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Redfish Rig

Redfish are a very popular saltwater species of fish, especially among inshore anglers. These fish love to hang out near all types of structures and are hard fighters when hooked. To catch them, all you need is a very simple rig comprised of only a few pieces that are sure to bring you some success while fishing for redfish.

The Redfish Rig

In order to make a redfish rig, you will need a few basic items such as a leader line, a quarter ounce jig head, and some Berkley Gulp jerk shad.

For the leader line, try using something like a 20 to 40 monofilament line (depending on the size of the fish you intend to target).

To assemble this rig, all you have to do is take around 7 inches of leader line and attach it to your main fishing line.

From there, you will attach the jig head to the other end of the leader and you are ready to add your bait!

Once you assemble your rig, you can head out to the water. The best places to start to look for redfish is along any nearby docks, jetties, pylons, or walls.

To fish with this rig, you will want to cast your setup right where you expect some redfish to be hiding, and work the bait to give it some movement. Giving it some jerks and twists while you go will no doubt attract the attention of any nearby redfish. 

What Are Redfish

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Redfish are a popular game fish that is also known as red drum. These fish have a dark red color on their backs, and it fades down into a white belly. Their most distinguishing feature is a large black spot on their tails near the base.

A mature redfish will usually weigh around 5 to 8 pounds, and the largest one ever caught weighed in at an incredible 94 pounds! These fish love to hang around manmade structures, and will often spend the majority of their time there where they can find relief from the tides and find food. 

Younger redfish will start their lives by feeding on small marine creatures such as crabs, shrimp, and worms. As they grow bigger, they will move onto larger crabs, shrimp, and small fish. Redfish prefer to live near the bottoms and will feed up in the water column when opportunities arise. Their natural predators include birds, bigger fish, turtles, and of course, humans. 

redfish rig - fishing kris

Final Thoughts

Redfish are a great species of game fish that anyone can get out and enjoy, regardless of their experience or skill as an angler. They are not only fun to catch, but they fight hard and can provide an excellent meal afterward. If you want to ensure more success while out pursuing redfish, assembling a simple redfish rig will surely help you to catch these fish!

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Updated: November 1, 2021