The 5 Best Fish Finder for Kayak

Fishing from a kayak is getting very popular. People fall in love with it after fishing for the first time. A high-performing fish finder can make kayaking more enjoyable for you.

However, finding the best fish finder for kayak at a reasonable cost can prove to be challenging.

The following article contains the buyer’s guide as well as detailed reviews of the best fish finders in the market. This article will simplify the process for you so that you avoid making the common mistakes when purchasing the fish finder for your boat.

Reviews of the 5 Best Fish Finder for Kayak:

The following reviews will help you in learning about the best fish finders available.

1. Lowrance Mark 4 Combo Base

Lowrance Mark 4 Combo Base

If you want a fish finder at an all-rounder fish finder at a reasonable price, Lowrance Mark 4 Combo Base is what you are looking for. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced angler, this model is the best for a small fishing boat.

The best thing about the Lowrance Mark 4 Combo Base is that it is easy and convenient to operate. It is lightweight and compact. So, it will fit in your hand easily and help you navigate around the water to find fish.

The LCD screen is large and easy to use. You can go through the various options and select them easily. The screen is grayscale. Some people might not appreciate that, but it helps to reduce the glare that is due to a bright screen. Also, the gray screen is easy to see in bright sunlight.

It also features an in-built GPS that will help you to mark your favorite spots and plot your routes. The navigation system provides accurate and up-to-date information.

In the past, people used to get lost while fishing. This fish finder will not only find your fish, but it will also help you find your way back.

This fish finder is suitable for both freshwater and deep-sea fishing. It is a powerful and accurate device that will make sure that you never return empty-handed from your fishing adventure.

Pros Cons
-Reasonable price It also has a GPS
-The settings are automatic
-Easy to use
-You can save up to 3000 fishing spots
-One-handed operation Lightweight
-Some people might not like the grey screen.

2. Garmin Striker 4 DV

Garmin Striker 4 DV

Garmin is popular for its GPS systems. The Garmin Striker 4 DV also has a GPS. This high-sensitivity GPS will help you locate your favorite fishing spot.

The speed can be viewed on the display screen. You can use the map to locate places such as docks and stumps. You can easily view your data with the flasher.

It also lets you share the data with other STRIKERS.

The screen size is small. So, it proves to be the best for kayak fishers.

Furthermore, Garmin Striker 4DV features a CHIRP sonar technology that helps by creating arches with greater target separation.

This model has a reasonable price that suits many customers.

Pros Cons
-It comes with CHIRP sonar technology
-The GPS helps in wayfinding
-This Garmin Striker works well in a depth of 1750 ft under freshwater and 830 feet in saltwater
-The size of the screen may be small for some people
HawkEye Fishtrax 1C Fish Finder

3. HawkEye Fishtrax 1C Fish Finder

HawkEye Fishtrax 1C is the most powerful fish finder of the family. It features a colored HD screen that displays all the details you will need. Also, the screen can be used as a flasher for winter fishing.

This fish finder has many settings that you can configure. This will give you good accuracy.

It comes with three modes: SONAR, data mode, ice flasher mode. You can view things like the temperature, depth of water and voltage of the fish finder on the screen. You can also set the depth range automatically.

Moreover, this model is lightweight and easily portable. The battery is powerful and has an excellent backup time.

Pros Cons
-It comes with sonar technology
-It is lightweight and portable It has a screen that offers many colors
-The screen can be used as a flasher
-The settings are automatic Easy setup
-The screen is small

4. Lucky portable fishing sonar

Lucky portable fishing sonar

The Lucky fish finder will make sure that your fishing adventure is fruitful and you don’t return empty-handed. It helps you by detecting the depth of the water, the approximate location of the fish, as well as any rocks and sand on the bottom of the water body.

The depth is shown in meters or feet. The range of its detection is up to a hundred meters.

The design is simple and lightweight Furthermore, you can even hang this fish finder around your neck.

This fish finder works the best for many types of fishing including shore fishing, kayak fishing, lake fishing, etc.

It also features many sensitivity options and an alarm for the fish. You can configure your settings to the battery saving and backlight mode as well.

The company also offers a 1-year warranty. So, if anything goes wrong, you will get a quick replacement without any worrying.

Pros Cons
-It has CHIRP sonar technology
-Lightweight and easily portable
-Works for many fishing environments
-12 months warranty
-The settings are automatic Easy setup
-No cons

5. Lowrance Hook 4x

Lowrance Hook 4x - Best Fish Finders for Kayak

Fishing kayak and canoe becomes easier with Lowrance Hook 4x. It is a smart piece of equipment you must have. It is ideal for small fishing boats or kayaks.

Because of its auto-tuning sonar and menus, it is easier to use than others. The settings are easily configurable. It has some automatic settings that will adapt to any situation. So, if you don’t understand what settings to use, you can leave it to HOOK 4x. It is also easy to set up.

Lowrance Hook 4x also offers good SHIRP sonar and gives you excellent coverage, approximately double than other fish finders.

It also comes with a fish finder and GPS. This will let you mark and navigate your favorite fishing spots.

It features a transducer that gives you two-dimensional views.

Pros Cons
-It comes with CHIRP sonar technology
-It also has a GPS
-The settings are automatic
-Easy setup
– The screen can be small for some users

Benefits of Fish Finders for Kayaks

First of all, let’s discuss why you should buy a fish finder. It is an effective tool that comes in handy when you are fishing. It allows you to see the fish and know where it is.

A fish finder works using Sonar technology. Sonar stands for Sound Navigation and Ranging. This is not just a concept from your high school physics textbook. It serves as a great tool for finding fish.

It sends sound waves of different frequencies that echo back and help you locate the fish underwater. You will be able to see a graphic representation of everything that is underneath your boat.

The fishing finder does more than finding fish for you. You will be able to see all the weeds, debris, rocks and sand under the boat. You can also view the precise depth on the screen.

In short, the best fish finder can be a great gear for kayaking. If you are a big guy, you may want to look at our hand-picked kayaks for you.

Buying Guide

What Features should you Consider when Choosing the Best Fish Finder?

You will find many brands of fish finders that boast of different specs and numbers. It is easy to get confused with the sheer amount of information. You may even end up buying the wrong fish finder.

The following is a list of the features you must keep in mind before buying the best fish finder. The correct fish finder will surprise you with its performance. This is a great way to catch a lot of fish.

  • Portable or Permanent Fish Finder:

You will find both portable and permanent fish finders in the market.

The permanent fish finders can be fixed on large boats. For a kayak, a portable fish finder can be a great option. A portable fish finder will let you enjoy many types of fishing.

Moreover, it is the best option for rental boats. It is lightweight so you can easily move it on the boat.

  • Screen Size

Screen size is another important feature to look at when choosing the best fish finder for the kayak.

A rule of thumb is to buy the biggest screen size that aligns with your budget. With a bigger screen, you can see more information at one time. As kayaks are small and low to the water, you should choose a smaller screen.

  • Screen Quality

Also, keep an eye on the quality of the screen. The pixels of the screen determine its quality.

A pixel can be thought of as a single dot on the screen. So, the more pixels you have, the more detailed your screen will be.

Make sure that you are not sacrificing quality in getting a larger screen size. Even when you are choosing a cheaper fish finder, look for one with good screen resolution.

  • Grayscale versus Colored Displays

This is another essential feature to consider when choosing the best fish finder for a kayak.

Colored displays have taken over black and white displays. However, with a fish finder, a grayscale display works just as well. Furthermore, a black and white display is cheaper than a colored display.

While a color display looks better, it provides the same functionality as a black and white display.

  • Glare from the sun

When purchasing the best fish finder, it is essential to keep in mind the real conditions when fishing. The glare from the sun makes it hard to read the fish finder screen.

You can use some LCD films that can combat the glare. You can even invest in glare-resistant screens.

  • GPS

GPS or Global Positioning System is the most important feature when you go out for kayak fishing. A GPS can help you trace your route and save your favorite fishing spots. Moreover, GPS is more essential for kayak fishing than for shoreline fishing.

  • Transducers

A transducer is a very essential part of the fish finder.

Transducers serve as the senders and receivers for the sonar waves. The sonar waves that bounce off on different objects are detected by the transducer. The signals from the transducer are then processed. The output of these signals is a graphical representation on your fish finder’s screen.

  • Power

If you have the budget, you should always consider high watt fish finders. These will help in giving quicker readings. A low power fish finder sends waves very slowly and isn’t as reliable for deep water fishing.

However, if you intend to fish only in the shallow water, you will do well with a low power fish finder as well.

  • Water Resistance

A good fish finder should be water-proof. Otherwise, the water splashes will ruin it. Therefore, you need to make sure that the brand you purchase offers a good level of water resistance.

  • Number of Frequencies

Most transducers work well with dual frequencies. A higher frequency will give a clear and detailed picture of your display screen. The higher the frequency of the transducer is, the more the sonar pulses it will send out.

For example, some fish finders can get up to 400,000 Hz while using different frequencies.

  • Price

Often, people think that price is the most important aspect of fish finders. Choosing the fish finder by the price alone is a big mistake.

A fish finder is an essential tool that fishers in the past could only dream of having. So, you must make sure that you don’t compromise on essential features to get a cheap price.

The display specs, GPS, sonar, wattage are vital factors that you must consider before making the final decision. Otherwise, you will just regret buying the wrong fish finder.

Final Thoughts:

Most kayakers have no idea about what specs and features to look for when purchasing a fish finder. We hope this article will help you in finding the best fish finders for a kayak.

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