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Best Telescopic Fishing Rods (Top 10) Review & Buyers Guide

Our Top Pick:

Telescopic Fly Fishing Rod by Tenkara


Best Value:

Megaforce Telescopic Fishing Rod by Daiwa


Editor’s Choice:

Six-piece Mako Telescopic Rod by Hurricane


Choosing the right fishing gear can be difficult, with the numerous varieties available in the markets. It is, therefore, prudent to understand the factors that separate the best from the acceptable; there are numerous factors to consider, which can be confusing. Each product has been described as per the reviews and product descriptions for clear understanding; the ten best telescopic fishing rods list has been compiled, keeping in mind the diverse fishing options across the globe.

Discussed below are the 10 best fishing telescopic rods for easy transportation with accurate fishing.

Quick Overview
Product Name Price
#1 Telescopic Fly Fishing Rod by TenkaraCheck Price »
#2 Megaforce Telescopic Fishing Rod by DaiwaCheck Price »
#3 Six-piece Mako Telescopic Rod by HurricaneCheck Price »
#4 Telescopic Fly Fishing Rod Set by Wild WaterCheck Price »
#5 Telescopic Fishing Rod – Blackhawk by KastKingCheck Price »
#6 Retractable Telescopic Fishing Rod by PlusinnoCheck Price »
#7 Black Widow Fishing Rod by B&MCheck Price »
#8 Fishing Rod and Reel Set by SougayilangCheck Price »
#9 Telescopic Fishing Rod by Eagle ClawCheck Price »
#10 Telescopic Fishing Rod and Reel Set by TroutBoyCheck Price »

#1. Telescopic Fly Fishing Rod by Tenkara

The Telescopic Fly Fishing Rod by Tenkara has been consistently rated as one of the best options through customers review. This rod comes in a sleek matte finish, which helps in reducing reflection underwater. This extendible rod is one of the best products on the market for anglers; the handle of the rod gives a great firm grip and also acts as a good counterbalance, making it one of the best choices for telescopic fishing rod.

Product Specs

  • Action: Medium
  • Collapsible segment: 21.124 inches (53.5 cm)
  • Extended length: 13 feet 6 inches
  • Color: Matte black finish
  • Weight: 2. 72 kg
  • Handle Length: 11 inches 27.5 cm)
  • Segments: 10

Why We Recommend This Product

This Tenkara rod is lightweight and easy to use. These rods are mainly meant for seasoned anglers, as they work mostly for larger streams and rivers. The comfortable design provides excellent grip, comfortable for long hours, and acts as a counterbalance. The extra length is perfect for accurate casting.


  • Sleek black finish for reduced reflection underwater
  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Collapsible rods up to 10 segments


  • Not suitable for smaller rivers and streams
  • Design mostly for catching bigger fish

Tip: The rod handle is designed to provide an excellent grip and also acts as a counterbalance.

Info alert: The lightweight design of the rod enables accurate pin-point casting for successful fly fishing.

#2. Megaforce Telescopic Fishing Rod by Daiwa

This spinning telescopic fishing rod from the Ardito series by Daiwa has ensured that this rod is ideal for traveling as it comes with a soft case, and the rod can be collapsed into three segments. It offers a superior grip with its split grip design and EVA foam grip, which is extremely comfortable for long hours. This spinning rod by Daiwa has excellent customer reviews, with outstanding performance.

Product Specs

  • Medium Light with an extra fast tip action
  • Collapsible segment: 38 inches
  • Extended length: 7 feet 6 inches
  • Line Weight: 1.24 pounds
  • Segments : 3
  • Warranty: Lifetime

Why We Recommend This Product

This fishing rod offers a top-of-the-line spinning rod. Collapsible into three segments, it is medium-light and has extra fast tip action. The weight is ideal for launching light baits into the water with perfection and is easy to maneuver. The 45 degrees bias construction prevents it from twisting blanks providing superior sensitivity, strength, and hook settings.


  • Fuji aluminum oxide guides
  • Medium-light spinning rod
  • Collapsible rods up to three segments
  • High volume graphite construction


  • Slightly expensive
  • Tips guides may not be extremely sturdy

Tip: This rod is suitable for both saltwater as well as freshwater and has an excellent lure weight.

Info alert: Should be paired with a 3000- or a 4000-sized reel for optimal balance.

#3. Six-piece Mako Telescopic Rods by Hurricane

This telescopic fishing rod by Hurricane can come at seven or eight feet, depending on the requirements. It is sturdy, reliable, and collapsible for easy transportation. The rod is moderately priced with excellent performance, offering the best value for money. It is suitable for fishing inshore, offshore, in the backcountry, and in the Bluewater.

Product Specs

  • Fiberglass blanks
  • Medium to Heavy action rods
  • Collapsible segment: 21.75 inches
  • Extended length: 8 feet
  • Line Weight: 12 – 30 pounds
  • Lure Weight: 1 -3 ounces
  • Segments: 6
  • Warranty: Lifetime

Why We Recommend This Product

The Mako telescopic compact fishing rod can be seven or eight feet in length. It is suitable for medium to heavy action, extremely reliable, despite its drawbacks, and offers great value for the price. Originally made for saltwater, the rod is also suitable for freshwater use, depending on the requirements. This should be paired with the numerous accessories offered by Hurricane.


  • Graphite Reel seat
  • Medium to heavy action rods
  • Collapsible rods up to six segments
  • Suitable for saltwater as well as freshwater


  • The rod can get jammed open and make it difficult to close
  • Comes with a soft case with no handles for carrying

Tip: This rod is suitable for saltwater and needs to be rinsed after use for optimal maintenance; it has also been successfully used in freshwater.

Info alert: While pulling out the section, you need to be careful as it can get stuck.

#4. Telescopic Fly Fishing Rod Set by Wild Water

This telescopic fishing rod set by Wild Water is great for novice and newbie fly fishermen. This fly fishing rod comes in nine sections. The combo set includes all the essentials for fly fishing, making it an excellent choice for beginners.

Product Specs

  • IM8 Graphite rod construction
  • Collapsible segment: 20.5 inches
  • Extended length: 12 feet
  • Rod Weight: 3.4 ounces
  • 10-inch cork handle
  • Lillian for easy Tenkara line attachment
  • Customized fly box
  • Tapered monofilament leader with a spool of 30 meter
  • Weight: 1.85 pounds
  • Segments: 9

Why We Recommend This Product

The wild Water starter kit for fly fishing has everything that is required for fly fishing. The kit is extensive and contains:

  • Fly Rod
  • Tenkara line with 10.5 feet chartreuse with metals rings for the tippet
  • Foam Line storage spool, Line storage clips, tippet spool
  • Hard case with a fly bag with a Velcro closure


  • Exceptional quality rods for beginners for fly fishing
  • Comes with a hard case suitable for easy transportation
  • Collapsible rods up to nine segments
  • Comes with fly box as a starter kit, includes (starter Tenkara line, fly box, tippet spool and hard road case)


  • The rod does not come with reel and eyelets
  • Flies are all barbed

Tip: Wild Water will replace the tip in case it is broken; warranty claims have a nominal fee.

Info alert: Should be used for small and medium-sized streams, ponds, and lakes.

#5. Telescopic Fishing Rods – Blackhawk II by KastKing

This telescopic fishing rod is durable and lightweight, easy to carry, and collapsible into six segments. It comes in a variety of combinations and different specifications; however, what remains unwavering is the high quality of the products. The varying lengths (14 lengths) and combination of spinning rods and casting rods are streamlined and have been tested to suit every fishing situation.

Product Specs

  • 24 Ton Toray Carbon
  • Medium Fast action rods
  • Collapsible segment: 22.44 inches
  • Extended length: 7 feet (2.13 meter)
  • Line Weight: 8 – 15 pounds
  • Lure Weight: 5 -18 grams
  • Color: Black and gold
  • Segments: 6
  • Floating guides: 7 +1
  • Warranty: Lifetime

Why We Recommend This Product

The fishing rod is streamlined to suit all types of fishing, with 14 different rod lengths and varying specifications to suit every angler. It is possible to leave the reel on the rod with the lines on the guide, which makes setup hassle-free and fast.


  • Floating guides to aid and improve the performance of the line
  • The smooth tapered design ensures that there are no dead or flat spots in the blank
  • Delivers superior performance with a full-length rod power transition
  • The KastFlex technology makes the blanks deliver sensitivity and performance
  • Performs like a single piece, with a six-part telescopic design


  • The cast can be broken with excess force
  • The eyelets do not float well

Tip: The rods are best suited for freshwater fishing.

Info alert: There are extended warranties through KastKing; any queries should be channeled through the company, as they have fantastic customer service.

#6. Retractable Telescopic Fishing Rod by Plusinno

This retractable telescopic fishing rod by PLUSINNO is one of a kind and has a high rating for ease of use, transportation, and comfort during the long hours of fishing. The rod is extremely durable and suitable for use in saltwater and freshwater. It is attractively designed with seamlessly manufactured for reliable and comfortable usage. These rods are medium powered and a pleasure for fishing enthusiasts.

Product Specs

  • High-density carbon fiber with glass
  • Collapsible segment: 17.7 inches
  • Extended length: 8.86 feet
  • Weight: 7.09 ounces
  • Color: Silver and gold
  • Segments: 9

Why We Recommend This Product

This retractable fishing rod is extremely lightweight without comprising the performance of the rod. The durable design enables moderate to heavy usage and is reasonably priced, making it a great affordable purchase. It is easy and comfortable to use for adults as well as children.


  • Easy nine section retractable rods with multiple actions
  • The waterproof design protects the rods from fading with regular use
  • Sensitive graphite back construction of superior make
  • Hooded reel seat made from stainless steel protects against corrosion, making it suitable for saltwater use
  • The guide is made from aluminum oxide, inserting into the fishing pole
  • Special EVA soft handle to ensure comfort and anti-slip, anti-skid with sweat absorption


  • Casting with excessive force can break the rod
  • It does not come with a hard case for protection, rather a soft cloth bag with attached string for closure

Tip: Most of the medium-sized spinning reels will fit this rod with relative ease.

Info alert: Lock snaps or swivels can ensure that lines are attached for fast and easy assembly, without rethreading the line.

#7. Black Widow Fishing Rod by B&M

This fishing rod by B&M is lightweight and extremely durable; it can easily handle five to eight pounds of fish. It is sleek and reliable, and the superior make ensures that it is suitable for all-day fishing in comfort. The 13 feet length reaches the hard-to-get areas for easy and hassle-free fishing. For the enviable performance, this rod is affordable with great value for money.

Product Specs

  • Made of fiberglass
  • Collapsible segment: 48 inches
  • Extended length: 13 feet
  • Weight: 12 ounces
  • Color: Glossy black with red accents
  • Segments: 4

Why We Recommend This Product

The Black Widow Fishing Rod by B&M is sleek, lightweight, extremely durable, and easy to use rods. This is suitable for streams, brooks, and tight spaces, where casting can be a problem. As the rods are lightweight, it provides comfortable fishing for long hours without any trouble.


  • Streamlined for streams and brooks, where casting may be difficult
  • Reinforced fiberglass joints for durability
  • Comes equipped with metal eye tip and line keeper


  • Cumbersome and hard to balance
  • Requires a strong line for the extra length

Tip: Using a 6-pound test line is ideal for this telescopic fishing rod.

Info alert: It is possible to shorten the rod if that is the requirement, but it works well at the recommended length.

#8. Fishing Rod and Reel Set by Sougayilang

This fishing rod set by Sougayilang is a fantastic buy for experienced and novice fishing enthusiasts. The rod comes along with a spinning fishing reel kit for easy transportation and travel. It has high-density carbon fiber with fiberglass, which makes it light and supremely durable. The superior reel features include stainless steel ball bearings for extra smooth operations and handling. It does not stop there and is equipped with smooth precision gears with a 5:2:1 ratio. This rod is suitable for amateurs and experts alike.

Product Specs

  • Made of fiberglass
  • Collapsible segment: 18.5inches
  • Extended length: 5.89 feet
  • Weight: 5.2 ounces
  • Weight capacity: 20 pounds
  • Lure Weight: 7 – 9 inches
  • Line Weight: 5 – 10 pounds

Why We Recommend This Product

The Sougayilang fishing set comes with a rod and spinning reel of superior make. You can ensure that this reel is smooth and easy to handle and is suitable for all types of fishing conditions, like lakes, reservoirs, ponds, freshwater, and saltwater fishing. It comes with an extra length of the spool and is an easily interchangeable handle, making it comfortable for use for a right as well as a left-handed person.


  • High-density carbon fiber with fiberglass ensures durability and reliability of the rods
  • Reinforced fiberglass joints for durability
  • EVA grip for comfortable fishing for long hours
  • Affordably priced, considering the superior performance
  • Smooth reels with extra spools enable easy and accurate casting


  • Guides are stiff with no elasticity
  • Baits and line not included

Tip: This rod sports a handle that suitable for right as well as left-handers for easy grip and comfort.

Info alert: The weight capacity of the rod is approximately 20 pounds before snapping.

#9. Telescopic Fishing Rod by Eagle Claw

This telescopic fishing rod can be used as a Tenkara rod, although it is a spin-cast rod. The good news is that it can be used with a spin-cast as well as a bait cast reel. It is suitable for a full extension as it cannot be extended partly. This rod is moderately priced and great for beginners; the rod is suitable for left and right-hand use.

Product Specs

  • Made of fiberglass
  • Collapsible segment: 16 inches
  • Extended length: 5.6 feet
  • Weight: 2 pounds
  • Weight capacity: 20 pounds
  • Lure Weight: Up to ½ ounce
  • Line Weight: 4 – 10 pounds
  • Warranty: One year

Why We Recommend This Product

This product is great if you are looking for an alternative in the lower price range. It is extremely compact and light, making it easy to transport. It provides adequate casting action, and while not as resilient as the graphite fishing rods, it is extremely well priced for superior performance during fishing. The rod is well suited for both right-hand and left-hand use.


  • Can be used as a Tenkara rod with the appropriate fly fishing gear
  • Optimal durability and reliable with fiberglass construction
  • Easy to grip, EVA foam handles for comfortable fishing for hours
  • It comes with a one-year manufacturing warranty
  • Spin cast reel for easy handling
  • Well-suited for right-hand and left-hand use


  • No protection for the tips
  • Eyelets are not so sturdy

Tip: The rod should be paired with Mini Zebco 33 for a spin reel.

Info alert: The metal joints ensure that the rods are not pulled apart while extending.

#10. Telescopic Fishing Rod and Reel Set by TroutBoy

This telescopic fishing rod is made for saltwater as well as freshwater fishing. There is a wide range of fishing rods of varying lengths and power, which makes this set suitable for various types of fishing. The easy-to-use rod is perfect for beginners as well as seasoned anglers.

Product Specs

  • Made of fiberglass
  • Collapsible segment: 16 inches
  • Extended length: 5.1 feet through 11.1 feet
  • Weight: 2 pounds
  • Weight capacity: 10 pounds

Why We Recommend This Product

The rod comes in seven varying lengths, starting from 5.1 feet, 6.1 feet, 7.1 feet, .1 feet, 9.1 feet, 10.1 feet, and 11.1 feet. All have varying specifications, although what can be guaranteed is the superior performance in saltwater and freshwater. It comes with a computerized gear design, streamlined for seamless performance each time.


  • This set comes in seven different lengths to suit different requirements
  • Carbon fiber and E-glass construction for reliable results
  • EVA handles for comfortable, easy to grip, fishing for long hours
  • Collapsible pole with rigs intact with snap swivels
  • The 7 to 8 feet rods are the best suited for all environments
  • Very sensitive for excellent fishing


  • The rods may be prone to snapping and breaking
  • The guides can come loose

Tip: The rod comes in an aircraft-grade aluminum shaft, for extra resilience and enhanced performance.

Info alert: It comes with a free graphite spool as a gift.

Buying Guide For Telescopic Fishing Rods

Buying the best-suited rod will depend greatly on what type of fishing one is keen to do. For some, avid anglers carry their rods every opportunity they get, which is when choosing one for saltwater as well as freshwater fishing is advisable. However, if it is solely for recreational use, there may be lesser expensive ones with great performance.

The type of rod

There is spinning, surf, and fly rods, to name a few, and each different type of fishing rods has a different purpose. A spinning rod is perfect if one is looking to use it for sporting activities or simply for recreational use. Surf rods are one which is suitable for sea fishing. Choosing the right one will also depend on the location, which is why choosing the right one is crucial for optimal performance.

Rod material

Another crucial factor that will affect the performance is the material for the rods. Some rods are fiberglass with 24-ton carbon fiber, whereas yet others are made from glass, graphite, and stainless steel for enhanced balance and flexibility during fishing. Carbon fiber makes the rods unbreakable, ideal for a superior and hassle-free fishing experience.

Rod power

The rod power is another consideration that should not be overlooked, as this is one of the main aspects that will determine the load capacity and ultimately the size of the fish, as per the rod capacity. The power, simply put, means how much weight it can bear to flex; too high power can cause a backlash, and too light power can result in decreased efficiency.


Another crucial factor as it will define the style of fishing. The varying lengths will also correspond to the anglers’ comfort and environments. Extra-long rods will give extra leverage when fishing from a boat; at the dock or in tighter areas, it is prudent to opt for shorter rods for the best performance.


This is another crucial factor; the rod’s action describes at what length the blank the rod is flexing at. This is important as slower action rods flex towards the bottom of the blank and is less sensitive; the faster action rods flex more towards the point of the rod, resulting in slower action, and increased sensitivity. Fast action rods are desirable for finessed and expert techniques.

Final Verdict

These are the best-rated, top-of-the-line telescopic fishing rods for optimal performance. While the best-suited options from the ten best telescopic fishing rods will depend greatly on your requirement, as per numerous reviews for excellent performance, we recommend the Telescopic Fly Fishing Rod by Tenkara for its superior performance; if you are interested in a fly fishing rod. The rod is 13.5 feet in length and is considered to be a medium-action rod. Excellent counterbalance and firm and easy-to-grip handle make it the best choice for fishing for long hours. The telescopic rod collapses into ten segments, making it extremely easy to transport it.

If you are looking for a regular telescopic spinning rod, we recommend checking out the Blackhawk II by KastKing.

Also, see our article about the best fishing rod and reel combo for beginners here.

Updated: October 28, 2022