Big Snook hunting a Snook Fishing Rig

The best snook fishing rig setup

Last Updated on June 30, 2020

Big Snook hunting a Snook Fishing Rig

Fishing for snook is one of the most popular activities among anglers on the east coast of the North American continent, and these fish are best known for their ability to put up a great fight.

They usually prefer to live in warmer waters, and love to hide around structures like piers, bridges, and pylons, as well as natural barriers like sea walls and mangroves.

Catching snook can sometimes be a challenge, and in these times a more finesse approach will work much better. This rig shines during these challenging situations!

Materials Needed and How to Assemble this Rig

You will only need four basic items, like a 20-pound test fluorocarbon line for the leader, a 10-pound test braided mainline, a ⅛ ounce jig head, and your soft plastic bait.

A great choice would be a Cal Shad Tail 3 ½ inch plastic bait. With all of these items gathered together, you are ready to assemble this rig!

  • In order to start assembling this rig, you will want to start by cutting a one-foot section of the 20-pound fluorocarbon line for the leader.
  • On one end of this leader, you will attach your jig head. On the other end, you will attach your main fishing line.
  • The final step to creating this rig is to attach your soft plastic bait. This rig is now ready for some finesse fishing!

Why You Should Use This Snook Fishing Rig

Let’s face it, sometimes snook can be a challenge. When the fishing is tough, this finesse snook fishing rig is the perfect thing to try. Work it around different structures where some snook might be hiding, and try to give your bait as much lifelike motion as possible.

When the fishing is tough and the snook just are not biting, trying to use your finesse snook fishing rig with careful fishing methods can entice a bite when otherwise you cannot get one. 

Big Snook hunting a Snook Fishing Rig

Final Thoughts

There are few fish as popular as the infamous snook, and with this special finesse snook fishing rig, you can master these fish and catch much more on your next fishing trip!