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If you are a fishing enthusiast, you are sure to know that every small and minute detail matters. You cannot overlook a certain aspect or avoid making use of a tiny element by coming to a conclusion that it is not important. Take the snap swivel for instance. It is a small piece of fishing equipment that mainly connects the lures to your line.

Here is how to attach a snap swivel among other things you need to know about.

The upside of using this piece of equipment

Fishermen make use of swivels so that they can have a point between the main fishing line and the terminal tackle. This restricts any kind of spinning movement of the tackle from twisting the main line. This can save you a great deal of trouble when casting or retrieving.

  • It also acts as an axis point that does not put undue stress on the line which causes it to reach its breaking point.
  • A snap swivel makes changing of of your lures as well as leader simpler and easier.
  • It can be quite useful when you want connect two independent lines to a mainline.

It is essential to use a swivel that is systematically sized for the fishing line you are using. This ensures you can strike gold when you are focusing on the fish you plan to catch. 

How to attach a snap swivel

If you happen to switch fishing lures more often than not, using a snap swivel really helps. Using a snap swivel when trolling minimizes line twist and proves to be very beneficial when the fishing lure becomes tangled after you miss a strike. A swivel comprises two metal eyelets that are independent of each other and round in shape. The two are connected with the help of is made of two separate round metal eyelets. These eyelets are connected to one another with the help of a barrel fitting. The eyelets are in no way dependent on each other and turn without any hindrance in the fitting.

A swivel with snaps looks like a safety pin. To attach all you have to do is open the snap. This permits weights, leaders and other tackle to be attached to the swivel. The costlier swivels come with ball bearings in the barrel connector. This makes sure rotation is more consistent and seamless.

Essentials to remember

Snap swivels make it effortless to clip lures to fishing lines. They ensure you enjoy enhanced lure action when compared to a rigid knot. Furthermore, snap swivels ensure the line does not fray at points where the lure is tied. Swivels are also ideal and work well with in-line spinners. Snap swivels come in an extensive array of colors, sizes, and designs. Having said that, it is important to use only the required amount of swivels since fewer swivels also mean fewer weak points.  See that you use a swivel by taking into account the fishing line. You also need to pay attention to the kind of fish you are planning to catch. You need a more sizeable swivel if the fish you want to catch are fighting or generally large fish.

So there you go, now that you know how to attach a snap swivel as well as a few essentials about it, use it to influence your fishing experiences in a favorable way.

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