How to Fish with Crawfish Lures

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It is a well-known fact that bass simply cannot turn a blind eye towards a live craw.  After all, they are nutritious and are known for driving bass to a whole new level of crazy.

So naturally, crawfish lures have and continue to garner a great deal of approval even by a novice angler. Having said that, it is also the reason why many bass anglers make use of these crawfish imitations without actually understanding what or how to use a crawfish lure.

To answer this dilemma for you here is how to fish with these lures.

Using crankbaits

These lures are available in various colors and even diving actions. When going in for crawfish lures, it makes sense to go in for baits that match the color to actual crawfish otherwise it defeats the entire purpose.

  • Going in for a crankbait that comes in shades of brown, dark green or red works well.  
  • Other than this, it also pays to go in for one that comes with a design that represents natural crawfish anatomy.
  • Above everything else, it is also important to choose a lure that looks like a crawfish for obvious reasons.
  • Think like a crawfish as you reel in your lure. Don’t shy away from banging the bait into the bottom to make it look more realistic.

Fish them around rocky areas. Remember, there is a better chance for a crankbait to perform when it is hitting rocks in the shallows than when it is swimming through the middle of the water column in 30 feet of water.

Carolina rigging

Many anglers think of Carolina rigging as fishing with baits that are usually worms, lizards or French fries. However, you need to know that Carolina rigs are more about presenting a bait slowly along the bottom. This is exactly what makes the craw an ideal alternative when you compare to the other usual lures used.

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Punch rig a craw

When moving through heavy vegetation, the punch rig a craw is the ideal bait to use. This is because these baits need a simple profile so that it can easily slip through the thick forage. It also needs to possess a big enough body for a large hook and should also have natural action. Craws fit all of these requirements in the best way possible.

You can also take advantage of the shakey head (the place where the bass gets numb) to a finesse worm. The shakey head makes it look like the craw is in an alert and defensive posture. This simple effect sends an already pressured bass into overdrive making them even more eager and excited.

Crawfish are the best fishing lures when it comes to monster bass. Having a good and extensive selection of them ensures you have the right options to choose from which in turn makes sure you can catch those crustacean eating bass easier which makes your fishing experience all the more memorable.

So now that you know how to dish with crawfish lures, go ahead and make the most of this knowledge.

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