10 Best Towable Tubes for Boats in 2023 [For Any Age]

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Our top picks:

Best Towable Tube for 3 People: SportsStuff POPARAZZI

The ultimate towable tube for thrills and spills on the water with space for three people to ride in comfort.

Best Towable Tube for Kids: Airhead Mach

Keep the kids entertained all day with this exciting towable tube that’s specially designed with safety and fun in mind.

Best Towable Tube for Adults: Airhead G-Force 3

Get your adrenaline pumping with this top-rated towable tube for adults that offers an unbeatable combination of speed, durability, and comfort.

Lake and beach parties aren’t complete without fun water games. Elevate your summer experience with friends and families with a towable water tube. Specific towable tubes for adults, kids & toddlers are available in the market.

Towable tubes are inner tube boats made of inflatable plastic couches for water games and activities. It comes in different sizes, so you can share it with two or more friends while being pulled by a boat. They come in 2 persons, 3 persons & 4 person variants, making it great for you to enjoy your ride. There are many benefits of using tubes to pull behind boats

It’s like skiing but on a couch; plus, you don’t have to be an expert to use a pull-behind towable tube. It is strong, simple, and easy to use. Create unforgettable memories with your children with a towable water tube. Let this review be your guideline for choosing the best towable tube for boating. 

There are many pull-behind floats for boats available in the market right now. As safety is a top priority, especially when going out to beaches or lakes, We’ve made a list of the best towable water tubes for the money in 2023 to help you decide which tubes fit your budget and needs. 

How FISHINGKRIS Chose the Best Towable Tubes for Boating
How FISHINGKRIS Chose the Best Towable Tubes for Boating

Go down the list and get the best pull-behind tubes for boats that fit your budget without compromising their quality. We have reviewed several brands that create towable tubes made of top-tier materials ensuring the durability and reliability of the water tube.

There are a few wild towable water tubes on the list with several safety features. So you never have to worry about spoiling your summer escapade with unwanted events.

The 10 Best Towable Inflatable Tubes for Boating

Airhead Mach- Best 3-Person Towable Airhead Tube

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This airhead tube is the best towable tube in today’s market. Its cockpit design prevents the rider from slipping off the tube while on the move. Safe for kids as it fits them perfectly inside the MACH 3. This product is the best-selling product among all Airhead tubes. It guarantees no air leaks and is equipped with a patented safety valve.

Also, the tube is installed with six neoprene handles for a secure ride. So you can enjoy a good ride without slipping or hurting your hand. There are no questions on the MACH 3 when it comes to durability.

Its PVC bladder and double-stitched nylon cover ensure this water tube’s long life, lasting for years. 

Product Specifications

The MACH 3 is a three-person towable tube. A single passenger can occupy the middle seat. Its balanced seating can also be occupied by two riders on both the left and right. It is a cock-pit water tube that is safe even for kids. The tow point can be connected to a boat with ease. The overall dimension of the MACH 3 is 107 inches in length and 75 inches in width (107in x 75in). This three persons towable tube is worth every penny you pay. 

It is attached to a speed safety valve which is simple to inflate and deflate. It ensures the safety of the users, so you don’t have to worry about safety while you’re riding.

Our Verdict

Tag your friends along and share your summer adventures with the MACH 3.  The water tube is so well-balanced it doesn’t throw passengers off it during the ride. This best-selling Airhead product will surely bring your vacation experience to the next level. 

Customers had to complain about a few drawbacks to the MACH 3. Some people find the lining too sharp, causing wounds and cuts on children. Other customers would love this water tube more if it had a draining system installed on it since water fills the side seats easily during the ride.


  • Offers perfect grip
  • A stable and secure ride
  • Simple to inflate and deflate


  • Sharp linings

Tip: It is attached with a speed safety valve which is simple to inflate and deflate. It ensures the safety of the users, so you don’t have to worry about safety while you’re riding.


Airhead Super Mable Towable | 1-3 Rider Tube for Boating and Water Sports, Heavy Duty Full Nylon Cover with Zipper, EVA Foam Pads, and Patented Speed Safety Valve for Easy Inflating & Deflating
2,799 Reviews
Airhead Super Mable Towable | 1-3 Rider Tube for Boating and Water Sports, Heavy Duty Full Nylon Cover with Zipper, EVA Foam Pads, and Patented Speed Safety Valve for Easy Inflating & Deflating
  • 1-3 rider tube for boating and watersports.Unique Backrest/Front Riser ConstructionMultiple Grab Handles with Knuckle GuardsFront & Back Tow Points for different riding experiencesHeavy-Duty Full Nylon Cover with Zipper and EVA Foam Pads for a Comfortable Ride

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Are you looking for a towable water inflatable tube with multiple wild-riding options? SUPER MABLE is the product for you! Towable tube number 2 is a water tube product designed and manufactured by SPORTSTUFF. Enjoy your summer escapade with this next-generation towable tube.

You can hook the front tow point for a more relaxed ride as it has an installed backrest, or hook it on the rear tow point for a wilder chariot-style pull. The air-cushioned side walls prevent you from getting thrown off the tube while going for a speedy bouncy ride.

Product Specifications

Installed with multiple handles with double webbing foams and knuckle guards to protect the rider from scratches and bruises and allows you to enjoy the ride in different positions. The outer lining cover of the SUPER MABLE is made of full nylon.

A towable tube for all ages that can accommodate a maximum of three riders. Built-in dual tow points make it versatile. The overall dimension of the deflated watercraft is 79 inches in length and 78 inches in width. Its colorful design combines orange, yellow, and red, perfect for a better summer feel. 

Our Verdict

This towable tube is so wide it could fit 5 children ages 5-10. It can also fit 4 medium-built teenage girls. According to a customer, the SUPER MABLE has been with them for 4 years and is still working fine. This is proof that this product is made of good materials, making it last a long time. 

It is a strong tow tube that can handle 600 pounds or more. Easily inflatable and ready to use in just 10 minutes. The only drawback of this product is the falling-off handles after a couple of use. Other than that, this towable tube will add joy to your summer water adventure.


  • Ideal for adults and kids
  • Double-stitch nylon cover
  • Comfortable padding seats


  • Foam handles are a bit cheap

Tip: This unique backrest construction towable tube is a perfect choice for the high-speed ride, and it is also an ideal choice for both adults and kids.


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Summer fun water adventure requires a versatile water towable tube. The most versatile of them all is the SPORTSTUFF POPARAZZI.

Available in 2 variants (2-person & 3-person towable tube). Hold on to the handles packed with foams and knuckle guard and enjoy the ride while standing up, or lie flat on your stomach and feel the water as it splashes over you during the fast pull!

Its wing-shaped design and rocker bottom allows you to glide across the water’s surface with less drag. This water tube allows you to do every position according to your liking. You can stand, sit, kneel, or lie flat while enjoying the ride with your friends. Say goodbye to the boring sit-on-top towable tube and go for the Poparazzi! 

Product Specifications

Poparazzi 2 & 3 is a rocker bottom & high-rise tower designed with a towable tube. The bladder is made of K-80 heavy-duty PVC and equipped with Speed Safety Valve to ensure zero air leaks from the tube. It has a Kwik connect tow point for easy tethering, so you can enjoy the ride as soon as you hook it to a boat. The diameter of the towable tube is 72 inches in length and 68 inches in width (72in x 68in).

These towable floats can load up to three adult riders or up to 5 active kids. The outer cover is made of heavy-duty nylon, sure to last for long years.

Our Verdict

The product is great, especially when you come up with many great ideas to enjoy your summer towable tube ride. Sportsstuff ingenious design of adding multiple handles for safety and a more exciting ride while standing up. There are a few drawbacks to the Poparazzi 2 boat pull tube that customers are very concerned about, which needs a lot of redesigning for the customers’ safety as the font part sinks into the water as it is pulled by a boat.


  • Safety valves
  • Convenient foam body pads
  • Attached with multiple handles


  • It may lose air easily

Tip: If you’re looking for the cheap and best inner jet ski towable tubes for the sea, then it is the right choice for you. It has aluminum quick tow system and heavy-duty nylon cover with zipper.

Airhead G-Force Rider Towable Tube

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One of the favorites of water-loving thrill-seekers is the G-FORCE 3 by Airhead. The 2nd product Airhead Sports Group, made its way to the top 10. The GF3 is one of the best towable tubes for adults. Challenge yourself against the centrifugal force with its top side fins.

The open top-side design of this towable raft is best for getting air and a good splash. Airhead is one of the major brands owned by Kwik Tek. KwiK Tek has been manufacturing watersports equipment for over 20 years. A proof of their expertise in producing the world’s safest, best, and most popular aquatic sports equipment.

Product Specifications

G-Force 3 is a 3-person flat-top towable tube made of 840-denier double-stitched nylon and has a 30-gauge virgin PVC bladder. Like other Airhead products, the G-Force 3 has a Kwik-Connect system for easy boat and jet-ski tethering. Enjoy it with friends and family for only $162.21.The beautiful red, white, and black color of the tube make it eye-catching to the audience while you enjoy the ride—item code: AHGF-3.

Our Verdict

The kids love the design and its beautiful colors as they prefer it over other brands. Though this towable tube is made for three persons, drawbacks could be seen in some customer reviews; they find it hard to fit three adults on the tube comfortably.

The fins are so hard to reach, especially for shorter kids. The tube also sinks on the front part, so riders must move a little on the back end of the towable tube before being pulled.


  • 6 Durable handles
  • Easy access to Boston valves
  • Supreme quality nylon cover


  • It didn’t hold the air for a long time

Tip: The great feature of this towable tube is it comes with deluxe nylon-wrapped handles. These handles have neoprene knuckle guards that offer an excellent grip and the safety valves which ensure the safest ride.

Info alert: The one issue that we’ve found in this Airhead G-Force Rider Towable Tube is its size which is too small and doesn’t enough for three adults. Other than this issue it is best overall.

SPORTSSTUFF Chariot Warbird Towable Tube

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Face the strong winds and waves as you complete your summer adventure with the Chariot Warbird by Sportstuff. One of the most well-balanced towable tubes in today’s market. It also has the largest wingspan compared to other towable tubes, making it stable enough even when pulled fast.

The large size of the Chariot Warbird can accommodate 3-6 kids. Now, you can give your children the most memorable summer experience with the towable tube with outstanding safety features.  

Product Specifications

Just like all other products of Sportsstuff, materials are of the finest quality, thus promising you the long-lasting life of your towable tube. The dimension of the Chariot Warbird is 82 inches in length and 92 inches in width (82in x 92in).

This tube will catch your attention with its beautifully made custom graphics. A mix and match of red, yellow, black, and white make it very noticeable on beaches and lakes. 

The double-webbing foam handles prevent the rider from scratches and bruises, making it safe for kids and toddlers. The patented Speed Safety Valve outstandingly makes inflating and deflating easier. It also has a self-bailing feature, so removing water won’t be troublesome.

Our Verdict

The Warbird Chariot has 2 varieties (Warbird Chariot 2 & Warbird Chariot 3), so if you have a bigger family, go for the WC3 as it can accommodate more riders. The maximum weight capacity of this water towable tube is up to 340 pounds (154 kilograms).

Inflating it without a pump can be very hard, a small drawback of the Chariot Warbird. Besides that, the strong materials used on this towable tube make it last very long. You can even use it for business or have it rented during summer.


  • Comfortable grip
  • Simple to strap
  • Durable and strong PVC bladders


  • Difficult to fill the air

Tip: The main advantage of this towable tube is its inflatable tube. This tube made of high-quality material that ensures the life of the towable tube and its K80 PVC bladder and nylon cover with a zipper all are works well. So you no need to buy a new towable tube for some years.

Info alert: SPORTSSTUFF Chariot Warbird 2 Person Towable Tube comes with 43 pounds amount of weight, which is the highest weight towable tube on our list. So it is a little difficult to carry.

WOW World of Watersports Bingo Inflatable Towable Tube

WOW Sports World of Watersports Bingo Cockpit 1 or 2 Person Inflatable Towable Cockpit Tube for Boating, 14-1060
204 Reviews
WOW Sports World of Watersports Bingo Cockpit 1 or 2 Person Inflatable Towable Cockpit Tube for Boating, 14-1060
  • DURABLE: Towable water tube with heavy-duty webbed reinforced tow system and double webbing foam handles with knuckle guards makes it a durable option. Front/back-tow points give both cockpit seating and chariot style towing options, 2 rides in 1.

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If you have a toddler at home but want him/her to enjoy the summer with the rest of the family, check out the BINGO 2 by World of Water Sports.

A towable tube is designed for the family as it has a backrest that kids need—the only cockpit-style towable tube with 2 connector points. Now, you can use it for adults who love the extreme ride and for kids for a slower and friendlier speed.

Product Specifications

The Bingo 2 is a 2-person towable tube for toddlers and adults alike. The maximum weight capacity of this product is 340 lbs (154 kilograms).

Thanks to its cockpit design, a more secure ride for the young ones. The connectors on the front and rear of the tube are reinforced to ensure the safety of the riders. 

You never have to worry about snapping the rope or the built-in hooks that could cause severe injuries, especially for kids. It comes with a free 11″ 4k aluminum EZ tow connector, unlike other brands that sell the tethering cable/rope separately. The cover is made of nylon and has a durable zipper. Item model number: 53-1780

Our Verdict

Like any other product that focuses on the safety of the users, Bingo 2 is a bit higher in price, it is sure to give the best quality and safety that other brands could not. The Bingo 2 has its bigger version. The only drawback of this product is its huge tube which some customers find hard to inflate. So far, in terms of comfort, safety, and durability, WOWSPORTS is the brand to go to.


  • est for beginners
  • Heavy-duty zippers
  • Fuel-efficient towable tube


  • May flip sometime

Tip: This towable tube is a great choice for your younger kids as it has raised sides, deck seating as well as an extra high back wall.

Info alert: To use it in a reverse direction you’ve to buy an extra part and accessories, there are lots of chances for flipping also.

Super Slice by Airhead

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Don’t be surprised to see another Airhead product on the list. Their brilliance and devotion paid off. For having more than 3 products on the list of best towable tubes this year, Airhead is a company that produces the best aquatic sports products that customers love.

Product Specifications

The Airhead Super Slice 3 Rider is perfect for a fun and comfortable boating experience. This tube is designed to accommodate 1 to 3 riders, making it a great choice for families or groups of friends. The 30-gauge virgin PVC bladder is fully encased by a durable 840 denier double-stitched nylon cover, ensuring maximum protection and longevity.

The tapered gusset provides superior towing characteristics and allows for easy mounting from the water. The 4 nylon-wrapped handles and neoprene knuckle guards provide a comfortable grip, while the EVA padding reduces chafing for a more comfortable ride. With Airhead’s patented Kwik-Connect, you can quickly and easily connect the rope, making it easy to get out on the water. The Super Slice is equipped with a patented Speed Safety Valve for fast inflation and deflation. Get ready for an unforgettable boating experience with the Airhead Super Slice 3 Rider.

Our Verdict

The Airhead Super Slice 3 Rider is an outstanding choice for water enthusiasts looking for a comfortable and durable tube for boating and water sports. With its comfortable and stable design, this tube is perfect for families and groups of friends to enjoy together. The convenient rope connection and fast inflation and deflation make it easy to get out on the water and spend more time having fun. Overall, we give the Airhead Super Slice 3 Rider a big thumbs up and highly recommend it for an enjoyable and safe boating experience.


  • Comfortable and Stable Design
  • Easy Connection and Inflation
  • Durable and Protective


  • Capacity Limitation

Tip: It is attached with a speed safety valve which is simple to inflate and deflate. It ensures the safety of the users, so you don’t have to worry about safety while you’re riding.

Info alert: Occasionally the tube may leak which is not a good feature because when you’re moving fast in a sea this can make you to fall off.

HOT DOG 3-Person Towable Tube

Airhead Hot Dog Towable | 1-3 Rider Tube for boating and Water Sports, Neoprene Seat Pads, Double-Stitched Full Nylon Cover, and Boston Valve for Convenient Inflating & Deflating
1,202 Reviews
Airhead Hot Dog Towable | 1-3 Rider Tube for boating and Water Sports, Neoprene Seat Pads, Double-Stitched Full Nylon Cover, and Boston Valve for Convenient Inflating & Deflating
  • 1-3 rider tube for boating and watersports.Neoprene seat pads for comfortBoston Valve for convenient inflating and deflating Double-Stitched Full Nylon Cover and Deluxe nylon handles with neoprene knuckle guard

Last update on 2023-12-06 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

Summer beach parties will never be complete without the… HOTDOG! Nobody wants to settle for a boring towable tube. Luckily, Airhead has innovated the hotdog-designed tube for safer and more fun to ride. 

Durability is out of the question as Airhead guarantees customers that the Hotdog 3 is made of top-tier materials like all their other products.

They are installed with the Kwik-Connect system for an easier connecting and tethering process, a patented tethering design by Kwit Tek, the mother company of Airhead.

Product Specifications

The HotDog 3 is designed to look like a, well, a hot dog. The slim design gives you less drag for a faster ride. The outer layer is a double-stitched full nylon cover with deluxe handles with a neoprene knuckle guard.

Well, the same features as all their products. The only difference is the good-looking, hot dog design. 

The length of this towable tube is 102 inches, and it has a width of 44 inches (102in x 44in). It has three (3) air chambers and can accommodate three(3) passengers simultaneously. This product has a special Boston Valve installed, a valve with 2 ports for easy inflation and deflation. This affordable towable tube is only $186. Item code: HD-3

Our Verdict

The absolute definition of happiness is in the form of a towable tube. If you want to smile or laugh while enjoying your summer escapade, put the HOTDOG 3 on your bucket list! Its creative design will make toddlers and adults smile as well. 

The Hotdog 3 is perfect for jet skis and boats. Its slim design assures less drag. Drawbacks reviews can be seen, though, as some customers experienced leaking from one of its air compartments after only a single use. Not a typical problem for Airhead products, but it is something that they have to look into.


  • Knuckle pads for a comfortable grip
  • Fully covered in rugged nylon
  • Three neoprene seat pads


  • It doesn’t hold air very good

Tip: This comes with a heavy-duty material so the riders will stay safe while they ride on boat; the seat pads assure comfort and help to stay on top.

Info alert: One of the major downside of this hot dog towable tube is, it doesn’t hold air which is not fair while you’re on the deep sea.


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The most affordable top-tier water towable tube in the market. But don’t be fooled by its low price; the Stunt Flyer is designed and manufactured by SPORTSSTUFF, one of the leading companies producing the best aquatic towable tubes in the world.

Product Specifications

The Stunt Flyer can accommodate two (2) persons at a time. The bladder is made of heavy gauge PVC, preventing air leaks during the ride. EVA pads are built on the Stunt Flyer to avoid any scars, cuts, and bruises during the ride.

A product that will never ruin your fun summer. It also has a built-in strap for easier boarding. The only towable tube in the market is under 150 USD. This tube is only 70 inches in diameter upon deflating. It also comes with a Boston Valve, making it easier to inflate and release air. Item Code: 53-1651

Our Verdict

Get a friend and swing away from left to right with this deck-type towable tube. It is designed to handle even the most extreme sports. The front part of the tube is thicker than other brands making it more comfortable for the rider even while lying on your stomach.

Some customers find the seams rough, causing bruises, cuts, and elbow rash.


  • Cushioned side walls
  • Largest backrest for comfort
  • PVC and double-stitched nylon are used


  • Heavy

Tip: This towable tube has a high-quality build; the bladder is constructed using a heavy gauge PVC material so it can last for a long time.

Info alert: It’s not a good tube if you like to fall off the unit, so ensure whether the tube is durably constructed before buying, the tube is also quite heavy.

O’Brien Ultra Screamer Towable Tube

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The only brand on the list can match brands like Sportssurf and Airhead O’Brien. The name speaks for itself, making you scream at the top of your lungs while you enjoy the thrill of extreme water tricks. 

O’Brien Watersports has been innovating water sports equipment for over 50 years. One of the most prominent and spoken companies regarding water sports gears and tubes. Like all their products, the Ultra Screamer is made with devotion and passion that customers will truly love.

Product Specifications

It can carry a single rider weighing up to 170 pounds. The bladder is made of 26-gauge PVC, ensuring zero air leaks. The out cover is made of 420D nylon for better durability. Easy connecting and tethering with a Quick Connect tow hook. One of the best-quality tubes.

Our Verdict

The Ultra Screamer is a single-rider tube designed for the most extreme adventure. A towable tube that is not for the weak of heart as you could get whipped out and bounced around while on the tube. It has 4 built-in handles, so you can position your hands in 2 different ways before launching for a heart-pounding ride.


  • Fully covered 840D nylon
  • Ergonomic design
  • It holds up to 3 riders


  • The tube doesn’t hold air well

Tip: It is specially designed to hold up to three riders at once also this tube is suitable for towing behind your boat at any time.

Info alert: It comes with a dome shape on the top surface which increases the chance of falling off, so if the user fell on the deep water it’s nearly impossible to get back on it.

Maintaining Your Towable Tube

  1. Clean. Never forget to rinse and clean your towable tube from the water of seas and lakes as it could cause a bad odor on the nylon covering of the tube.
  2. Dry. Wipe-off excess water after rinsing to keep the towable fresh for the next use. Storing a wet towable tube can cause a bad odor. These odors can trigger asthma or other respiratory illness, especially in kids.
  3. Inspect. Always check for possible damages on your tubes to ensure satisfaction and safety for the next use. You could find remedies online or locally that could fix minor problems on the tubes. If the tube you’ve purchased comes with a warranty, it would be best to call customer service for possible parts replacement, or they might even send you a new towable tube.
  4. Clean metal parts. The metallic locks are prone to rust, so always keep them clean from salty water. If rust build-up starts to show, purchase a rust-removing agent to avoid weakening the metal components of your towable tubes.
  5. Store. Towable tubes are made for the summer seasons. Storing them in your garage or storage rooms during winter can cause the plastic components to become brittle. Moving them to a room-temperature storage place would be wise to ensure its longer service. It is also good to inflate the tubes continuously to prevent the bladders from sticking together permanently. Thus, ruining your beautiful water-towable tubes.
how to choose the best towable tubes for boating - infographic
How To Choose The Best Towable Tubes For Boating

Tips on Buying a Water towable tube

  1. Riders: Anticipate the number of possible riders on your towable tube before making a purchase. If you plan to use the tubes for business, go for towable tubes that accommodate up to four riders. You can charge them per head or hour. If you are a big family with lots of kids. Aim for the tubes that have a cockpit design. Safe for toddlers, teenagers, and even adults too.
  2. Budget: The first thing that buyers usually look at is the price. Some people would settle for cheaper towable tubes to save a few pennies. But it could sometimes be a very bad idea. Cheap products could come with possible risks. A towable tube of substandard materials can cause a sudden tear, or the locks and rope could snap unexpectedly.
  3. Design: The design of inflatable water tubes varies not just in color but also its shape. If you love extremely fast-riding water activities, go for a slimmer bottom tube. A slimmer bottom reduces drag which is good for acceleration. If you prefer a more stable and well-balanced design, go for a tube with a wider wingspan. Also, choose a cockpit design with a backseat if you bring your kids, especially toddlers. This prevents them from slipping off the tube while moving and gives them good comfort while feeling the good air from the ride.
  4. Water Activities: Towable water tubes can be used in several ways. If you are a thrill-seeker looking for a tube that can keep up with your adventures, go for the brands on the list. Towable tubes like the Popparazi and G-Force 3 are the best pick for an extreme ride, but if you are a laxer and lay-back person, choose the ones with the backseats like MACH3 or the SUPER MABLE.

Final Words about towable tubes for boats

Final Words about towable tubes for boats

People these days find several ways to elevate the excitement and fun of everything we do. Sports activities are never spared as summer could be much more memorable when we integrate products such as towable water tubes and share them with friends and our families.

No matter how extreme or relaxed our activities would be, our safety must always be the top priority, especially when we go out to the beach and lakes with our young ones.

Always go for the best quality products to ensure long years of service, so we always get our money’s worth. There are several products online and locally that you can choose from. We narrowed it down to only the 10 best products based on performance, quality, design, and safety.

Also, we have considered the cost of each product since investing your hard-earned money in such a product should never go to waste.

Overcome your fears and relieve yourself from stress thanks to these products. You may find it expensive, but we can assure you that these towable water tubes can give you happiness and great memories that money alone can’t buy. Enjoy every second of summer but always keep an eye on your kids!

We hope you find this article helpful as you look for the best towable tube that fits your style and needs.


How much horsepower do you need to pull an inner tube?

The amount of horsepower required to pull a towable tube behind a boat can vary depending on the weight of the tube, the weight of the passengers, and the speed at which you plan to tow the tube. As a general rule, a minimum of 60 horsepower is recommended for pulling a single tube, and additional horsepower may be required for larger tubes or more passengers.

How do you tie a tow rope for tubing?

To tie a tow rope for tubing, you need to attach one end of the rope to the boat and the other to the tube. The cleat hitch is a commonly used knot for tying a tow rope to a tube. To tie this knot, wrap the rope around the cleat on the boat, then make a loop and thread the rope’s end through the loop. Pull the rope tight to secure the knot.

How far should you pull a tube behind a boat?

The recommended distance to pull a tube behind a boat can vary depending on the boat’s size and the water’s conditions. As a general rule, it is recommended to tow a tube at least 100-120 feet behind the boat, although this can vary based on the speed at which you plan to tow the tube. To ensure the safety of everyone on the tube and in the boat, it is important to follow all recommended guidelines and to observe safe boating practices at all times.

Disclaimer: We may receive a small commission if you purchase any products in this post. We promote only the products which we test and recommend. Read our affiliate disclaimer here.


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