boats come with a limited battery capacity. If this happens to be the case with you, have different batteries for the electronics and the engine.
  • See that the transducer is kept parallel to the water. If you keep it lower, there is a chance that the water flow can get high. This, in turn, interferes with the signal.

Mounting the fishfinder monitor and transducer

For the transducer, you need a screwdriver, power drill, 0.6mm bolts and 6 nuts, a silicone sealant, 6 rubber and metal washers, plastic conduit and terminal connectors. Drill two holes at the bracket. Insert the transducer in and secure it with a bolt and nut. Place the cord inside the plastic conduit. Lay it all the way to the captain’s console.

When mounting the fishfinder, set the bracket in place and place it wherever you wish to. Make holes with a pencil so you know where to drill and do the needful. Then simply connect the bracket with nuts and bolts on the console.

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Plugging in the monitor

When everything is set, all you have to do is plug in the monitor and power up. Tying the power to the battery of the boat means using the same technique of connecting the transducer with the monitor. This can be done with all the plastic conduits.

So there you go, now that you know how to install a fishfinder on a pontoon boat. So, go ahead and install it and enjoy a nice fishing trip.

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