A Day to Remember: Catching the Elusive Peacock Bass in Chiang Mai

Kristian Ole



I’ve been a resident of Chiang Mai in Thailand since 2009, fully immersing myself in the local lifestyle and customs.

But one of my favorite activities has been exploring this region’s diverse fishing opportunities. I’ve caught everything from snakeheads to giant Mekong catfish over the years.

Despite this, the Peacock Bass had remained a notable absence from my fishing résumé.

Discovery Through Social Media

While scrolling through local Facebook fishing groups, I often noticed posts about successful catches of Peacock Bass. Intrigued and admittedly a bit jealous, I decided to dig deeper.

After closely examining these posts and doing some online detective work, I could pinpoint the exact location where these magnificent fish were being caught.

As luck would have it, conditions came together for a fishing outing on September 17, 2023. The weather seemed to align perfectly with my plans: it had rained recently, and an overcast sky promised favorable conditions.

Taking this as a good omen, I loaded my car with my fly-fishing gear and drove to the site.

Upon reaching the destination, I noticed a promising spot that required wading. The shallows looked rich in vegetation and potentially full of fish. Prepared for this scenario, I had brought along my wading boots.

They allowed me to traverse the water comfortably and stand at the edge of the reeds—what I believed to be the perfect casting position.

The Unforgettable Catch

It didn’t take long to confirm my hunch. Only three casts in, my line tugged back at me.

My heart skipped a beat as I reeled it in, only to find a beautiful Peacock Bass at the end of the line. It was a catch I had longed for, and it finally happened.

The experience was a simple yet profound reminder of the joy that fishing brings. It was a fulfilling moment, made even better by the realization that it was a communal effort built on the shared insights and tips from a community of anglers.

I hope my experience encourages you, the readers of FishingKris.com, to pursue your fishing goals wherever you are and whatever they may be.

Tight lines to all! 🎣


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