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Our top choices:

Best Budget Fishing Bite Alarm: Wingsfly Fish Strike Alarm

Affordable and reliable, the Wingsfly Fish Strike Alarm brings practicality to your fishing trips. Easy-to-use with accurate detection, this budget option doesn’t compromise on performance.

Best Best Fishing Bite Indicator with bells: Night Fishing Alarm by OHOH

Make your night fishing successful with the Night Fishing Alarm by OHOH. Its distinctive bell alert system ensures you never miss a bite, even in the darkest conditions.

Best High-end Fishing Strike Alarm: Lixada Fishing Bite Indicator

Enjoy the blend of luxury and functionality with the Lixada Fishing Bite Indicator. Its top-tier technology and elegant design redefine your fishing experience, justifying the premium price point.

I am an experienced angler but I know the importance of fishing bite indicators. I never venture on a fishing trip without my trusted indicator. I enjoy daytime and nighttime fishing so I make it a point that my fishing alarm has an audible alarm for the daytime and an audible alarm and an LED light for the night. That way, I have different kinds of bite indicators for different fishing situations, and trust me when I tell you that you too should invest in a few.

Once you use a bait alarm, you will never want to go fishing without one. It warns you early when your bait hooks a fish and that reduces the chances of losing your catch.

While there are many different bite indicators, I have taken the liberty of shortlisting the top 5 so that you do not have to do any research. I have highlighted their pros and cons and their features so that you can make an informed buying decision.

LED Fishing Alarm Sensor by Lixada

Lixada Fishing Bite Indicators Kits, 3 Wireless Fishing LED Alarm Alert 3 Extending Aluminum Alloy Fishing Bankstick 3 Fishing Swinger with Padded Fishing Tool Bag, Fishing Bite Alarm Set (Set 1)
127 Reviews
Lixada Fishing Bite Indicators Kits, 3 Wireless Fishing LED Alarm Alert 3 Extending Aluminum Alloy Fishing Bankstick 3 Fishing Swinger with Padded Fishing Tool Bag, Fishing Bite Alarm Set (Set 1)
  • 【ADJUSTABLE TONE & HIGH SENSITIVE BITE ALARM】LED alarming signals with high output speaker.Adjustable tone,volume and sensitivity to meet your needs.Audio and visual alerts will enable you not to miss a bite and make your fishing easier.Power by a 9V batter(not included).

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This bite detector by Lixada comes with an LED alarm and is extremely sensitive. The moment the fish latches onto the bait, the LED light begins to flash and there is an audible alert. This is a fantastic carp fishing bite alarm and will significantly increase your catch ratio.

Product Specifications

  • Made from ABS plastic and iron
  • 4 LED lights on the swinger
  • LED alarm
  • Speaker
  • Control to adjust tone, volume, and sensitivity

Our Verdict

This fishing bait alarm is quite sensitive and makes a loud noise to alert you. Its sensitivity can be adjusted. The fishing bite indicator is easy to use and install. Since the lights are visible, it is one of the best devices for night fishing.


  • Well built
  • Highly sensitive
  • LED light and audible alarm
  • Easy to install
  • Water-resistant
  • Great for night fishing and carp fishing
  • Comes in a zippered case


  • Some users complained of the plastic casing cracking

Tip: This fishing alarm requires batteries and it is best to remove them when you are not using the alarm. It will prevent the batteries from corroding and damaging the alarm.

Info alert: The alarm is designed in such a way that you can easily attach it to the bank stick if you do not want to use the swingers.

Fish Strike Alarm by Wingsflying

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This fishing alarm has a sound and light indicator. It is really loud and extremely sensitive. The moment a fish bites or runs with the line, it goes off. It is great for night fishing as well as carp fishing.

Product Specification

  • Made from ABS and metal
  • Sound and light alarm
  • Simple clip-on mechanism
  • Requires 3 LR44 / AG13 button cells

Our Verdict

This fish strike alarm is simple to use and has a really loud audible bell. The blue LED light comes on as well. It is very sensitive and when attached to the rod, it does not damage the line. It requires batteries for operation but they are the energy-efficient type and hence, will last long.


  • Easy to use
  • Highly sensitive
  • LED light and audible alarm bell
  • Does not scratch the rod or damage the fishing line
  • Compact design
  • Great for lake and pond fishing
  • Excellent alarm for night fishing


  • If used in flowing water, the alarm goes off even if there is no catch

Tip: If you attach a sinker to the line, the alarm will sound constantly until the sinker reaches the bottom of the lake or pond.

Info alert: You need to maintain line tension when using this fishing alarm or it will go off prematurely.

Night Fishing Alarm by OHOH

OHOH LED Night Fishing Rod Bite Bait Alarm Light with Twin Bells Ring Fishing Bite Alarm Indicator On Fishing Rod (10 Red Lights and 10 Green Lights)
1,008 Reviews
OHOH LED Night Fishing Rod Bite Bait Alarm Light with Twin Bells Ring Fishing Bite Alarm Indicator On Fishing Rod (10 Red Lights and 10 Green Lights)
  • ❤【 Important Reminder 】The method of using fishing bite alarm lights is as follows: ① Spin out the the LED light and take out the button battery inside. ②Turn the button battery over and reinstall it in the LED light. ③Make sure the wire that is folded over the positive side of the battery when you tighten it back together after flipping the battery. ④Finally tighten the LED light and the LED light will light up.

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This fishing light indicator is designed for night fishing. It comes with an alarm light and metal bells that ring when the fish bites the bait. It is possible to use just the light, bell, or both while fishing.

Product Specifications

  • Made from plastic and metal
  • LED light
  • Metal bells
  • Clip-on mechanism

Our Verdict

This simplistic-looking fish bite detector works better than it looks. The bells are really loud and the LED light is perfect for fishing in the night. It can be easily used and you have the option of using it without the LED light. The detector can be fixed to any kind of fishing rod and is quite sensitive and effective.


  • LED light and metal bells
  • Easy to use
  • Can be used without the LED light
  • Can be fixed to any type of fishing rod
  • Possible to get replacement lights
  • Perfect for night fishing


  • Some users had a problem with the detector slipping off at the time of casting the line

Tip: To get the LED light to work, it is necessary to flip the battery over. If you are not using the light, flip the battery to its original position. It will ensure that the battery lasts longer.

Info alert: The LED light stays on once you flip the battery. That is why it is a great alarm for night fishing as it enables you to see the end of your rod.

Fishing Alarm with Adjustable Volume by Coolnice

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If you are looking for the best fishing bite indicators, you will not be disappointed with this one by Coolnice. It comes with a volume adjustment knob that enables you to reduce the sound of the alarm and even mute it. It works with the help of three LR44 / AG13 batteries, which can last for up to 100 hours and this pack of three alarms comes with 10 extra batteries.

Product Specifications

  • Made from ABS plastic
  • Knob to adjust the volume
  • LED light
  • Audible alarm

Our Verdict

This is one of the few bite indicators that comes with volume adjustment. You can mute the volume if you like and can use the LED light to let you know when the fish takes the bait. The alarm sound is very loud, about 90 dB. The alarm is easy to use and is quite sensitive. It does not damage the fishing line. Unlike other alarms that have clips, this one uses a buckle and strap. As a result, you can attach it to all types of rods and lines.


  • Loud alarm
  • Easy to use
  • Comes with LED light
  • Volume of the alarm can be adjusted
  • Does not damage the line
  • Can be used by beginners and seasoned anglers


  • Some users complained that the alarm twisted on the pole after a big catch and that caused the line to get free from it.

Tip: It is advisable to keep your fishing rod parallel to the surface of the water. Otherwise, when a fish takes the bait, the energy transfers first to the rod and then to the alarm. So, there is a delay of few seconds before the alarm goes off.

Info alert: It is advisable to use this fishing alarm with a standard-sized rod as it will not be very effective with thinner rods.

Fishing Bite Alarm by Wingsflying

Wingsflying 10 Pcs Fishing Rod Extra Loud Alarm Dual Alert Bell Green Silver Tone
1,724 Reviews
Wingsflying 10 Pcs Fishing Rod Extra Loud Alarm Dual Alert Bell Green Silver Tone
  • ✔Easy To Use.Just clip the bell to your fishing rod,and it will ring when fish strike

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This bait alarm is the perfect carp fishing bite detector. It does not come with an LED light but the bell is loud enough to warn you that a fish has taken the bait. It can be used in any weather and is one of the best choices for night fishing when you do not want the light to frighten away the fish.

Product Specifications

  • Made from a combination of plastic and metal
  • Has two metal bells
  • Easy clip-on mechanism
  • Precision springs attached to the bells

Our Verdict

While you can use it for carp fishing, this bite alarm is also great for bank and beach fishing. It is very easy to use. While it looks simplistic, it is quite effective. You can use multiple rods to fish and the fishing bite indicators will warn you when one of the rods gets a catch.


  • Simple design but effective
  • Easy to use and install
  • Great for carp fishing
  • No light to fright off the fish
  • Quite sensitive


  • Some users complained of the alarm flying off the rod at the time of casting

Tip: If you do not want to lose the alarm while casting, it is best to remove it. Attach the alarm after you cast the line.

Info alert: Besides carp fishing, you can use this alarm quite effectively for ice fishing. It can make ice fishing a fun and enjoyable experience.

fishing bite indicator

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Buying Guide for the Best Fishing Bite Indicators

With so many different fishing bite indicators, it can be overwhelming to choose one that is right for you. That is why you should consider few features that will enable you to find one that is right for you.


Most bite indicators are made from metal and ABS plastic. Make sure that the metal is stainless steel as that will minimize the chances of the components rusting and corroding. ABS plastic is much better and stronger than regular plastic and hence, it lasts longer.

Battery Life:

If you are opting for a fishing strike alarm with a battery, make sure that the battery lasts long. The last thing you need is the LED light not working due to a dead battery. Typically, the alarms that use batteries tend to last for several hours but it is best to carry spare batteries with you to be on the safe side. The battery should not be expensive either or you will be spending a lot.


This, of course, is a no-brainer. Since you will be using it in water, your fish bite alarm sensor should be waterproof. This will ensure that it does not get damaged if it falls into the water by accident. It is important to note that the top 5 fishing bite indicators reviewed here are waterproof and will not get affected by water should they slip off and fall in.

Ease of Use:

The bite detector you choose must be easy to use. It should not have a learning curve. The detectors that are reviewed here are easy to use and install. You will not struggle with them as they are intuitive and you will be able to figure out how to use them even without a user’s manual.


There is no point in a fish bite alarm sensor if it is not sensitive enough. Many alarms have high sensitivity and hence, you may find it difficult to use them in flowing water as they will go off when the line gets caught in the current. Nonetheless, the more sensitive an alarm, the quicker it will warn you that you have a catch.


If you enjoy daytime fishing, you will not need a fishing alarm that has an LED light. Just an audible alarm will suffice. Usually, this type of alarm is in the form of a bell or a loud ring. On the other hand, if you enjoy nighttime fishing, it is best to choose a bite detector that has an LED light and audible alarm. The light will warn you in the dark that you have a catch at the end of your fishing line while the audible alarm will wake up in case you have dozed off or warn you if you have ventured away from your fishing spot.


It is best to choose a quality fishing alarm that is affordably priced. Of course, you can find fishing bite indicators in a wide range of prices, from very low-end to exorbitantly priced. The ones that are reviewed here are affordably priced and have the necessary features that most anglers want from a bait alarm.


How does a fishing bite alarm work?

A fishing bite alarm works by detecting the line movement when a fish bites or strikes. It typically involves sensors and either a visual or auditory alarm to alert the angler. Once the fishing line moves, indicating a potential fish bite, the device signals this activity with an alarm sound or light.

Do you need bite alarms for fishing?

The need for bite alarms in fishing depends largely on your fishing style and conditions. If you’re doing passive fishing, especially for longer periods or during night times, bite alarms can be extremely beneficial to alert you when a fish has taken the bait. However, if you’re an active fisher who constantly watches the rod, you might not need one. For carp fishing or fishing in challenging weather conditions, bite alarms are almost always recommended.


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