Best Time of Day for Ice Fishing Perch: A complete guide

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Ice fishing perch is the best kind of fishing you can indulge in. After all, it is one of the easiest and most fun fish to tackle under the ice. They are also extremely easy to catch and even easier to learn to catch. The trick lies in finding the best time of day for ice fishing perch. Other than this, you also need to come across a good perch hotspot so you can fish away for long durations of time.

In general, the best time of day for ice fishing for perch is around sunset and sunrise. Your results may vary depending on different factors. We will cover those factors now.

Pay attention to transition periods of the day

time of day icefishing for perch

It is prudent to remember that the most favorable time of day for ice fishing perch generally relies on the transition periods of the day.

  • It is important to focus on the transition periods from dusk light to dusk.
  • Other than this, you also need to pay attention to the period of transition from dark to dusk.
  • Many good anglers are of the opinion that ice fishing is the most productive during the initial couple of hours after sunrise.
  • They also believe that around two hours before and after sunset is the most ideal time to commence fishing operations.

Pay attention to the weather

weather for ice fishing for perch

While the time of day is important when ice fishing perch, there are several other elements involved in this process too. For instance, the weather. When you think you have the right time to go fishing, you can experience hurdles with a high-pressure weather system. Even if you have an entire bright sunny day ahead of you, the best time to go fishing is still early in the morning or late in the evening. While these time durations are going to be peak times that bring in the most number of fish, even when the weather is not the best for your fishing activities.

Things to keep in mind

When ice fishing perch, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. These fish are related in a close way to walleye. Having said that, they do not come with walleye’s impeccable night vision. However, for ice anglers, this does not serve as an obstacle. Since perch are by far the most hassle-free fish to catch, you can fish for them all throughout the day. While the most activity-filled times are during sunrise and sunset, you can count on these fish to bite when the weather is just right.

Perch are fish that are usually found in schools. Having a fishfinder for shallow water with you certainly helps to make them more easily accessible to you. Mobility is key. Always be ready to move and you are bound to catch a higher number of fish. Also, take into account the size of the lake. If you do not get lucky in a specific spot, your next best option is to move on to a better place. So there you go.

The best time of day for ice fishing perch depends on the above-mentioned factors. Make sure you pay attention to these and you are sure to experience a smooth and enjoyable ice fishing experience.

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