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The key to catching trout in ice water is to use the right rig. Therefore, everyone who is a fan of ice fishing should invest in the best rig for ice fishing trout.

If you don’t know what a rig is, here is a little background for you. A rig is an arrangement of fishing items. These items may include one or more hooks, lines, swivels, lures, beads, and tackle.

You can hold a rig by hand or attach it to a rod. Some anglers also like to use the rig with a boat or a pier. The design of a rig is unique to its function. For instance, some rigs are designed to fish in shallow water, others are used for ice fishing.

Moreover, most rigs are designed specifically for a certain type of fish. Some rigs can be used for many species of fish.

To catch trout, you need more than a good bait. You need the best rig for ice fishing trout. After many hits and trials, we have found one that we really love.

So, let’s review the best rig for ice fishing trout.

5 Arms Alabama Umbrella Rig

First of all, we need to appreciate the quality of this rig. It is made with excellent quality swivels. The spoons can spin freely. So, you will find this fishing rig to be durable. It will be your ice fishing companion for many years to come. You can catch multiple fish with it at one time. No matter how heavy the fish is, this rig will not fail you.

When we tested this rig, we caught a lot of bass and trout. The company says that you can catch bass up to 7 plus pounds. This is an excellent feature that you will not find in many ice fishing rigs.

Some customers also appreciated that this umbrella rig has a sleek design. We like how it is manufactured with every detail made to perfection. Also, it comes with blades and snap connections.

Alabama also offers a warranty of five years for this rig. So, you can purchase it without any worries. This is a huge plus point as compared to many other fishing rigs in the market. For many of Alabama’s other rigs, the warranty is of only one year.

Some people complained that the price is slightly higher than many other fishing rigs in the market. However, with excellent features, the price tag is justified. You will not find a similar quality anywhere else.

You can run this umbrella rig parallel to a dock. Most professionals recommend that it is best to use this rig where bait is already present.

The following is a list of pros and cons that will help you decide if 5 Arms Alabama Umbrella Rig is the right one for you.


  • High quality
  • Sturdy
  • Versatile design
  • Reliable for big fish too
  • Comfortable to use
  • Easy to use


  • Expensive

If you want to purchase the best rig for ice fishing trout, you don’t need to go any further than 5 Arms Alabama Umbrella Rig. The company is a popular name in the world of fishing. So, you will not get anything but the best.

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