How to Cast a Baitcaster with a Light Lure

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There are many advantages to using a baitcaster for your fishing expeditions. Once you get the hang of casting one, you can take advantage of the benefits of better line control. It can also prove to be more accurate when you have a decent baitcasting reel. While there is a clear upside to this, throwing in a light lure into this mix can make things a little difficult for some. However, these feelings can be put to rest when you know the nuances that go into casting with a light lure.

To make things easier for you, here is how to cast a baitcaster with a light lure the right way.

Set up your rod

All baitcasting reels come with a mechanism inside. This mechanism works like a brake which puts a stop to backlashes and controls distance. First, turn the brakes off completely and make use of a medium or a medium heavy powered rod that comes with a fast action clip. You also have to make sure that the rod comes with a limber tip as well as a flexible bend. Remember, when throwing a light lure on a baitcaster, use your wrist instead of your arm. Attempt to drop around 30 inches of line out so that you can use the rod flex and bait to cast it further.

Take into account the reel

It is vital to possess the right type of baitcasting reel when dealing with light lures. You need to understand how to use your thumb on the spool of the reel. This works as a manual brake. One early sign of backlash takes place when your line is beginning to unspool. To keep the line in check and prevent it from ending up in a tangle, apply more thumb pressure. All in all, your reel needs to be heavier than the normal kind when casting light lures.

How to cast a baitcaster with light lures proficiently

  • With gravity as your weight, drop the lure making sure around 30 inches of the line is outside the tip
  • Utilize your wrists to cast a baitcaster instead of using your arms and shoulders
  • Refrain from performing a quick whipping action with your rod. Remind yourself that you are not casting a heavy lure.
  • Switch your magnetic brake off and turn your drag down. Do this until the lure steadily draws the line out of the spool. Fine-tune your brake back to halfway.
  • Do not throw the lure with full force
  • Keeping your arm tucked in securely, release the lure with a slow, long and smooth cast

There you go. This is sure to make the question of how to cast a baitcaster with a light lure easy and effortless. All in all, you need to possess the most appropriate equipment and make use of the right technique. If you make do with the wrong equipment and technique, you can fall victim to frequent plastics blowing in the wind and backlashes. The good news is that as long as you have the best rod and reel combination, getting the technique right isn’t so hard.

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