13 Best Tandem Kayaks: Top picks in 2023

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Our Top Pick:

Sea Eagle 370 Inflatable Kayak


Best Value:

Sea Eagle 380x Deluxe Edition


Editor’s Choice:

Sea Eagle 385ft FastTrack Inflatable Kayak


For many people, kayaking is a relaxing and exhilarating experience. If you are a kayaking enthusiast think of investing in a tandem kayak. That way, you will be able to enjoy the company of a good friend or family member as you navigate different water bodies. Imagine enjoying the best of both worlds!

The market is flooded with tandem kayaks and it can be overwhelming to choose one. That is the reason we have shortlisted the best tandem kayak. We have compiled a list of 13 tandem kayaks for your reference and even come up with a buying guide to make the selection process easier.

The 13 Best Tandem Kayaks
Product Name Price
#1 Sea Eagle 370 Inflatable KayakCheck Price »
#2 Sea Eagle 380x Deluxe EditionCheck Price »
#3 Sea Eagle 385ft FastTrack Inflatable KayakCheck Price »
#4 Caribbean Blue Tandem Kayak by Vibe KayaksCheck Price »
#5 Tandem Kayak with Padded Seat by Brooklyn Kayak CompanyCheck Price »
#6 Tandem Kayak XL by Ocean KayakCheck Price »
#7 Tandem Kayak by Perception KayaksCheck Price »
#8 Inflatable Tandem Kayak by Advanced ElementsCheck Price »
#9 Inflatable Tandem Kayak by IntexCheck Price »
#10 Tandem Kayak with Aluminum Oars by IntexCheck Price »
#11 Red Tandem Kayak by LifetimeCheck Price »
#12 Inflatable Tandem Kayak by AirheadCheck Price »
#13 10-foot Tandem Kayak by LifetimeCheck Price »

Best Tandem Kayaks Reviews

#1. Sea Eagle 370 Inflatable Kayak

This inflatable tandem kayak is designed to easily accommodate two people. The best part is that it is lightweight, at merely 32 lb and hence, it can be carried and transported with ease.

Product Specifications

  • Made from high-density PVC
  • Weight is 32lb
  • Maximum load-bearing capacity is 650lb
  • Length is 12.5 feet

Why We Recommend This Product

While the manufacturer claims that this is a three people kayak, it is best suited for two people. It is quite stable and the high-density PVC makes it durable, rugged, and long-lasting. It comes with two seats that are quite comfortable, and there is adequate space for the legs and feet. It also has sufficient cargo space. It comes with three air chambers that make the kayak rigid once it is fully inflated.


  • Well-constructed
  • Rugged and durable
  • Extremely stable
  • Resistant to sun exposure and saltwater
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Easy and quick to inflate


  • Lacks D-rings at the sides to secure fishing gear

Tip: The two attached skegs help to make paddling easy and quick while ensuring good tracking.  

Info alert: Inflating the kayak is quick due to the one-way valves that prevent air from escaping after you fill it with the high output air pump.

#2. Sea Eagle 380x Deluxe Edition

This is a versatile, rugged, and performance-oriented tandem kayak. The Deluxe edition comes with many add-ons that are not available with the regular version. So, not only will you have fun taking out this tandem kayak on the water but you will also enjoy the freebies that come with it.

Product Specifications

  • Length is 12 feet 3 inches
  • Weight is 37lb
  • Maximum load-bearing capacity is 750 lb
  • Deluxe inflatable seats
  • Foot pump
  • Two paddles (7 feet 10 inches in length)
  • Slide-in skeg
  • Repair kit

Why We Recommend This Product

This tandem kayak can handle all types of water, including kayaking, whitewater paddling, sailing, and fishing. It is made from high-density PVC, giving it the ruggedness and durability that you desire. It is quite rigid after full inflation which makes it extremely steady and allows great paddle performance. It is NMMA-certified and has a large removable skeg that ensures superior tracking.


  • Lightweight and portable
  • Easy to inflate
  • Extremely durable
  • Comes with a three-year warranty
  • Great maneuverability
  • Well-constructed


  • When the drain valves are opened to drain out the water, the floor of the kayak gets wet

Tip: Remove the floor before you begin cleaning the kayak and then make sure it dries thoroughly before storing it away.

Info alert: The space under the front and rear skirts can be used to store accessories and other items.

#3. Sea Eagle 385ft FastTrack Inflatable Kayak

This tandem kayak is lightweight, extremely stable, and designed to be durable. You can easily convert it from a solo to a tandem kayak. It is spacious and there is ample room for the legs as well as gear.

Product Specifications

  • Made from reinforced heavy-duty PVC
  • Length is 12.5 feet
  • Maximum load-bearing capacity is 634.9lb
  • Weight is 35.2lb

Why We Recommend This Product

This is an extremely stable kayak and there is no risk of it keeling over. That is why you can easily take a child or your dog with you. It is NMMA-certified and the hull is resistant to saltwater and the sun. It has a front and a rear spray skirt and 18 D-rings to secure your gear, seat, and accessories. The high-pressure floor lends the kayak rigidity. The rear skeg is removed and ensures improved tracking and speed when you are kayaking on flat water.


  • Incredibly stable
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Rigid after complete inflation
  • Four one-way valves
  • Drain valves
  • Comfortable
  • Spacious
  • Resistant to saltwater as well as sun exposure


  • The skeg is long and will hit the bottom in shallow water

Tip: The floor is very rigid and if you like you can enjoy stand-up paddling without worry about the kayak sinking or keeling over.

Info alert: The sharp bow and stern design allow the kayak to efficiently cut through the water and this also provides lift and buoyancy to the kayak.

#4. Caribbean Blue Tandem Kayak by Vibe Kayaks

This tandem kayak is an attractive Caribbean blue color and filled with features that make it hard to resist. It comes with adjustable footrests, paddles, and storage space so that you can carry what you need.

Product Specs

  • Made from high-density polyethylene
  • 13 feet in length
  • Load bearing capacity of 500 lb

Why We Recommend This Product

This is one of the most comfortable tandem kayaks you will find on the market. It has footrests that you can adjust based on your height. You can carry everything you need for your trip as it has two hatches that are sealed. It also has rod holders that are flushed and mounted on the frame, allowing you to carry two fishing rods.


  • Sturdily constructed
  • Flushed holders for the rods
  • Adjustable footrests
  • Sealed cargo space
  • High-quality oars
  • Center seat for solo kayaking


  • Highly-priced

Tip: The kayak has a shock cord that you can use to secure your fishing tackle.

Info alert: The kayak does not have a provision to install an electric motor.

#5. Tandem Kayak with Padded Seat by Brooklyn Kayak Company

This kayak is comfortable, thanks to the padded seats. The construction is great and it is designed for durability. This kayak has been constructed using high-density polyethylene and also is protected from fading as it has UV protection. It is quite stable so if you want to enjoy fishing, you can do it without worrying about the kayak toppling over.

Product Specs

  • Made from high-density polyethylene
  • 12.2 feet in length
  • Maximum load-bearing capacity is 440 lb
  • Six fishing rod holders
  • Storage hatch

Why We Recommend This Product

This tandem kayak can be used for fishing or leisure trips. It is durable and secure. While a few customers did complain about the lack of adequate back support, we found that the backrest provided adequate support and can be adjusted to suit your needs. The kayak has two airtight hatches for storage.


  • Well built and designed
  • Stable
  • Seats are padded with foam
  • Molded seat in the center to bring along a child or your faith pooch
  • Flatbottom
  • Waterproof storage


  • The seats do not offer a lot of back support, making long rides uncomfortable

Tip: Use the bungee cord on either side to keep the paddles secure and keep hands free.

Info alert: The storage space is sufficient to store a 20-liter cooler with relative ease.

#6. Tandem Kayak XL by Ocean Kayak

This comfortable tandem kayak is designed to accommodate kayakers of all sizes and skill levels. So, whether you are a beginner or an experienced paddler, this tandem kayak will not disappoint you. It has space for two adults and one child or pet.

Product Specs

  • Tri-hull construction
  • 500 lb weight capacity
  • Length is 13 feet and 4 inches

Why We Recommend This Product

This is one of the best tandem kayaks as it is designed for the long haul. The cockpit is spacious and the seats are the standout point. The seatbacks are wraparound and offer ample support to the back. There is adequate storage in the front and the rear of the kayak to carry gear and other necessities.


  • Seatrests are adjustable
  • Ample storage
  • Molded footrests
  • Can fit two adults and child or dog


  • At 68 lb, it can be heavy to carry the kayak long distances

Tip: The kayak has overlapping footwells that allow the kayaker in the center to sit securely.

Info alert: The kayak is designed as a sit on top kayak and this means comfort even during long trips.

#7. Tandem Kayak by Perception Kayaks

This tandem kayak is the perfect blend of price and quality. It is perfect for beginners or anyone on a tight budget. There is ample space for the legs and the seats are adjustable for support and comfort.

Product Specs

  • Made from high-density polyethylene
  • 13 feet in length
  • Maximum load-bearing capacity is 500lb

Why We Recommend This Product

We loved the ample space for the feet. The adjustable footrest means people of all sizes can comfortably sit. However, the winning point was the storage. The kayak has one large storage hatch that sits comfortably between each paddler’s legs. There is also a bungee that is rigged to store fishing gear, cooler and other accessories.


  • High back support
  • Adjustable seats
  • Airtight hatches
  • Drink holder
  • Can be used in freshwater and saltwater


  • Paddles have to be bought separately

Tip: The center molded-in seat can be used by single paddlers,

Info alert: The sit on the top design of the kayak makes it very easy to remove water from the bottom.

#8. Inflatable Tandem Kayak by Advanced Elements

The seats offer high back support and this makes it very comfortable for long kayaking trips. The seats are adjustable and the cockpit rather spacious. It has aluminum ribs at the stern and bow, and this makes the kayak quite rigid even though it is an inflatable kayak.

Product Specs

  • 15 feet in length
  • Weighs 52 lb
  • Maximum load-bearing capacity is 550 lb

Why We Recommend This Product

Although this kayak is inflatable, it cuts through the water like a rigid kayak. It is smooth and swift. It is easy to inflate and does not look like an inflatable as the tubes are enveloped, giving it a rigid kayak-like appearance. It comes with seat attachments that allow you to ride the kayak in tandem or solo. Also, we loved the amount of storage space in the kayak.


  • Tri-layer hull
  • Puncture-resistant
  • Comes with a repair kit
  • Seats are foldable
  • Easy to set up the kayak


  • It can be a little tough to deflate and fold down the inflatable to fit into the carry bag

Tip: It is best to waterproof the zipper at the bow to prevent water from seeping onto your lap while paddling.

Info alert: Invest in a double-action pump to inflate the kayak within no time; the pump used to inflate mattresses will not work with this inflatable.

#9. Inflatable Tandem Kayak by Intex

The tandem kayak is extremely affordable. You can carry it in your car with ease and it is equally easy to inflate and get it into the water. If you are seeking a compact form of an inflatable kayak that is within your means, this is a perfect choice.

Product Specs

  • Made from heavy-duty vinyl that is puncture-resistant
  • 10 feet in length
  • Maximum weight bearing capacity is 400 lb
  • Air pump

Why We Recommend This Product

For one, this is one of the most affordable tandem kayaks you will find on the market. It is easy to transport and inflate. It comes with two inflatable seats that have backrests for ultimate comfort. Unlike so many tandem kayaks in the market, this one comes with two paddles. The i-beam floor of the kayak ensures enhanced rigidity.


  • Comes with a removable skeg
  • Has 2 seats with backrests and can be inflated
  • I-beam floor is inflatable and ensures optimal rigidity
  • Can be inflated and deflated quickly


  • The kayak is quite shallow and it feels you are sitting on the floor

Tip: Remove the skeg when kayaking in rivers as you could lose it; use the skeg just when kayaking in lakes and ponds.

Info alert: Using the air pump that comes with kayak allows you to inflate it within 10 to 12 minutes.

#10. Tandem Kayak with Aluminum Oars by Intex

This colorful tandem kayak looks and feels sporty. If you are looking for a reliable tandem kayak, this is a perfect choice. It has a lot of storage space. The nose is completely devoted to storage and that allows you to take everything you need for your trip.

Product Specs

  • Made from heavy-duty vinyl·        
  • 11 feet 6 inches in length·        
  • Maximum weight capacity is 400 lb·        
  • Two aluminum paddles·        
  • Air pump

Why We Recommend This Product

Besides the ample cargo space, we found that the backrest offers optimal support and comfort. The integrated water bottle holder is a brilliant idea as you do not have to stop to search for your water and quench your third. The heavy-duty vinyl is puncture resistant and the kayak is easy to inflate and deflate with the included air pump.


  • Attractive-looking kayak
  • Puncture-resistant
  • Durable construction
  • Double-welded seams
  • Approved by the US Coast Guards


  • It is not the ideal kayak for tall people who will find the seating uncomfortable and cramped

Tip: The storage space at the nose is in the form of a mesh bay. Hence, it is best to put your stuff in a waterproof bag before storing it.Tip:

Info alert: Make sure that the kayak is dry before you deflate it and try putting it into the carry bag. It will make your life much easier.

#11. Red Tandem Kayak by Lifetime

This budget-friendly tandem kayak is just what you need to enjoy a family trip. It is well constructed and comfortable. It is easy to move around, as it has a built-in wheel in the skeg and it is a novelty for a kayak in this price range.

Product Specs

  • Made from high-density polyethylene
  • 12 feet in length
  • Maximum weight capacity is 500 lb
  • 5-year limited warranty

Why We Recommend This Product

It is not just cost-effective but it is a functional tandem kayak. It is resistant to abrasions and punctures and the hull is quite stable. The built-in skeg allows you to improve tracking while kayaking. The seats are comfortable and you can use the quick-release button to remove and pack them after your trip. The molded-in foot wells allow you to sit comfortably. There is storage space at the stern and bow.


  • Adjustable padded seats
  • Built-in skeg
  • Waterproof storage hatch in the rear
  • Comes with carrying handles


  • The carry handles are inserted using holes and this causes water to seep into the hull cavity

Tip: Use the opening at the bottom of the kayak to drain out the water that the kayak takes in while paddling.

Info alert: While you can use it solo, you will find that it is difficult to carry to the water and also to maneuver.

#12. Inflatable Tandem Kayak by Airhead

If you are looking for performance in your tandem kayak, this one by Airhead is perfect. It is comfortable and ensures optimal performance in the water. The seats are movable and you can adjust them to suit your comfort level.

Product Specs

  • Made from heavy-gauge PVC (840 Denier nylon)
  • 12 feet in length
  • Maximum weight bearing capacity of 500 lb

Why We Recommend This Product

The kayak is lightweight and two people can easily carry it to the water with the help of the handles at the sides. The Boston valves ensure you can quickly inflate and deflate the kayak. The seats are moveable and you can adjust them to suit your height. The elbow guards are made from neoprene and protect your arms while you addling. The kayak also has spray covers at the front and rear to protect you from getting wet while kayaking.


  • Brightly colored so that it can be easily spotted on the water
  • Lightweight
  • Elbow guards made from neoprene
  • Boston valves allow you to quickly and effortlessly inflate or deflate


  • Water and sand get into the bladder, making the kayak maintenance-intensive

Tip: The water does not bail on its own; you can invest in a pump and after you finish, open the plug at the bottom to drain out the water.

Info alert: Use the stretch net located at the bow to store your gear with relative ease.

#13. K10-foot Tandem Kayak by Lifetime

This kayak is a rigid shell kayak made out of PVC. Not only does it look elegant and stylish, but it is also comfortable and can attain high speeds with ease. The bulkhead is made from Kevlar and there are two molded-in seats with attachable backrests that are soft.

Product Specs

  • Made from low-density polyethylene
  • Weighs merely 60 lb
  • Maximum load-bearing capacity is 500 lb
  • 10 feet in length
  • 2 sport paddles

Why We Recommend This Product

This hard-shelled kayak is designed for two people but there is a small molded-in seat in the center that lets you bring along a child or a pet. The backrests are soft and ensure optimal support and comfort. This lightweight kayak is great for beginners. It has a bottle holder and storage space at the bow. However, this storage is not covered so place your gear in a waterproof bag before securing it with shock straps.


  • Spacious cockpit
  • Stylish and durable
  • Molded-in seats
  • Bottle holder
  • Open cargo storage
  • Lightweight


  • The bow tends to swerve to one side and this slows down the kayak

Tip: Add an electric trolling motor to your tandem kayak and convert it to a trolling boat.

Info alert: It is a great kayak for fishing as it comes with rod holders, tow line, and superior rudder control.Info alert:

Tandem Kayak Buying Guide

a couple in tandem kayak

When you are looking online for the best tandem kayak, you need to keep in mind a few features. To help you choose the right tandem kayak for your leisure and entertainment, we have created a list of the features that you should be aware of.


Perhaps, the most important thing to check is the material as it affects the kayak’s weight, performance, and durability. Typically, most tandem kayaks are made from polyethylene, which is not just lightweight but also durable. It is great at absorbing impact and another plush point is that it does not abrade or scratch easily. However, polyethylene tends to become brittle with time due to sun exposure and it also heats up quite quickly.

You can also choose a kayak made from composite, which is a blend of carbon, kevlar, and fiberglass. While composite is a strong and durable material, it does tend to get damaged more easily while you are launching or landing the kayak. The good news is that composite can be repaired quite easily but you will be hardpressed to find a specialist shop that can perform the repair.

If you are looking for an inflatable tandem kayak, make sure it is made from PVC. This material is not only strong and durable but also resistant to puncture. The lightweight of PVC allows you to carry the deflated kayak with ease. Usually, PVC kayaks have multiple air chambers so even if the material gets a hole, you will be able to paddle to the shore without worrying.

The shape of the Hull:

The shape of the hull will determine the performance of the tandem kayak. A flat bottom kayak is perfect for beginners. It is usually stable but only in calm waters. It is not the ideal hull shape for oceans and wild water kayaking.

A rounded bottom hull can slice through the water with ease and is faster than a kayak with a flat bottom hull. There is minimal friction while moving through water and this enables you to pick up speed quickly. As a result, a round bottom hull is not the best choice for beginners; it is ideal for intermediate paddlers.

Finally, there is the V-shaped hull that travels the fastest and can cover long distances in quick time. It is the perfect hull shape for expert kayakers. Due to its speed, it is not the most stable but maneuverability is not an issue.

Weight Capacity:

Different tandem kayaks have different load-bearing capacities. The minimum weight a two-people kayak can bear is about 400 lb while the maximum is about 800 lb. Make sure you check this feature so that you can buy a tandem kayak that can bear your weight with relative ease and still be able to take the load of your gear and other accessories. 
We also have a guide to the best kayaks for large people.

Weight of the Kayak:

Remember, you will have to carry the kayak to and from the water body. The material affects the weight of the kayak. A kayak made from polyethylene will be rigid and hence weigh more than an inflatable kayak. So, keep the kayak weight in mind when shopping for the best tandem kayak.

Length of the Kayak:

The length of the tandem kayak affects the performance of the kayak. You will find it harder to maneuver a kayak that is longer but it is the perfect choice for longer journeys and rougher water conditions. On the other hand, shorter kayaks are easier to control but they will not be able to handle rough and choppy water conditions.

The Final Verdict

These are the 13 best tandem kayaks on the market. Out of these, we feel that the Caribbean Blue Tandem Kayak by Vibe Kayaks is the best tandem kayak in 2023. It has ample storage space and the footrests are adjustable. It has holders for fishing rods and room for a fish finder for kayak. It is made from high-density polyethylene and hence, it is a rigid tandem kayak. It has a maximum load-bearing capacity of 500 lb.

Make sure you also check out our article on cool upgrades to your kayak and best life vest for kayak.


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