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What is Surf Fishing?

For surf fishing, the best surf spinning reel for distanceis a must-have. Let’s explore what is surf fishing.

Often, it is not talent that makes you a good fisher, it is the quality and performance of your fishing gear. This article will explore all the features that you need to look for in a surf spinning reel.

In this surf fishing, the angler will catch fish while standing on the shoreline. For this, the angler needs an extra-long rod to cast the line from a long distance. The first step is to purchase the best surf spinning reel for distance.

Dr. Fish Saltwater Spinning Reel for Surf Fishing – The Best Surf Spinning Reel for Distance

The Best Surf Spinning Reel for Distance
Dr.Fish Saltwater
Dr.Fish Long Shot 10000 Saltwater Spinning Reel Surf Fishing Reel, 13+1 BBS, 40LB Max Drag, Ultra High Capacity, Heavy Duty Surf Casting Reel Offshore Fishing Reel Catfish Reel Ocean Sea Fishing
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Dr.Fish Long Shot 10000 Saltwater Spinning Reel Surf Fishing Reel, 13+1 BBS, 40LB Max Drag, Ultra High Capacity, Heavy Duty Surf Casting Reel Offshore Fishing Reel Catfish Reel Ocean Sea Fishing
  • A BIG gun for the BIG game. A special weapon designed for surf fishing. High density, corrosion resistant reel body is ready for repeat fights agianst the fiercest monster under the sea.

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This spinning reel boasts 9 stainless steel bearings that help to give a smoother casting. The bail wire is made from a combination of carbon and steel. This helps to improve the casting and retrieving performance of the reel.

Even though the wire is not waterproof, the side plates and rotor are waterproof. So, water cannot reach the internal mechanism.

The spool is made of aluminum. So, it is strong enough for heavy-duty casting over long distances. The spool offers good drag strength too. It can easily handle the pressure from the larger fish too.

I loved Dr. Fish’s anti-reverse system too. With the pre-loaded ball bearings in the spool, you can also improve the speed and distance of your cast.


  • Excellent durability
  • Good line capacity
  • Rust-resistant body
  • Smooth casting
  • Anti-reverse system
  • 13 ball bearings


  • Some don’t like that it is heavy

This reel is designed for heavy use. So, you won’t like it much for light fishing. Some people found it to be a little bulkier than other rods. So, it may take time to get used to this factor.

Overall, Dr. Fish Saltwater 10000/12000 Spinning Reel is an excellent choice considering all the features it offers. Furthermore, it can also be used for inshore, pier and offshore fishing.

The following is a summarized list of pros and cons.

A good saltwater spinning reel will help you in fishing all day. The spinning reel can be the difference between an enjoyable fishing adventure versus a hectic one. The features we mentioned will help you in choosing the best surf spinning reel for distance.

What should you look for in the best surf spinning reel for distance?

The following is a list of the factors that you should consider before making the final choice.

  1. Resistant to damage
  2. Line Capacity
  3. Casting Distance
  4. Type of Material
  5. Reel size
  6. Ball Bearings
  7. Drag Strength

Resistant to damage

Surf fishing is done in shores of saltwater. So, the first and foremost aspect is that the reel should be resistant to corrosion from saltwater. It is a good idea to purchase a waterproof one.

Also, you should make sure that the reel won’t get damaged in the sand.

Line capacity

Another main thing is line capacity. You will cast over a greater distance. So, you should purchase a spinning reel that can hold a good amount of line.

Casting Distance

An ideal spinning reel is one that offers a good casting distance without any obstructions. So, you should look for quality gears in the spooling mechanism. This will result in lower friction with the guide and thus better casting. So, a reel with a good gear ration will help you do draw the line faster. You’ll be able to catch considerably more fish with a reel with gear as compared to a normal one.

Type of Material

The choice of the material is essential because it will decide the reel’s resilience to saltwater.


Fishing reels that are made of aluminum have many advantages that other materials don’t. First of all, aluminum is the best material to use in saltwater because it won’t be damaged. Also, aluminum reels are light in weight. So, you can have a relaxing fishing experience even if you fish all day. Aluminum rods are also long-lasting. So, it will be an excellent choice for the long term too.


Many fishers prefer to use graphite. The best thing about graphite reels is that they are durable and long-lasting. This reel has excellent strength but it’s light in weight too. So, your wrist won’t get tired after using it for too long.

Hybrid Reel

As the name suggests, hybrid reels are made of both aluminum and graphite. So, the combination of both the material means that the reel will be great in strength. Hybrid reels also show excellent resistance to rust and corrosion due to saltwater.


Some anglers prefer magnesium reels. These reels have their pros and cons too. First, they are not that good in saltwater. The magnesium and the salts in the water can have a chemical reaction. So, the reel will get damaged quickly.

However, magnesium reels offer excellent performance overall. They are also light in weight.

Reel Size

Another feature that you should keep in mind is the reel size. For the most part, reel size is more of a personal preference. It depends on the place where you will be fishing.

Drag Strength

Some fish that fight hard need a better drag strength. Reel size comes in this as well. A rule of thumb is that larger reels have aa strong drag too.

Drag also relates to the durability of the reel. A low drag reel will break more quickly when it is under the pressure of larger fish.

Ball Bearings

Ball bearings add to the performance of the spinning reel while you are casting. If you want smoother performance, you should opt for more ball bearings.

Also, the ball bearings should be made of high-quality material that is resistant to rust. The best ones are made of stainless steel.

Now that you have an idea about the key factors that you should look for in a good surf spinning reel, let’s get to our product review. Based on extensive experience as well as reviews from customers, we have decided Dr. Fish Saltwater Spinning Reel for Surf Fishing as the best one.

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