Best Fly Rods Under $200 with Buying Guide

If it’s your first time, we are here to save you the trouble. This article has a buying guide and three detailed reviews of the best fly rods available. After reading it, you will have a clear idea of what features you need to look for when buying a fly rod under $200.

If you are new to the world of fishing, there is a lot you have to learn. Otherwise, you will get lost in a sea of confusion without catching any fish! Purchasing a fly rod can be a great starting point for you.

Buying the best fly rods can be daunting for new anglers. There are many names in the market that boast of being the best.

The Best Fly Rods Under $200:

We have found the best fly rods in the market that won’t put a dent in your pocket.

Moonshine Rod Co. The Drifter Series Fly Fishing Rod

This is an excellent quality fly rod that will meet all your needs without breaking the bank. It is available in a variety of weights from 3 to 7 and different lengths from 7.6 to 10 feet. It offers good flexibility in all kinds of situations.

It is classified as a medium-action rod. It is versatile in the sense that it works well for both long shooting distances and is flexible as well.

Moonshine offers two tips sections. You can choose the section that meets all your requirements.

Furthermore, this is a graphite rod and offers high accuracy while casting.

All of these features at such an affordable price are a good bet.


  • It offers multiple fishing options.
  • The graphite offers good flexibility and accuracy
  • It has two tips Lifetime warranty
  • It comes with a carry case


  • The dyed fish won’t last for long

Temple Fork Outfitters TFO Lefty Kreh Signature Series II Fly Fishing Rods

The Signature Series II is the best in the family due to its upgraded features. It works as a medium-action fly-fishing rod. So, these can be used in both smaller streams and large bodies of water.

It is suitable for beginners, intermediate, and even expert casters. The design is excellent and elegant.

It has an attractive green finish that adds to the overall design of the fly rod.

It also features a hook-keeper and oversized stripping guides. It also comes in multiple weights, each with its own specs. So, you can choose the weight that serves your purpose.

With all of the above features, it comes at a very reasonable cost under $200.


  • It is versatile
  • It has a good AA grade cork grip
  • Lifetime warranty It features a hook keeper


  • The dyed fish won’t last for long

Fenwick AETOS Fly Rods

The design of this fly rod is half of the reason why you should go for it. It features a deep blue color with silver and gray accents.

The handle is made of cork and also offers multiple designs. The reel is made of black anodized aluminum that works well in tough and harsh fishing situations.

These fly rods are fast-action and work well if you are casting at a distance. It has different lengths that you can purchase according to your own needs.

It works well for both short, medium, and long casts with excellent performance and accuracy.


  • It offers good accuracy
  • It is a fast-action fly rod
  • Affordable cost Various casting distances
  • Good power


  • No cons

Why should you Buy a Fly Rod?

A great fly rod can make your fishing experience very easy. Here are some of the benefits of using fly rods.

  • Casting

A fly rod lets you cast the fly line accurately. You can avoid spooking the fish with a good fly rod.

  • Controlling the Line

A fly rod helps you exercise your control over the line that is out of water.

  • Striking and Landing Fish

A fly rod can aid you in setting the hook on the fish to fight and land it.

Buying Guide:

Best Fly Rods Under $200 with Buying Guide

Whether you are a beginner or pro, you should get a fly rod that is affordable and high-performing.

  • Price

The price is the first and foremost factor that most anglers keep in mind. You wouldn’t want to invest in a $1000 fly rod. So, we have focused on fly rods below $200. This price range offers a good number of features that will suit new and intermediate-level anglers.

  • Conditions

You must keep in mind your weather conditions while you are choosing the best fly-fishing rods. The conditions determine the weight, length, and action specifications.

  • Purpose

The fly rod you will buy also depends on the species and kind of water you are fishing in. There are slow-action, medium-action, and fast-action fly rods available.

  1. Slow-action Fly Rods

These fly rods are most suitable for small rivers. They offer good flexibility and have a slow line speed.

  1. Medium-action Fly Rods

These fly rods offer control over the fishing line with accuracy. These can be used in both smaller streams and large bodies of water. The tip is flexible and the lower half is stiff.

  1. Fast-action Fly Rods

These fly rods are very stiff and the top portion is bent.

  • Length

There are short and long fly rods that have their pros and cons.

  1. Shorter Fly Rods

These work best in small rivers and streams. They are commonly used for smaller fish. Also, these fly rods are portable and make it easy to walk on foot.

  1. Longer Fly Rods

These fly-fishing rods let you exercise more line control and offer more casting distance. Furthermore, these are suitable for rough weather conditions and large water bodies.

  • Weight

The weight of the fly rod is measured in grains. The weight is crucial because it determines your control of the fishing line.

  1. Weight 5:

This weight works best for all kinds of trout – read our article with the 10 best Best 5 Weight Fly Rods

  1. Weight 1-3:

This weight is best for small fish

  1. Weight 4:

This weight is ideal for all small to medium-sized species of fish.

  1. Weight 6:

This weight is suitable for small salmon, trout, and bass.

  1. Weight 7:

This weight works for all bass fishing and monster trout fishing.

  1. Weight 8 and more:

This scale is good for saltwater fish as well as other species of stronger fish.

  • Portability

How many pieces does the fly rod break into? If you plan to travel with the fly rod, you should go for one that breaks into four or more pieces. Such a rod will be great to pack and carry around.

Final Word:

While the market is full of expensive rods, you can easily find high-quality and durable fly rods under $200. You must consider all the factors in the buying guide when you are purchasing a fly rod. The pros and cons given in the reviews are based on our own experience.

Updated: November 2, 2021