Pulley Rig

Surf Fishing with a Basic Pulley Rig

Last Updated on June 30, 2020

Pulley Rig
Ready to use Pulley rig here

If you are wanting to really be able to cast out far distances and battle the surf, you are going to need the right fishing rig.

A pulley rig is a fishing rig that is very aerodynamic and will allow you to cast a much further distance.

It will also help prevent you from tangling the leader with the sinker line.

So what do you need to make this rig?

And how do you make it? Let’s talk about that. 

Needed Items for the Pulley Rig

The important part of this rig is creating an impact shield that will allow an angler to clip on the hook while casting so that it doesn’t get in the way.

To do this, you will need a few basic fishing items like some 20 pound test fluorocarbon line, a pyramid sinker (2 to 6 ounces in weight depending on conditions), a circle hook, 2 red plastic beads, 2 barrel swivels, an impact shield, and a split shot sinker or a crimp sleeve


Once you get all of these items, you are ready to start making this rig.

  • To start, you will want to cut around 3 feet of the fluorocarbon line to use as a leader.
  • Tie the pyramid sinker on to one end of this leader. Next, slide the impact shield onto the leader, followed by a red bead.
  • Now you will use the split shot sinker (or crimp sleeve) to keep the impact shield at the bottom section of the rig.
  • Leave around one or two inches between the end of the impact shield and the sinker. 
  • The next step is to thread the free end of the line through a barrel swivel.
  • After that, thread on the other plastic bead and tie onto the other barrel swivel.
  • Now cut another length of fluorocarbon line for the hook attachment to the swivel, around a foot in length.
  • Tie the hook onto the free end of the line and attach it to the other end of the swivel.
  • Now when you cast, all you will do is connect the hook to the impact shield.
  • When it hits the water, the hook will be released without getting tangled up with the sinker line. 

Tip: Check out this ready to use pulley rig here.

You will also need a good scissor for this job.

Final Thoughts

A pulley rig might seem a lot more complicated than other types of saltwater fishing rigs, but it offers a lot of versatility, especially in tough conditions.

If you are fighting a lot of surf or want to really be able to cast out a lot further distances, this pulley fishing rig might just be the right choice for you!