Top 5 Best Powerbait for Trout Fishing in 2023

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My Top Choices:

Best Glitter Powerbait: Berkley Glitter

Catch the attention of fish with the best glitter powerbait, Berkley Glitter. Its sparkling allure combined with the proven effectiveness of powerbait technology makes it an irresistible choice for anglers. Add some extra sparkle to your fishing arsenal with Berkley Glitter and reel in more bites.

Best Yellow Powerbait: Berkley PBB

Stand out from the crowd and entice fish with the best yellow powerbait, Berkley PBB. Designed to mimic natural bait and enhance visibility in the water, this vibrant yellow powerbait is a game-changer.

Best Green Powerbait: Berkley Nibbles

Go green and maximize your fishing success with the best green powerbait, Berkley Nibbles. Infused with irresistible scents and flavors, this powerbait is a go-to choice for anglers targeting a wide range of fish species.

Trout fishing can be fun, thrilling, and frustrating if you are not catching any while everyone around you seems to have a bounty. If you want to enjoy the challenge of trout fishing without feeling frustrated, you should use the right bait. While there are so many baits that you can use during your trout fishing trip, you will be amazed at the results you get with Powerbait.

However, choosing the best Powerbait for trout fishing can be confusing as Berkley offers several different types of products, each with its pros and cons. Once you understand the good, bad and ugly about each trout fishing setup Powerbait, you will be able to shortlist one that is right for you.

The 5 Best Powerbait for Trout Fishing

1. Glitter Powerbait by Berkley

Berkley PowerBait Glitter Trout Bait, Rainbow, Fishing Dough Bait, Scent Dispersion Technology, Irresistible Scent and Flavor, Moldable and Easy to Use
4,741 Reviews
Berkley PowerBait Glitter Trout Bait, Rainbow, Fishing Dough Bait, Scent Dispersion Technology, Irresistible Scent and Flavor, Moldable and Easy to Use
  • BERKLEY POWERBAIT GLITTER TROUT BAIT DOUGH] BAIT: Featuring Berkley's irresistible PowerBait flavor, Berkley PowerBait Glitter Trout Bait is a great tool for anglers who want to catch more fish.

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In case you looking for the best color Powerbait for trout, this is the one that you should take a closer look at. It has been developed by scientists at Berkley and has an appetizing flavor and scent that trout cannot resist.

Product Specs

  • 1.75 oz jar
  • Contains Crystalina glitter
  • Rainbow colored dough

Why We Recommend This Product

We loved this rainbow-colored Powerbait with glitter. It worked like magic and attracted the stocked trout in the lake. The glitter makes the dough more visible in the water and attracts the fish to it. Since it is soft, the dough is easy to roll. It is perfect for novice and experienced anglers.


  • Created by Berkley scientists
  • Rainbow-colored malleable dough
  • Infused with glitter to attract the fish
  • Floats to ensure scent gets dispersed


  • A little expensive for the amount that comes in the jar

Tip: Roll a dime-sized amount and completely cover the hook for it to attract the trout.

Info alert: The dough is designed to liquefy when the trout ingest it. Hence, there is no danger to the fish.

2. Trout Fishing Bait by Berkley

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Trout can be picky about the color they select, but this yellow-colored corn Powerbait effectively attracts them. The bait is formulated to attract trout with its color, scent, and taste. It is moldable, and you will find it rather easy to use.

Product Specs

  • 1.75 oz jar
  • Corn yellow-colored dough

Why We Recommend This Product

We feel that this is the best Powerbait for stocked trout. We visited a local lake and had no problem attracting the trout. We agree with the manufacturer that it smells like live bait, which could be why the trout attacked the bait with such gusto. We also found that it does work better than salmon eggs to catch trout.


  • It has a natural scent
  • Scent and flavor disperse in water to attract trout
  • Proven to work better than salmon eggs
  • Contains natural ingredients that boost its trout-attracting abilities


  • It may not float as claimed by the manufacturer

Tip: Make sure you use the dough quickly after opening the jar as it tends to get hard after some time.

Info alert: It is necessary to let the Powerbait dry after rolling it onto the hook. Otherwise, it will sink.

3. Trout Nibbles by Berkley

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This Powerbait for trout is made using the finest quality ingredients. It is formulated to help trout fishermen catch more fish. The nibbles stay on the hook even if you are fishing in a swift current.

Product Specs

  • 1.10 oz jar
  • Available in chartreuse

Why We Recommend This Product

This Powerbait for trout is made from high-quality ingredients and is 100% biodegradable. That means even if the bait falls off, you do not have to worry about it polluting the water body. Even though users have complained about the nibbles falling from the hook, we did not find that an issue. The Powerbait stayed on the hook without any problem and attracted more trout than we could have imagined.


  • Remain on the hook in a rapid current
  • Made from best-quality ingredients
  • Completely biodegradable
  • Does not harm the fish


  • It may dissolve in water or come off the hook

Tip: The nibbles are dry and it is important to wet them before hooking. That way, they will not come off your hook.

Info alert: Make sure that you use one nibble at a time as creating a ball of several nibbles will not set the hook firmly into the fish, causing it to get away.

4. Powerbait Nuggets by Berkley

Berkley PowerBait Power Nuggets , Rainbow
1,101 Reviews
Berkley PowerBait Power Nuggets , Rainbow
  • PowerBait Power Nuggets Rainbow

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This is perhaps the best trout fishing setup Powerbait you will find on the market. It is made from high-quality ingredients, and the nuggets are biodegradable. The scent is formulated to attract trout, and you will not be disappointed with the results.

Product Specs

  • A blend of biodegradable and natural silica
  • 1.10 oz jar

Why We Recommend This Product

This is among the best Powerbait for trout. It floats above the sinker, ensuring the fish can get the scent and see the bait. It is quite powerful in attracting trout. The quality of the ingredients is great, and the eye-catching colors of the Powerbait ensure that you attract the fish’s attention within no time. The scent disperses through the water quickly, luring fish to your hook.


  • Superior quality
  • Easy to use
  • 92% biodegradable and 8% non-degradable natural silica
  • Vibrant colors to attract fish
  • Scent to attract trout


  • It comes off the hook if not placed firmly

Tip: To ensure that the fish does not slide off the hook, cover the hook with the nugget but keep the barb exposed.

Info alert: Since the bait floats above the sinker, it is advisable to keep a distance of at least 18 inches between the weight and the hook.

5. Powerbait Glitter for Trout by Berkley

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This is the best Powerbait for trout if you are an experienced angler. The scent attracts the trout to your hook, thanks to glitter, which reflects light, thereby increasing visibility. The garlic scent attracts trout, and you will catch more fish than expected.

Product Specs

  • 1.1 oz jar
  • Crystalina glitter
  • Garlic smell and flavor

Why We Recommend This Product

This Powerbait has a garlic smell that attracts trout. The glitter also plays a role by making the bait more visible and attractive. This product is made from high-quality ingredients, and there is no risk to the fish or the environment. It passes through the fish without causing harm and then biodegrades in the water without polluting it.


  • Biodegradable
  • Reflects light and boosts visibility
  • Strong garlic smell
  • Attracts trout
  • Affordably priced


  • May fall off the hook

Tip: It is best to use this Powerbait with a monocline that comes with two split slots.

Info alert: Make sure you place the sinker good 10 inches away from the bait so that it can float and attract the trout after it sinks into the water.

How Does Powerbait Work?

Many anglers often ask us about the effectiveness of Powerbait for trout fishing. And, if you are one of the skeptics who want to know if Powerbait works, we are thrilled to inform you that they work, too, pretty well.

Powerbait is formulated to replicate what trout eat in hatcheries. Berkley has also flavored, scented, and colored the bait, which is meant solely for trout, though you may be able to catch other species.

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Since Powerbait comes in a host of colors, scents, types, and flavors, this can make it confusing to choose the best Powerbait. That is the reason we have reviewed five of the best Powerbait for trout. Our reviews are based on personal use, experience, and other users’ feedback.

So, you can rest assured knowing that the guide is honest and unbiased. We have also created a buying guide to help select the best Powerbait for your trout fishing needs. Our buying guide is simple and informational, so you can use the different parameters listed to select the best Powerbait and enjoy a fun and memorable fishing trip.

What to consider when looking for trout powerbait

Powerbait by Berkley can be just what you want to get a great catch of rainbow trout in stocked water or wild trout in streams and rivers. However, choosing the Powerbait for trout is more challenging than you imagine. So, here is a brief buying guide that will take away the guesswork of choosing the best color Powerbait for trout.

Color of the Powerbait

The powerbait range comes in a wide array of colors. However, you may find that one color that works today may be ineffective tomorrow. Many anglers claim that rainbow and orange are the two most effective colors to catch trout, while others opine that green and glittering black is the best. These differences in opinions can make it tough to choose the right color.

So, choosing the right color of the Powerbait will ultimately turn into trial and error. If you know anglers who like fishing in the same lake, pond, or stream, you can ask them for the best color. Otherwise, you can select four to five differently-colored Powerbait products and ensure you have a mix of glittery and non-glittery products.

We have found that dark green and chartreuse are the best colors to begin the day. As the sun climbs high in the sky, switch from these colors to unnatural colors, like fluorescent orange. Remember not to use one color for longer than 30 to 40 minutes.

Scent of the Powerbait:

One of the main reasons that Powerbait became popular among trout anglers is the scent. The brand utilizes scents that lure trout to hook. Berkley offers numerous scents, but the most popular among trout anglers are original and garlic. Most of them claim that these two scents, particularly garlic, are the best for trout fishing.

Remember, you can choose different scents and experiment with them. Most anglers love garlic and believe it is the best Powerbait for stocked trout. However, the jury is out on this; hence, it is advisable that you try and check the different scents yourself before deciding which one is the right one for you.

Price of the Powerbait:

Price is another factor that comes into play when choosing the best Powerbait for trout. Berkley has priced each type differently and hence, you may want to check the price and the quantity that comes for it before you buy.

If you are new to using Powerbait and are still experimenting, opt for a 1+ oz jar to see how effective it is. Once satisfied, you can buy more of these jars and keep them around. Just remember that some products tend to harden when air exposure. So, keep an open jar properly sealed so that you can extend it shelf life.

Using Powerbait:

Knowing how to use Powerbait for trout is essential for the most productive results. Powerbait uses a combination of color, scent, and flavor to attract trout. While it is an artificial bait, remember you must present it to the fish in a realistic manner. That is the only way to ensure that the bait works its magic.

Many of the PowerBait float, meaning you need to use a weight to help them sink before they can float in the water and attract the fish. If you are fishing in a river, start from the lower end of the river and work your way upstream. If you start straight from upstream, chances are high that you will spook the fish, and they will swim away. If you are fishing in a stocked lake, try to keep the noise.

When using Powerbait, you must cover the hook completely. That will ensure that the fish clams onto the hook while eating the bait and you will get a pull to reel in the fish before it tries to escape. So, ensure that the Powerbait you choose can help you cover the hook.

Other Factors:

Besides the scent and color, you must also consider other factors to choose the best Powerbait for trout. You need to consider the weather, the type of water you will be fishing in, weights, the size of the fish, and the time of the year.

Do your research properly, considering the other factors to select the right Powerbait for your trout fishing trip.


Is PowerBait good for trout?

Yes, PowerBait is a popular and effective bait for trout fishing. PowerBait is a dough-like bait that is specially formulated with scents and flavors that attract trout. It is designed to imitate the scent and appearance of natural trout food such as insects or fish eggs. Many anglers have had success using PowerBait to catch trout in various fishing environments.

What is the best color PowerBait for trout?

The best color of PowerBait for trout can vary depending on several factors, including water conditions, time of day, and the specific preferences of the trout in that particular area. Generally, popular colors for trout fishing with PowerBait include Green, rainbow, yellow, pink, and orange. It is often recommended to have a selection of colors available and experiment with different options to determine which color is most effective on a given day.

How do you use PowerBait for trout?

To use PowerBait for trout, mold a small piece around a fishing hook until it’s covered. Cast it into trout-rich areas, watch for bites, and gently set the hook when you feel one. Reel in steadily and handle the caught trout with care. Follow local fishing regulations.

Our Verdict

These are the top 5 best Powerbait for trout fishing. Out of these, we feel that the Glitter Powerbait by Berkley is the best. This Powerbait is rainbow-colored and has glitter to attract the fish to your hook.

It has an appetizing flavor and scent that trout love, and the bait floats, which causes the scent to disperse in the water, attracting them to the Powerbait. The dough is soft; you can easily roll it into balls to insert the hook. Use this Powerbait with a treble hook as it holds the bait better, and you can cast it further into the water.
Just remember to use a sinker as the bait floats. The floating attracts the trout as it helps to disperse the scent in the water. The multi-hued Powerbait also glitters and reflects light, making trout inquisitive. They come and taste the Powerbait; once they do, the live bait taste encourages them to keep nibbling until they get hooked.

So, there you have it – the best Powerbait for trout fishing, and out of these, our recommended Powerbait. What do you think about this Powerbait? Have you used them and found them to be as effective as we have? Or do you think these artificial baits are not as effective as the manufacturer claims?


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