Stinger Rig

The Stinger Rig

If you are after fish such as Mahi, wahoo, kings, or other large game fish then you need to use the right gear. In addition to equipment, you should also use the correct fishing rig to be the most effective.

One rig that will help improve your success is the stinger rig. With this rig, you can target large saltwater species and know you are using one of the best fishing rigs out there.

How to Make the Stinger Rig

In order to start assembling a stinger rig, you will first need a few different pieces of gear:

Once you get all of the right pieces, you will need to get you some bait. The best bait to use with this rig includes larger blue runners, bullet Bonita, and mackerel. 

All of these types of baitfish are very popular, and all work well with the stinger rig. They are also great options to use when trolling, as these types of baits work well with this technique because they can reach deeper water where bigger fish like to hang out. 

How to Set Up and Rig Bait 

This rig is a little more complicated to create than other saltwater rigs, but it is still easy to do once you learn how.

  • You will first want to take around 15 inches of fishing wire and thread the barrel swivel through it, and then attach the live bait hook.
  • After that, you will need another 8 to 10-inch piece of fishing wire, and you will thread it through the existing swivel. In the end, attach one of the treble hooks. 
  • Next, cut a final piece of fishing wire around 8 inches long. Thread this wire through the eye of the treble hook about 3 inches and bend it.
  • Now thread the second treble hook through the 8-inch piece of wire that you have tied to the other hook about 3 more inches away. You can now connect this entire rig to the barrel swivel and connect to your main fishing line. Again, this process may seem complicated, but once you do it a few times you will get the hang of it!

Once you assemble the rig, you can now add the bait. You will want to bait the hook with a fish through the nose, near the top of the back by the dorsal fin, and around halfway between the tail and dorsal fin with the last treble hook. 

TIP: If you want a quick and easy way to get the rig then i recommend this “done for you kit“.

wahoo caught with Stinger Rig
Mahi caught with Stinger Rig
The Stinger Rig
A Stinger Rig Kit from Amazon

Final Thoughts

The stinger rig is the perfect choice for larger game fish species, whether it is sailfish, Mahi, wahoo, or even cobia. No matter the species, the stinger rig is sure to produce!

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Updated: November 1, 2021