10 Best Fly Fishing Combo For Beginners

Kristian Ole



Our Top Pick:

Orvis 9-foot Fly Fishing Combo by Orvis


Best Value:

Redington VICE Fly Fishing Outfit


Editor’s Choice:

Scientific Anglers Ampere Outfit


Have you ever tried fishing? It can be the most relaxing and fun-filled activity that you can do during the weekends or whenever you’re on break. Fishing is also a way of relieving stress, as it teaches you accuracy and patience when waiting for the fish to take the bait. Find an awesome lake where you can set up camp, set up your equipment, and start fishing. Perfect, right?

Fly fishing is an art in itself, instead of using the traditional bait, you use feathers or other light materials to imitate the natural food of fishes— it can be very tricky as it is quite different from the regular spin fishing.

The difference between fly fishing and the usual spin fishing is the weight distribution. In fly fishing the weight is more on the line and not on the lure. The opposite is for spin fishing— the lure is heavy and it’s what is used do direct where the line goes.

Another fun part of fly fishing is making your own lures. You will discover that it is not only a hobby, it is also an art form. You get very creative making new sets of lures especially as it has to entice and convince fishes that they’re food or prey that they would want to eat.

Since we know you may be a beginner or may be curious about fly fishing, we came up with a top 10 list just for you. We made sure to include some fly fishing gear for beginners and most of the products are in affordable bundles just for you. Some bundles are on the budget-friendly side, some are on the quick study features, and many more as you read on.

The products below are well-researched and reflect the reviews of many individuals who have used the rods. We made sure you have many options and that depending on your needs and budget, you may just get the best rod for you. Happy reading!

Table: Top 10 Best Fly Fishing Combo For Beginners
Product Name Price
#1 Orvis 9-foot Fly Fishing Combo by OrvisCheck Price »
#2 Redington VICE Fly Fishing OutfitCheck Price »
#3 Scientific Anglers Ampere OutfitCheck Price »
#4 Temple Fork NXT Fly Fishing OutfitCheck Price »
#5 Echo Base Fly Rod KitCheck Price »
#6 Wild Water Fly Fishing Deluxe RodCheck Price »
#7 NetAngler Fly Fishing RodCheck Price »
#8 Sougayilang Fly Fishing RodCheck Price »
#9 Lixada Fishing RodCheck Price »
#10 Wakeman Charter Series Fly Fishing ComboCheck Price »
#11 Crystal River Fly Fishing Combo KitCheck Price »

Best Fly Fishing Combo For Beginners – 10 Fly Fishing Reviewed

#1. Orvis 9-foot Fly Fishing Combo by Orvis

In case you are looking for the best fly fishing combo for beginners, you have just found it. This 9-foot combo is beginner-friendly and offers you the perfect apparatus to enjoy fly fishing in freshwater as well as saltwater. It’s a six-weight fishing rod and that means you never have to compromise power and the capacity of the line.

Product Specs

  • Graphite rod that can be dismantled into 4 pieces
  • 9-foot
  • 6-weight
  • Reel

Why We Recommend This Product

We were impressed with the construction of the rod. It is made from graphite and that means you are not limited to the types of fish you want to catch. It comes with a moderate line casting action but we were able to cast the line quite a distance without a problem.

We were impressed at the weight. For a nine-foot rod, it was light and easy to handle. The snap action was surprisingly sensitive and fast. It is easy to tie the hook to the line. What we really liked is that the combo comes rigged. So, you can go fishing the moment you unpack it.

The length of the rod lets you handle a feisty fish and the flex is stiff so you have no reason to worry. The best part – you don’t have to be an expert angler to use this fly fishing combo. It will also help you improve your casting.


  • Lightweight
  • Ergonomic grip
  • Can be used for small and big fish
  • Beginner-friendly
  • Durable
  • Easy to transport
  • Does not allow fish to escape
  • Reasonably priced


  • Does not allow long-distance casting in deep waters and rivers
  • Some users complained of the tip snapping off

Tip: You can use medium to heavy fishing line and multiple hooks with this rod, allowing you to enjoy a heavy fish-catching experience.

Info alert: The combo does not come with the regular 25-year Orvis warranty. However, for a flat fee, you can get a replacement or service if it develops a problem.

#2. Redington VICE Fly Fishing Outfit

You often want to find the best deals when fly fishing. You need different rods for different weights and although each rod can be affordable, it is still an accumulated expense. Now as a beginner you would need a good starting rod with the best features your budget can afford. The Redington Vice is the perfect brand for you.

Product Specifications

  • VICE fly rod
  • i.D reel
  • RIO Mainstream fly line
  • Rod/reel case
  • Removable decals
  • 6 weight fly rod

Why we recommend this product

This one of the sleekest and most stylish fly fishing kits on this list, the reason we put it on number one. The decals can be removed so you can fly fish in style. You can put your favorite color or design and replace it whenever you want. 

This brand is also a great entry-level fishing rod, perfect fly fishing starter kit made just for you. Most reviews say that it is made so well that despite being a beginner rod, seasoned recreational fly fishers still feel good when casting the line. 

The i.D reel is also amazing, despite being a bit heavier than usual reels, the drag is very smooth. The Redington VICE is the perfect rod for a beginner who doesn’t want to overspend. Just perfect if you ask us.


  • Good starter setup
  • High adjustable ID reel
  • Affordable price


  • Little bit heavy

Tip: The material is made up of multi-modulus carbon fibre, which is used to support the high control and great accuracy. It is also built with the separate rod dividers that ensure the maximum travel protection and unnecessary breakage.

Info alert: Compared to other rods, it is a little bit heavy and has some lacking in transferring vibrations to end of the line.

#3. Scientific Anglers Ampere Outfit

It is quite hard when you’re limited to fishing in fresh water. How nice if you could also fish in salt water without worrying on the wear and tear of your current rod. Salt water does a lot of damage on metals after all. Now you would think that it is best for you to buy a newer rod for it. Luckily there is a rod like the Scientific Angler Ampere that can cover all your needs.

Product Specifications

  • 8 weight fly rod
  • Aircraft-grade aluminium
  • Sealed drag surface
  • Carbon fiber and stainless steel washer drag system
  • Positive click/drag knob
  • Product weight: 2.50 Pounds
  • Rod tube and reel bag included

Why we recommend this product

This is the best fly fishing kit both for fresh and salt-water fishing. Amazing right? This is because of the 6061 aircraft-grade aluminium rod and its sealed drag surface. The fun part is that it’s an 8-weight rod which can take bigger fish like small mouth basses and similar fish.

Most reviews are raving about the aluminium disc drag wheel which is pre-rigged and has a backing. It is also affordable for the durability of this product as most people say that while it indeed doesn’t break the bank, it lasts long and is very easy to use. It even comes with a free reel bag and rod tube for extra protection and for easy storage.


  • Light weight
  • Reasonable price
  • Suitable for beginners


  • Not having carry bag

Tip: It is the perfect set for beginners and constructed with the 4-rod pieces made from graphite for the four different types of work.

Info alert: Missing of some extra tips for beginners and also missing of carrying bag if has, it can protect the rod from breaking.

#4. Temple Fork NXT Fly Fishing Outfit

Aside from beginner rods, you need a brand that is will make it easy for you to learn fly fishing. What use is an affordable rod when it is too complex to use? It definitely defeats the purpose as you would take longer to learn and many times, die to impatience, you would buy a new rod instead. The Temple Fork NXT is one of the best rods for your first ever fly fishing trip.

Product Specifications

  • Temple Fork is made with an IM6 graphite rod with a handle made of composite cork for a steady yet sturdy grip
  • The reel has a weight forward line for easier casting
  • The reel is made with aluminium
  • Adjustable disc drag
  • Adjustable and interchangeable spool
  • Free rod and reel travel case
  • Weight: 4lbs

Why we recommend this product

Easy to learn. A lot of reviewers said that fly fishing for beginners was made even easier with this rod. Also this brand is accommodating to beginners. Lots of mistakes are made and you can often break the tip but Temple Fork offers to repair it for a minimal fee. This is better than buying a new rod every time. The rod also helps any beginner with casting due to its moderate action that masks any minor mistake a newbie can make. It can even run smoothly on an articulated musky fly. This type of fly tends to push out water to attract muskies but it takes a lot of power and skill to cast with this type of fly.


  • Has lifetime warranty
  • Compact one
  • Workable price


  • Little fragile

Tip: It is designed for both saline and freshwater fishing and it has a reel seat is made up of anodized aluminum, it withstands over the salty water conditions.

Info alert: It is not suitable for big fish catching and has the low quality of fly line.

#5. Echo Base Fly Rod Kit

Starts as your replacement rod but is soon a crowd favorite. The Echo Base kit is the in-between of high-end rods and cheaper rods. A lot of anglers have this in handy as it’s a good substitute. Don’t underestimate it though, most substitute rods Read below on more details on this awesome rod.

Product Specifications

  • Four Piece designed for travel
  • Medium to fast action
  • Impact-resistant reel
  • Fabric covered reel and rod case

Why we recommend this product

This is the best and durable back up rod to use in test fishing. Keep this rod handy in any fishing trips and have it available to replace your old rod. Soon you’ll notice that this rod lasts longer, it even has a lifetime warranty!

Best feature is that it easily handles fish really well despite being a newbie. This fly fishing starter kit provides you with quality and a lot of people have caught many fish with this rod, a testament on its quality. Get yours to experience the best features of this rod.


  • Quick setup
  • High performance
  • Low price


  • Has small outfit reel

Tip: It has high standard cork handle construction, it ensures a highly comfortable and this company provide the lifetime warranty for the product.

Info alert: It has no protective coating for meet the salt water and may be lack in shoulder strap carrying case.

#6. Wild Water Fly Fishing Deluxe Rod

Detail-oriented and compact fly fishing gear is what we look for in any brand. We want a light weight load to carry when going outdoors and bulky stuff just won’t cut it, especially after catching all that fish. Plus storage would be an issue for bulkier rods, with this brand you have no worries.

Product Specifications

  • Easily stored
  • Slow action rod
  • IM8 graphite design aluminium reel
  • Stainless steel gripper guide
  • Waterproof fly case
  • Lifetime warranty

Why we recommend this product

Basic knot tying guides and clear instruction, the Wild Water Deluxe meets all your needs. It even has extra flies available, it is complete with easy-to-understand instructions and care suggestions on maintaining your rod. This is essential as you would want to maintain the quality of your equipment to avoid spending on repair or even replacement costs.

It also comes with everything that you’d possibly need for fly fishing, aside from specific flies that you may have to purchase. For the price you sure will get a bargain because not only is it budget-friendly but it also has lifetime warranty, so you wouldn’t be worried about damages while you fly fish.

It also has a line nipper tool which most kits don’t always have. Most reviewers love this brand because of the flexible rod and that most of them have caught many fish using it. Also, the customer service of this brand is top-notch, helping you with any tips or trick that you’d like to learn.


  • High durable
  • Has great starter
  • Great for beginners


  • Reel may be defective

Tip: It is constructed with four-piece fly rods and it is also suitable for both salt and freshwater fishing. This combo includes basic tools and some accessories.

Info alert: You may have the situation to change the reel because it has some clunky and has some inconsistent drag. The starter kit has some low quality.

#7. NetAngler Fly Fishing Rod

This is the on the lightest brands in this list. This rod and reel combo is worth every dollar you spend because it is a light and a collapsible rod, one of the brands that combine the best of everything.

Imagine having to go out with so much in tow only to return with more weight. To avoid stress, back pain, and the difficulty storing things after fishing, buy this rod for an easier beginner fly fishing kit experience. We only recommend the best.

Product Specifications

  • 2.25lbs
  • Free carbon fiber rod tip
  • Collapsible rod
  • Pre spooled fly line
  • Free backing
  • Teflon disc drag
  • 28 flies in a box
  • Cork grip
  • Carrying case

Why we recommend this product

You have everything in this rod kit and more⁠—a pre spooled line to help you save more time, plenty of flies to choose from. A waterproof fly box can keep your flies safe when not in use and the best feature is the lifetime warranty so you can be assured that you get your money’s worth. 

There is even a stainless steel guide ring that reduces heat and friction when reeling in your line. Another part of this kit that people like is the 28 flies that come with it. This is one has the most flies available in this list and is also one of the cheapest. Lastly, as all kits do it has a rod carrying case for easy transport and storage.


  • Very Convenient
  • Durable
  • Lightweight


  • The rod may hang

Tip: NetAngler offers various fishing gears to make fishing easy and it provides three types of fly fishing complete kits for the beginners. It contains a convenient case to store the flies which you got and your accessories from getting lost.

Info alert: The rods may hang after some usage by threads so you may struggle to pul that.

#8. Sougayilang Fly Fishing Rod

It is a great brand for family trips! You can use the Sougayilang fly fishing kit for catching different species of fish like trout or salmon. It is designed to be an all-around rod to cover every fly fishing need. There’s even carbon fiber blanks for a more excellent loading performance.

This rod is designed for freshwater fishing but always remember that you can change the reel if ever you’re going to use it for saltwater. The Sougayilang reel combo also comes with a five-year warranty so you can always contact them if ever you need parts change or for replacement of regular fly fishing wear and tear as this is unavoidable.

Product Specifications

  • Medium action design
  • Easy cast line system
  • CNC-machined 6061-T6 aluminium alloy reel
  • 12 flies
  • Cork grip
  • Rotary knob system
  • Five- year warranty
  • Carry case

Why we recommend this product

Most reviews are on its comfortable cork handle that lessens the fatigue and strain on the hands. Also it is also an easily switchable left or right hand hold especially when you get tired and need to support your strong hand for a while till you get your first catch. 

It is also the lightest rod kit in this list, weighing only 2lbs! This means that it is the easiest to store among all the other kits. We made sure to choose the best top 10 but each brand its own unique features and recommendations from us. Always take note on the weight of the product to determine how easy it is to lug around when you go on camping/fishing trips as it would always be best to travel light.


  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Flexibility
  • Comfortable


  • Hard reel seat

Tip: It is made of stainless steel and it is designed for corrosion to resistant. It doesn’t waste the time you spend for preparation before hitting the water.

Info alert: It requires careful handling to avoid breakage and you have to maintain that after every usage to extend the durability. You get a struggle during fishing if you do not maintain it.

#9. Lixada Fishing Rod

Are you still thinking twice on fly fishing? This a sturdy and affordable brand just for you. It can be your starter rod and when you’re comfortable with fly fishing you can then keep and stick to this or either upgrade to another kit. This is definitely the best beginner fly rod that you can use while starting.

Take not on the simple features as it is also one of the most affordable rods on this list. For a reason, many have chosen this for us to put this on our top 10 list. It is good for beginners but great for absolutely anybody who doesn’t even have an idea on fly fishing but want to try out without shelling out too much money.

Product Specifications

  • Complete kit
  • Reel
  • Water-resistant carry bag with adjustable shoulder strap
  • 10 flies
  • ABS pre spooled reel
  • Weight: approx. 2lbs
  • 8ft 6 inch rod

Why we recommend this product

It is amazingly affordable. Not yet the cheapest but it is a big contender among this list if you are hunting for affordable rods. Quality is amazing although a minor adjustment would be the partition in the carry bag as it has none but good news, it has compartments that can carry the reel and the fly box.

The amazing part of buying this kit are the worm lures⁠—they look like the actual live worm baits you would use for spin fishing. Most reviewers are raving about the carbon fiber rod saying that it is indeed so light as compared to other brands that say the same but are heavy.

Why are lighter rods important? You need lighter rods when fly fishing as you stand there for hours catching fish so you definitely need something so light that it wouldn’t put too much strain and pain on your hands and arms.


  • Less weight
  • Affordable price
  • Available in different colour


  • Low quality bag

Tip: The slow action and mid flex design of the rod is make easy for the new fly fisherman this design make easy for the beginner to learn how to cast.

Info alert: The reel in the rod is hard to handle it make some issue at the time of fishing the fisherman have to concentrate on this problem.

#10. Wakeman Charter Series Fly Fishing Combo

This brand is good for your kids if they’re already teenagers or to any adult wanting to learn a new hobby for the weekend. This kit has the bare necessities, 2 flies and EVA foam grip. This may seem like ordinary things but most kits at the same price point won’t even give any more freebees because of the low price.

The Wakeman Charter Series kit is another story though, they really want to make you, their customer, welcome to the world of fly fishing.

Product Specifications

  • Built in hook keeper on fly reel
  • 45- foot fly line
  • 2 flies
  • 8-foot rod
  • EVA foam for soft and secure grip
  • Stainless steel guide ring
    Weight: 2lbs

Why we recommend this product

The action is good on the rod and that it is easy to assemble when you start fishing. This is a good start for people like you who might be just starting or occasionally fishing. Most reviews loved the Wakeman Charter Series because it is affordable and easy to learn. Reviews on their kids and even grandkids loving it means that the learning curve on this rod is not that bad at all. Enjoy your first fly fishing trip!


  • Comfortable to use
  • Best for starter
  • High-quality carry bag


  • The rod is stiff

Tip: The collapsible rod in this kit is made of fiberglass this made the fishing pole light weight and durable to the user.

Info alert: This fishing rod is not for the saltwater fisher by using this rod the user can only able to fishing to the pure water.

#11. Crystal River Fly Fishing Combo Kit

Are you looking for a beginner rod, cheap, and no-frills? If you answered yes then you should get this brand. The Crystal River Fly Fishing kit has simple features. Not much freebies so it is perfect if you’re very new, but don’t want to shell out that much cash just for a possible one-time thing.

We can assure you though that after this purchase, you may want to review our top 10 as we know you’d love fly fishing. It may be hard at first, but the reward of catching your first fish will take away all the fatigue and impatience that you may have felt earlier.

Product Specifications

  • Reel and Rod
  • 2 flies
  • EVA foam grip
  • Free bag
  • Weight:1lb

Why we recommend this product

Officially the lightest among the rods here (as most weigh approximately 2lbs and above) in this list. It is perfect to give as a gift or even buy this fly fishing rod for yourself. It is also the cheapest and most affordable rod in this list. Perfect for a beginner who is just figuring out the ins and outs of fly fishing.


  • Perfect for starter
  • Affordable price
  • Comes with Eva foam grip


  • Used only for small and medium size fish

Tip: The design of this rod is very comfortable and convenient to use, this kit contain all the basic need to the start fly fishing.

Info alert: The rod is constructed with the durable plastic so it has not able to withstand the weight of large fish by this it is not suitable for large fishes.

Tips to Buying Best fly Fishing combo

Choose a Good Outfit

This is important as vests usually help with storage of fly fishing gear and the waders should be sturdy and won’t tear while you’re fishing. The expense may be high but it will definitely be an investment that will last you a long time.

Pick a Good Venue

As you are just a beginner, choose an area with a lot of space for casting and many fish so you’ll be sure to have lots of practice and eventually reel in your first catch. 

Pick a Trusted Fly Pattern

Always do your research and as a newbie, even if you’re into experimenting on new flies. Try to stick with tested flies like Viva, Fritz and Hare’s Ear (and many, many more proven and trusted patterns).

Choose a Floating Line First

This will teach you on knot tying and attaching it to a leader. Floating baits are often easier and won’t scare a lot of fishes away. 

Make sure your Sunglasses are Polarized

People thing these glasses often protect you from the sun alone, this isn’t the case in fly fishing. As you are new, you might cast the line the wrong way and might have a wayward hook hit your face. You definitely want to protect your eyes at all costs. 


Before going to the water, make sure to test how you cast (including techniques on how to properly do it) on the grass. This will ensure that your casting techniques are correct and at least you won’t be distracted by the fishes in the water while practicing. 

Know Your Knots

Start learning and familiarize yourself with different fishing knots. But stick to the basics like the overhand loop knot and the half-blood knot. After that it would be easier fixing your own stuff instead of waiting for someone to attach and properly put the hook. 

Check Your Local Fishing Rules

Most areas have a size and weight limit when catching fish. Make sure you follow this or you may be fined if caught. Don’t forget to secure a rod license from your nearby post-office to ensure that you follow the law especially on fishing. 

Be Sociable

When fishing, there may be a chance you would be near other anglers like yourself. You would want to learn more and there they are, definitely willing to help. This is actually a great tip on learning things, other people are definitely there to give you tips that are off the books and manuals you see when you buy the kits
Get a Coach Guide

It is worth the money and time for you to learn proper form and casting. A coach may help you in those aspects especially in fly fishing as it quite hard to detect the smallest mistakes you may be making while fishing. It is still good to have someone there telling you what to improve on until he/she thinks you are ready to fish alone.

Fly Fishing Gear

Fly fishing rod and reel

A fly fishing line is longer than the usual spinning rods and are 7 to 9 feet long. A Reel on the other hand is used to hold the line. Inexpensive reels can be okay for lighter fish but it still best to get high quality yet slightly expensive ones in the long run. We have made a list of affordable fly rods under $200


A line has different weights. Make sure to buy a line that matches the weight printed on your fly fishing rod


It is a monofilament line that tapers from thick to thin and the end of that is used to tie the fly.


These are what is at the end of your line that you use to attract a fish to bite

Wide brimmed Hat

You need this to protect your face from the sun.


Makes it easier to get to the different fly fishing needs like new lures, etc


Do not forget this as the sun can damage your eyes. See our recommended sunglasses.


Put on some sunblock on your arms and face to protect yourself from cancerous and harmful UV rays. Check out our recommended UV protection shirts and neckgaiters.

Patch for fly drying

This is necessary to dry out your fly (lures) after using them as flies can rust if you store them wet.

Tape Measure

Always make sure you measure your catch because there are legal guidelines on the size and weight of the fish you catch. If you don’t meet the legal weight and size, you can release the fish back in the water.

Fly Box

Serves as a storage box and organizer for the different types of flies you have. Make sure to store dry ones to avoid rust.


Water-proof pants that should be worn to keep any angler (you) relaxed while fishing as you can stand there for hours and wearing regular pants can cause you to feel very cold and uncomfortable.


It is for easy gathering of fish in the water and can be used to easily release them. You can hang this on your vest. We have a list of good rubber fishing nets here.


This is a basket that keeps the fish cool if you decide to keep them after catching.

Dry Fly Solution

This is a solution you apply on your fly to keep it floating in the water. It comes in spray or paste form.


This is used to remove a hook from the fish or adjust the hooks if necessary.

Four Types of Flies

  • Poppers – Flies that are usually made of floating materials like cork
  • Wet flies– Flies that sink when you cast your line
  • Streamers– long flies that are very willowy and that look like a minnow
  • Dry flies– Flies that float on the water’s surface

Rod weight with Fish type

It is important to know the rod weight when fishing. This determines the type of fish you’d want to catch and the ability of your rod to carry all the weight without snapping. The following is a table we made for you to determine the different weights which would give you an idea of what rod to buy for what fish you’d like to catch on your next camping trip.

0-4 – Panfish and Smaller trouts in creeks

3-5 – Grayling

4-6 – Average sized trout

5-9 – Smallmouth bass and largemouth bass

6-10 – Carp

7-9 – Steelhead, bonefish, and redfish

8-12 – Salmon, northern pike, muskie, striped bass, false albacore, peacock bass, and golden dorado

10-14 – Mahi-mahi, Bluefin, tarpon, roosters, and giant trevally

14 – Sailfish and marlin

How To Choose The Best Fish Flying Combo For Brginners

Final Verdicts

It may be quite difficult at first but always remember that any new thing you will learn will involve some challenges that you have to overcome. What’s important is that you’re equipped with the knowledge necessary to overcome those obstacles. Once that it is out of the way, you’ll definitely improve significantly and you can improve on every aspect of this activity.

You have now definitely learned a new sport. Better than reel fishing in some ways because it poses to challenge you in different skills. Now all you have to do is get your rod delivered and practice casting your line. Remember to have a lot of patience the first time as you will not be at a hundred percent yet on the first try.

Fly fishing is a new thing to discover indeed. Now that you know more on different type of rods, the best brands to get and even how to fly fish for the first time. We hope we were able to help you in this new adventure and may you cast the best lines and catch a lot of fish with your new fly rods!

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