The Flounder Fishing Rig (Fluke)

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The Flounder Fishing Rig (AKA Fluke)

Flounder are a bottom-feeding, saltwater fish that are very flat and almost resemble a stingray. Because they live and feed on the ocean’s bottom, they have evolved for this type of feeding and hunting in flat, sandy bottoms. In order to best catch flounder and other similar fish that feed on or near the bottom, you will need the right rig in order to best attract and catch them.

This is where a flounder rig (also known as a fluke) will come into play. This rig is specifically designed for these fish and others like them that love to live and feed on the bottom of the ocean. 

Materials You Will Need

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Constructing a flounder rig is very simple, and you will only need a handful of different items in order to assemble one. To start, you will need some fishing line for the leader. We recommend a 20-pound fluorocarbon line for the best results. Next, you will need a half ounce (0.5 oz) jig head. Combine that with bait like a white Berkley gulp shrimp, and you almost have everything you need!

Some other equipment you might want to consider as well is some scissors or nail clippers in order to snip and cut your line more easily. You could also add something like a snap swivel onto this rig to avoid line twisting as well. 

fisherman holding a flounder aka fluke

How to Assemble The Flounder Fishing Rig

Assembling a flounder rig is very easy, and only consists of a few basic steps. First, you will need to attach the fluorocarbon leader line to your main fishing line. Make sure that it is long enough to tie knots at both of the ends with around 7 inches leftover. Next, you will attach the other end of your leader line to your jig setup.

Fishing Stingray with The Flounder Fishing Rig

The last step is to attach your bait onto the hook. Push the bait all the way onto the hook until you cannot go any further, and there you have it! Your flounder rig is ready to go. This is a great fishing rig that is very effective at catching fish at the bottom. 


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