Best Dive Computers for Beginners, Intermediates & Divemasters

Our Top Pick:

Suunto D6i Diving Wrist Computer


Best Value:

Shearwater Research Petrel 2 SA Dive Computer


Editor’s Choice:

Suunto Eon Steel Computer


The dive computer isn’t just for sports like scuba diving. Marine archaeologists also use dive computers for research purposes. The gadget gives the researchers the ability to monitor the pressure, time, and air while underwater since our body’s senses is not in its normal during these activities.

There are lots of available dive computers in the market right now. Choose one that fits your style perfectly. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert in the sport of scubadiving or a marine-life researcher looking for a dive watch of the best quality, we got you covered. We have made a list of the top dive computers to help you decide.

How FISHINGKRIS Chose Best Dive Computer

In this article, we studied the importance of a diving computer and how it could save your life from risk. The backbone of this review includes customer reviews, price, efficiency, durability, and design. So, you won’t have to look anywhere else and since there are a lot of choices online and locally that confuses you, we did our best to narrow it down to top 10 dive computers of today’s time and we provided the detailed guide to choose the best scuba dive computer also. 

Table: Top 10 Best Dive Computers
Product Name Price
#1 Suunto D6i Diving Wrist ComputerCheck Price »
#2 Shearwater Research Petrel 2 SA Dive ComputerCheck Price »
#3 Suunto Eon Steel ComputerCheck Price »
#4 Oceanic OCi Dive Watch ComputerCheck Price »
#5 Mares Smart Wrist Dive ComputerCheck Price »
#6 SUUNTO Zoop Novo Wrist Dive ComputerCheck Price »
#7 Oceanic Geo 2.0 Wrist ComputerCheck Price »
#8 Cressi Giotto Wrist Dive ComputerCheck Price »
#9 Cressi Leonardo Dive ComputerCheck Price »
#10 Aqua Lung i300, i750tc Dive ComputerCheck Price »

What to expect?

Well-detailed information regarding dive computers on the market made for beginners and experts. Products like Suunto, Oceanic, Aqua Lung, and Cressi dive computers are on the list. Some of these brands have been creating and perfecting their crafts for several decades. It’s no wonder they made it to the list, thanks to their passion and dedication to give you the best experience.

Best Dive Computer Watch – 10 Computers Reviewed

#1. Suunto D6i Diving Wrist Computer

For more than 70 years, SUUNTO has created and designed the top diving computers, sports instruments, and sports watches all over the world. Their products have been a big part of every adventurer’s success. Whether hiking up the highest mountains or diving to the deepest parts of the ocean, SUUNTO products were always there to serve. 

One of SUUNTO’s best-designed products is the D6i NOVO Black Zulu. If you are to explore the deep blue sea, you must equip yourself with a good dive watch with compass available in 2023. The suunto dive watch is easy to use as reviewed by customers. The strap of this suunto dive watch is sure to last, unlike other watches/computers that use rubber straps. It is evaluated by critiques to be the best, most accurate, and most reliable dive calculator of today’s time.

Product Specifications and Features

This diving computer perfectly weighs 137g / 4.83 oz, making it comfortable to use. The glass is made of sapphire crystal, which is scratch-resistant. The anti-reflective coating design of the glass allows the wearer to read information from the device even under the luminous places.

It is a dive watch computer with the most advanced technological features. Its built-in planner allows the diver to set a divingplan on the device. It also has an integrated tilt-compensated 3D digital compass which gives a more accurate reading compared to traditional compasses.

The D6i is installed with the DM5 software, the most advanced software of Suunto which records graphical logs and dive data which is downloadable and accessible on both Windows and iOS computers. Product code: SS02617000

Our Verdict

Suunto D6i Black Zulu is the best dive watch in the market right now. It is unrivaled by other brands for its technological features and quality. Unfortunately, the price of this dive watch is so high that most divers can’t afford it. But, if you are an extreme diver or a researcher willing to invest a huge amount of money for a dive watch, then you don’t have to look anywhere else. The watch is also capable of reading three gases such and has 5 modes: air, nitrox, gauge, apnea timer, and a timer for air and nitrox mode. A computer for professionals by professionals.


  • 3D digital compass
  • Five different modes
  • Easy to navigate


  • Anti reflective coating doesn’t work properly

Tip: It offers a lot of features to you. One of the main advantages is its LED display. This green LED shows data very clearly.

Info alert: The one major issue that we’ve found in this dive watch is its strap, which is made of silicon. It gets a bit sweaty especially in the hot weather, but that is not a problem underwater!

#2. Shearwater Research Petrel 2 SA Dive Computer

The Shearwater Petrel 2 Fischer provides all the information a diver needs. This computer will tell how long you could stay underwater for it computes the air from your tank. Surely a computer that will keep you away from harm. 

Product Specification and Features

  • OC Recreational – Computes three (3) gas nitrox, a feature perfect for serious divers.
  • OC Technical – a feature that sets gases by default.
  • Closed Circuit/Bailout
  • External Monitoring – the most accurate real-time monitoring of 1 to 3 oxygen sensors which includes semi-closed rebreathers
  • With Digital Compass
  • Dive Log
  • Gauge – to monitor depth, time, and a resettable stopwatch function
  • Bluetooth integrated
  • Works on Mac and Windows operating systems
  • Features a Dive planner that allows you to pre-set your game plan before going for a dive

Why do we like it?

A diving watch that looks so simple yet so sophisticated. It’s large, easy to read display helps guide you underwater clearly, definitely will help you stay away from danger. It works best as an early warning device for scuba divers and marine archeologist. Perfect for training purposes as you could set a timer and track the progress of your diving activities.

The Shearwater Petrel 2 Fischer runs on a Double-A battery. Get a rechargeable AA battery and always bring an extra piece, advantageous for it could be replaced in just one minute. It has a multi-language feature, so no matter what your nationality and race are, Shearwater Petrel 2 Fischer is always ready to serve. A product that is sure to satisfy its customers despite its huge price.


  • Ideal for scuba diving
  • Several dive modes
  • Customizable colors


  • A bit pricey

Tip: Shearwater Dive Computer uses any AA battery and offers 40 hours of life. It is one of the batteries with high life time.

Info alert: The issue of this computer is its price, which is a little expensive for some users but it offers a lot of features for its money. If you are willing to spend more money, you can choose this.

#3. Suunto Eon Steel Computer

Suunto is a pioneer in creating and designing one of the world’s best sports watches and dive watches, founded by the Finnish orienteer naming Tuomas Vohleen. His goal was to create the most accurate compass. As the years go by, he invented a new way of creating liquid-filled compasses. His inventions and artistic ideas made Suunto what it is today.

One of the greatest products from his company is the Suunto Eon Steel, made from extremely durable materials that are sure to last. The interface is full of bright colors that allow you to distinguish the information shown on the screen while underwater.  

Product Specification and Features

  • Weighs 347g / 12.24 oz., a bit heavier than other brands which are good for added stability
  • It has a big frame to fit its widescreen. Product dimension: 104.6 x 60.5 x 23.1 mm
  • Bezel Material is made of stainless steel to prevent corrosion or rust
  • The strap is made of elastomer (rubber material). Wraps around your wrist perfectly
  • Included in the package: USB cable, Quick guide, Bungee adapter and cord, Protective boot, display scratch guard sticker

Why do we like it?

The installed OS on the Suunto Eon Steel is designed to be user-friendly that even a non-expert in computers could easily adapt. The installed closed-circuit rebreather filters all the exhaled gas of the diver and converts it to breathable oxygen. Some divers are having problems with the Eon Steel’s customization options, it doesn’t seem to fit diving techniques that integrate surface decompression or bell diving.


  • Clear color display
  • Durable lithium battery
  • Long last EON steel


  • Heavy weight

Tip: The heavy EON steel ensures the durability and it will last for a long day. It also comes with an adjustable strap, so you can easily adjust the strap as per your wrist convenience.

Info alert: If you are spending more than 3 minutes in the decompression ceiling, then the algorithm could lock you. And also you have to complete the deco based tables.

#4. Oceanic OCi Dive Watch Computer

Founded by Bob Hollis in 1972, Oceanic has been delivering modern, reliable, easy to use underwater gadgets to its customers worldwide. From beginners to professional technical divers, Oceanic dive watch has got you covered. The top model is the Oceanic OCi better than the oceanic Vtx. A real incredible watch for scubadiving that is sure to last, thanks to its superb materials and design.

Product Features and Specifications

  • Using the wireless Air Integration technology, you can monitor the amount of air left in your tank even without the use of a hose.
  • Installed with Oceanic’s Exclusive Dual Algorithm™, which allows you to adjust algorithm basis and conservatism. Perfect when working with a buddy, as you can sync each other’s dive computers.
  • Advance digital compass
  • This dive computer is versatile as it features a time stop, alarm, and a countdown timer. Simple yet useful for every diver.
  • Can hold underwater pressure up to 495 feet (180 meters)

Why do we like it?

A short trivia, the ‘i’ in the OCi stands for incredible, suits the product perfectly. If you are a professional trainer, this product is best for you as it comes with multiple versatile features. Its dual algorithm technology allows you to sync your program with a student or vice versa. Due to its high price, it is most likely that wealthier divers can afford this precious gem. It is the best air integrated dive computer model available as of now.


  • Stylish look
  • Free diving mode
  • Advanced digital compass


  • Not suitable for small wrist

Tip: This dive computer permits you to pick the two algorithms that are the Pelagic DSAT and the Pelagic Z+. You can easily count your nitrogen level and navigate the underwater.

Info alert: The face of this watch is quite big, so it is not perfectly suited for who have a small wrist. It is not a big deal, but some users felt this issue. Other than, it is one of the most stylish dive computers when compared to the other competitors.

#5. Mares Smart Wrist Dive Computer

If you are looking for a sleek and affordable computer, better check Mares. It has two (2) gas capabilities and a memory function for free diving. It can also log up to 40 hours of dive profile at the 5-second sampling rate. Its functions are not so advanced like other products but it has all the important features that every scuba diver needs. It is also one of the best dive watch for women and people with small wrists.

Product Features and Specifications

  • Item code: 414129
  • Still works fine even after taking it 150 meters (429 feet) deep
  • Integrated Segment Display, assures you that all the information it displays are clear and understandable
  • Available in six (6) different colors: white/black, white/lilac, white/lime, black/red, black, black/grey

Why do we like it?

It is is 70% cheaper than its competitors and is the best inexpensive dive watch in market​. The Mares Smart is available in six (6) different colors that you could choose from, pick one that matches the color of your scuba suit. Unfortunately, this model does not include an interface for PC or Mac, so if you plan on creating your pre-sets on your computer before the dive, you have to look somewhere else. 


  • Scratch resistant display
  • Two navigation buttons
  • Easy to read even direct on sunlight


  • No air integration

Tip: It comes with free dive mode, which is used to support the air and nitrox gases. This affordable option is the right choice for both beginners and expert divers.

Info alert: It doesn’t have air integration so you cannot update the tank pressure, but it offers many features.

#6. SUUNTO Zoop Novo Wrist Dive Computer

If you are a beginner looking for a branded dive computer on a great deal, the Suunto Zoop Novo is the right watch for you. Suunto, being one of the most prominent brands in producing the best quality diving gears, created a product that picky divers on a budget would choose. Simple and easy-to-use, it also has all the important features that beginners and intermediate scuba divers would need. 

Product Features and Specifications

  • It has a free dive mode feature, air, nitrox, and gauge
  • Clear and large display, so you get the information in just a glance
  • Made in Finland
  • Price is around 360 US dollars
  • Dimension: 66.1 x 66.1 x 26.2 millimeters
  • Ultra-light for it only weighs 120g /4.23 oz
  • Suunto RGBM – Suunto watches are capable of the full continuous decompression algorithm
  • Works on PC and Mac, so you could download your graphical data and dive logs without a problem

Why do we like it?

A great dive computer whether you’re a beginner, a spearfishing enthusiast, or an apnea swimmer, the Suunto Zoop Novo is sure to keep you away from harm and decompression sickness. Affordable, yet has all the features that regular divers would need. Plus, it comes with a Mac and PC compatible software that allows you to get data from your dive. Perfect for minimalists. 


  • Versatile
  • Easy to navigate
  • Perfect for entry level and intermediate divers


  • Not suited for technical divers

Tip: Suunto is one of the best algorithms which is available in today’s market. It offers zoop adjustment. And it comes with five modes. Each one is working well with the algorithm.

Info alert: This diving computer is not integrated and not perfect for the expert divers, but it is a versatile diving computer when compared to the other competitor. 

#7. Oceanic Geo 2.0 Wrist Computer

Stay stylish while being underwater with the Oceanic Geo 4.0. Improve your scuba diving techniques as you train with a wrist dive computer that is designed with a sporty look. Don’t let this cheap product fool you. This product is one of the most technologically advanced dive computers for it comes with a DiverLog+ App that you could install on your mobile phones. Perfect for experienced and novice divers. 

Product Features and Specifications

  • Installed with the patented Dual Algorithm™ by Oceanic. Now, you could work with a partner on a dive plan without a problem.
  • Diverlog+ App, this app allows you to make the necessary adjustment on your dive computer through your mobile phone. It also gives you the ability to download your dive data through to your phone through the app.
  • Straps are available in 5 different colors

Why do we like it?

There are probably 90% of divers who use a smartphone. The Geo 4.0 allows you to maximize the capacity of your phone by setting up your dive plans through a mobile app. Now, setting-up and installing on a computer won’t be necessary, as you download the logs from your previous activities through the app. This scuba diving computer watch is loved by customers for its cheap price.


  • Ensures safety
  • Reliable and comfortable
  • Right choice for recreational divers


  • Navigation is slightly difficult

Tip: The unique feature of this computer is it built-in Oceanic’s Dual Algorithm™ technology that allows you to use either Pelagic DSAT or Pelagic Z+ algorithms and gives deep stop choice.

Info alert: It offers many features to navigate, but it doesn’t make the navigation process as easy. It is a little difficult when compared to the other models on our list.

#8. Cressi Giotto Wrist Dive Computer

Cressi is a brand that produces underwater gears with love and passion. It was founded by two (2) Italian brothers naming Egidio and Nanni Cressi. They invented products that will help them mobilize freely on water near their homes. The popularization of their ideas led to the founding of the Cressi company. It all started when spearfishing was popular among fraternal brothers.

As the years go by, innovations have to be made for them to efficiently get a good catch but it didn’t just end on creating dive masks. They too have created dive computers filled with the smartest feature that customers love. One of the most notable dive computers that Cressi have made is the Cressi Giotto. 

Product Features and Specifications

  • Installed with Wide Screen, User-friendly Display that beginners could easily adapt to
  • Nitrox Management, allows you to use two (2) Enriched Air Nitrox (EAN)
  • Good for business as you can have it rented. The Cressi Giotto is equipped with Reset Options and releases residual nitrogen so it could be used by different users.
  • It has a navigation system included, like all Cressi products
  • Power source: replaceable CR2430
  • Software is compatible with Mac and Windows OS

Why do we like it?

This is the one that you should buy if you are on a budget. It is simple yet well designed. It has all the features that novice divers would need. A watch that could be used for business. You can have it rented to students who can’t afford to buy their dive computers. So, if you own a diving school, this is the product that you should buy. Buy it now for as low as 250 US dollars. The only drawback on this product is its huge size that ladies could get intimidated by it.


  • Easy to direct
  • Readable large screen
  • Variety of color options


  • Too large for some

Tip: It comes with one great feature that is its battery. It comes with a large 3-volt battery which is very easy to charge by using the travel charger.

Info alert: It doesn’t have air integration, and the face of this dive computer is too big to wear as a watch.

#9. Cressi Leonardo Dive Computer

Back on the list with its second product is the Cressi brand. Their excellence in creating the best diving computers paid off as they have two products on the list of 2023’s best dive computers. This is proof of their hard work and dedication to give the customers the best experience while being underwater. They have been perfecting their craft since 1939.

This model was first released before the Cressi Giotto. It has features that are similar to the Giotto but one of the most notable differences in the Leonardo is the single navigation button installed on it. This prevents you from pressing the wrong button while setting-up your dive plan or timer.  

Product Features and Specifications

  • Minute-by-minute logging capability for different divers
  • Integrated with acoustic and visual alarms
  • Decompression safety stop to keep you away from danger
  • Battery life is approximately 3 years
  • Eliminates residual nitrogen for different users
  • Backlit screen, allows you to read the information even in dark places
  • Dive planner

Why do we like it?

A model that is perfect for ocean and sea as the gauge is calibrated for saltwater. A great diving watch for the money, get it now for only $200 US. The single navigation button on the Leonardo prevents you from pressing the wrong button while browsing through the menu. Customers love the Cressi Leonardo for it exceeds the primary purpose of a regular dive computer. 

The alarm is also commended for its decent sound, which is not too loud but not too soft. This one doesn’t have all the advanced features of expensive dive computers but we guarantee you that it is sure to be of great use. 


  • Oxygen toxicity indicator
  • Clear HD backlit display
  • User friendly


  • No multiple gas switching

Tip: It comes attached with a PC download interface kit which helps you to download all logged dive information to your system.

Info alert: The one main problem that we’ve found in this Cressi Leonardo is it doesn’t have freshwater mode and free-diving mode. You can only use the gauge mode, which is not always ideal. You have to spend more money to buy more dedicated modes.

#10. AquaLung i300, i750tc Dive Computer

The last but not the least wrist dive computer on our list is the Aqua Lunch i300 dive computer. This aqualung dive computer was designed for the user to focus more on the dive and not on the watch. Simple and affordable, has all the required features of novice and expert divers alike.

Available in two (2) colors, so you can choose one depending on your style. It has a user-friendly interface, flexible mode of operation, with built-in backlight that allows you to see the information in it even on dark areas underwater. Simple in design, you can use it every day. This is one of the best freediving computer under the US $300.  

Product Features and Specifications

  • Bluetooth integrated
  • Comes with a mobile app (DiverLog+). This app is free, just install it and configure it with your watch. Now, you can download and view your logs on your mobile phones.
  • Four operating modes, allows you to switch between different dive modes or free dive
  • Runs on standard batteries
  • Your logs will still be kept within its memory even after changing its batteries. You won’t lose necessary data again unlike with other brands.
  • Well lit, you can read the information from the watch even in low light conditions
  • Installed with alarms and additional high-visibility LED warning light. So, in the case of life-risking situations, this dive computer will be there to keep off away from danger.
  • Capable of switching up to thee (3) gases with 100% oxygen switching capability

Why do we like it?

This is the best model for beginners. The safety features will keep you at bay from harm. Rated 5-stars by some customer because of how simple it is to be used. Its durability and versatility are commended by customers. Also, their customer service is so great that they are always willing to help in case of problems arises on the delivered product. 

So, why settle for expensive fancy diving computer when you can have all its features in a simple, durable and best budget dive watch. The only drawback on this product is its intimidating size, small guys might find it too big for their wrist. Other than that, the Aqua Lung i300c is sure to be of great service.


  • Audible alarms
  • Four diving modes
  • Accurate readout for all dives


  • Some people said it is difficult to understand

Tip: You can easily read the information through the backlight LCD screen even at the low light condition. The Bluetooth connection is also available, which is used to share the data without the help of any other accessories.

Info alert: You should turn off this computer after 24 hours dive and it takes 2 hours to start again. Other than this issue it is one of our best lists.

Brief History of Dive Computers 

It was first used by the Navy for military warfare. SOS was the first brand of scuba computer which was introduced to the market. It was designed and developed by two Italian genii, Gallinari and DeSanctis. The main purpose of the device is to serve as a monitor/meter for divers. Unfortunately, the dive watch was not able to accurately calculate the decompression status. 

In 1979, the first digital dive computer was invented. Its design was similar to a cash register. A tube was connected to the diver via a cable, which had a built-in sensor to record the pressure underwater. Head into Wiki for the complete history about Dive computers.

Nowadays, the design and features of the dive computer have improved rapidly. Some high-end computers for diving can calculate the speed, depth, and pressure accurately. It was also made to be user-friendly, such a way that even beginners could easily adapt. Other brands integrated a sensor within, which is advantageous to marine archeologists that regularly dive into the ocean to do research and analysis. 

Dive Watch vs Dive Computer 

Scuba computers and dive watch work the same way. It’s just that dive computer is a more technologically advanced compared to the watch. The gauging features of dive computers are more accurate than their counterparts, thus making the former a better option especially for enthusiastic divers. 

Others believe that dive watches could be near its end. The electronic depth sensor of the dive computer is more reliable.. These days they can even monitor temperature, dive time, depth, and can even monitor the amount of air left in a tank. Keeping track of these things can help divers avoid unnecessary accidents and decompression sickness. 

Most diving institutes require the dive watches over its counterparts. The safety features that computers offer are essential to all types of divers, especially to beginners. 

How to Choose The Best Dive Computer

There are certain factors that you should consider before buying that we mentioned below. 

How to Choose The Top Dive Computer

Infographics: Best Dive Computers

Best Dive Computer
Infographics: What is Best Diving Computer


Your body is in a lot of strain when you go underwater. Without carefully planning your dive, you risk yourself in danger which could lead to decompression sickness or worst, death. Decompression sickness is a condition where the diver suffers too much pain from the sudden change in the pressure surrounding him/her. It is sometimes referred to as barotrauma or the bends. 

A dive computer is the modern version of dive watches. The accuracy, versatility, and durability that dive computer offers pushed its predecessor to the sideline. Technological advancements made it possible to compute even the smallest of details. Thus, improving your skills and keeping you away from harm. But not all the features fit everybody. Some are so sophisticated that prices could peak up to $2000. Of course, spending too much on a device that high won’t be necessary especially If you are only planning to start your diving journey. 

Some divers don’t have dive computers as they want to avoid spending a large amount of money on it. They find very impractical, well, that is understandable since money doesn’t come easy these days. Problem is, you risk your life instead if you go into a dive without this device. So, think twice, would you risk your existence just to save a few hundred dollars? Obviously, your family would spend more on your funeral than the cost of a dive watch. Well, that won’t be a problem if you have insurance though. 

Fortunately for all of us, major players in the diving industry managed to create affordable products. What makes it even better is that these dive watches come with all the necessary features that beginners and professionals will need. Negative feedback on dive computers is mostly on the technical specifications like size, weight, lighting, and well-uh, the price. Other than that, it is one of the greatest human inventions. 

Marine archeologist can now explore the deepest parts of the ocean with fewer risk thanks to this device. Now, with the help of our experts, we could better understand how the body interacts with the harsh nature of the underwater environment. 

Choose the top dive watch on the list. You won’t have to look anywhere else as we narrowed your options down to 10. We made sure that all products on the list are of great quality that will sure to impress. We also made a little research on their specification to help beginners better understand how they works. If you are on a budget, no problem. There are affordable products on the list too. Choose one that fits your budget. Hope you find this article helpful as you buy the perfect dive computer that fits you.

Disclaimer: If you purchase any products in this post, we may receive a small commission. We promote only the products which we test and recommend. Read our affiliate disclaimer here.

Updated: February 9, 2023