Best Salmon Fishing Poles

If you like salmon fishing, you should have the best salmon fishing poles. Great anglers need the best tools.

And, for catching salmon, the anglers need a serious, high-performing fishing pole.

No matter what kind of salmon you like, the best salmon fishing poles will change the way you do fishing. For catching everyone’s favorite Sockeye Salmon or the exotic King Salmon, the right fishing poles will make all the difference.

If you are planning to catch salmon soon, or are already in the pool with not so great results, this article is for you! We will talk about the best features to look for when purchasing fishing poles for salmon.

Like always, we will also share our top pick for the best salmon fishing poles.

UglyStik Elite Pole — Our Top Pick

Best salmon fishing pole
UglyStik Elite Spinning Fishing Rod

The best thing about this fishing pole is that it will work with any kind of style and technique. It can be used in both salt and freshwater. You can use live and plastic bait for it. This pole also works with other types of fish.


  • This pole is durable
  • Strong tip
  • Affordable for beginners
  • Suits every style of fishing


  • Not very flexible


These poles are strong yet lightweight. So, they won’t break easily. The material used is graphite which ensures that it has excellent flexibility.


Most anglers find that it offers good comfort. It is easy to grip and you can use it for many hours.


Ugly Stik also comes in different sizes ranging from 4’6’’ to 7’6’’. There is also a variety of weights with this. So, you can choose a lighter or heavier pole with the same design.


The handle is made up of cork while the pole itself is of graphite.

This pole will be the best for you even if you are a beginner. Casting with this is very easy and simple. As the tip is sensitive, you will know immediately when there is a bite.


While cost should never be the first factor, it is still important. We can’t ignore it. No one would want to empty their bank account on a single fishing pole.

The good news is that Ugly Stik Elite Pole is an affordable option. It is durable, so you will be making this investment in the long term as well. Purchasing something for its durability is always a wise decision as it is better than investing money multiple times in something that breaks easily.

So, overall Ugly Stik Elite features many features and benefits that people love. It has improved functionality that makes fishing more enjoyable. Often, the gear can make or break your fishing adventure. The best salmon fishing pole will only enhance your experience.

Best salmon fishing pole – buying guide

What factors should you consider before purchasing a fishing pole or pole for salmon? For great functionality, look for the best features.

The Reel

First, you must understand what a fishing reel actually is. So, let’s get to know the reel. There are two basic kinds: baitcasting and spinning reels.

Baitcasting Reels

Baitcasting reels are for experienced people and need some time to learn it. Also, they are expensive as compared to the other ones. It does have a better line capacity though.

Due to its lesser weight, it also has a better drag.

Spinning Reels

Spinning poles are the best for beginners. These have more line capacity than the other ones. Also, they are more accurate and smoother. Furthermore, spinning poles are affordable.

Based on this information, you can now make an informed choice when purchasing the best salmon fishing poles. If you are a beginner, I would suggest you opt for a spinning pole.


There is a wide range of lengths available from 4 ft. to 12 ft. Longer poles are easy to disassemble and carry around.

Shorter poles

Shorter poles are better for short distances and lightweight lures.

Longer poles

On the other hand, a long pole can cast further. So, they are better for surfcasting.

You can cast even while standing on the shoreline. Also, longer poles need a heavier lure.

You also need to consider your space while fishing. If you have lesser space, you won’t be able to use long poles.

For salmon fishing, you should opt for a pole of 8 to 10 feet. Your preference is also based on your style and technique

We would recommend choosing longer poles for the best salmon fishing poles.

Pole Action

For the best salmon fishing poles, the pole action is an important feature.

Fast Action

These poles are stiffer than the other ones. So, they will lack flexibility. Also, these are slightly bent on the tip.

Medium Action

These poles are quite flexible in the middle part as well as the tip.

Slow Action

These poles are flexible and also bend well.

For salmon fishing, you should opt for a fast or medium action pole instead of a slow action one. The choice between fast and medium depends on your personal preferences.


Most fishers are comfortable with lighter poles. They are easy on the hand and wrist. Also, lighter poles are easier to use while traveling. Apart from the weight, the balance is also essential. If your fishing pole is not lightweight, it should at least be balanced.


Most fishing poles are made of a composite of graphite and fiberglass. The two materials can also be used separately.

Both have their pros and cons. For example, graphite is known to be a sensitive pole while fiberglass poles have better strength.

So, it’s always better to opt for a combination of the two materials when choosing the best salmon fish finder.


Often, fishing poles break very easily. Many brands don’t find a good combination of strength and weight. So, make sure that you purchase a pole that is durable.

You will find all the specifications of the fishing pole between the handle and the end. The specs have information about the length of the pole, the pole’s action, the range of line and also the lure sizes that can be used. If you follow this sequence, you will easily understand what the specs on the pole mean.

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Updated: October 28, 2022