12 Best 12 Volt Trolling Motor [Deepcycle, Pontoon]

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Our Top Choices:

Best 12 Volt Trolling Motor for saltwater: Newport Vessels NV-Series 55lb

Experience unbeatable saltwater performance with this corrosion-resistant, powerful 12V trolling motor.

Best 12 Volt Trolling Motor freshwater: Minn Kota Endura C2 40

Minn Kota Endura C2 40 – Conquer the lakes with this reliable, whisper-quiet 12V trolling motor designed for freshwater supremacy.

Best high-end 12 Volt Trolling Motor with GPS: Minn Kota 1363706 Riptide

Navigate with ease using this high-end 12V trolling motor, featuring advanced GPS technology for precise control and positioning.

If you love smooth sailing or going fishing with your friends on a little boat, go for a small, energy-efficient, and quiet-type trolling motor.  

Some people are worried about having to buy a trolling motor at a small price. Since most of the boat parts in the market right now are costly, an alteration on boat machines was made. The 12-Volt Trolling Motor was designed for smaller boats and is far less expensive than its high-powered counterparts.

Now, you can sail from point A to B even under a budget. You can buy a 12-volt trolling motor for under $150 without compromising its quality as we narrowed it down to our top 12 Trolling Motors of 2023. 

Trolling motors are of different sizes and features. If you are looking for a bigger size or a powerful 12-volt trolling motor, we got you covered. Some products on the list even have locks for a safer and steadier sail.

12-volt trolling motors these days are so versatile that they could fit any type of boat. It can work on saltwater boats, pontoon boats, and even bass boats. Use the list as your guide as you get more information on what best suits your needs.

How FishingKris Chose The Best 12 Volt Trolling Motors

Best 12 Volt Trolling Motor – 12 Motors Reviewed

Embark on a smooth and efficient boating adventure with our top picks for the best 12 Volt Trolling Motors. Expertly chosen to cater to various needs, these motors are designed to deliver outstanding performance, durability, and reliability. From saltwater and freshwater options to high-end GPS-integrated models, our selection ensures a seamless experience tailored to your specific requirements. Get ready to conquer the waters and elevate your boating experience with these exceptional 12V trolling motors.

Newport Vessels 8 Speed Electric Trolling Motor- Best 55 lb Thrust Trolling Motor

Newport NV-Series 55lb Thrust Saltwater Transom Mounted Trolling Electric Motor w/LED Battery Indicator & 30' Shaft
2,885 Reviews
Newport NV-Series 55lb Thrust Saltwater Transom Mounted Trolling Electric Motor w/LED Battery Indicator & 30" Shaft
  • Efficient Power: 55Lb Thrust - This 12V Electric Trolling Motor Provides Excellent Power And Efficiency For Any Boater. The High Quality Build Allows The Motor To Run All Day Long Without Overheating, Or Making Noise To Spook Fish

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This 12-volt trolling machine amazingly works on saltwater. The durability and rust-resistant components are the major qualities that contribute to the long-lasting life of the machine. One of the best trolling motors as it is designed to run quietly compared to other brands. Now, you can enjoy a good catch without scaring the fish away from your boat.

Product Specifications

  • The 55-lb thrust NV Series trolling motor can be easily installed on the boat as it weighs only 24 lbs (11kg).
  • The package includes a 3-blade propeller kit and a circuit breaker that automatically shut down the machine when it hits rocks, stuck on weeds, fishing nets, or hits a rock.
  • You can also purchase the Smart Battery Box that is perfect in case you needed a quick recharge on the batteries for about 65 bucks. Perfect since anglers on rivers, beaches, and lakes have little to no access to a charging port.
  • Its 6 inches telescopic control handle allows you to point the boat at any direction with ease and total control. 

Our Verdict

If you own a 12-foot to 16-foot longboat, the machine would fit in perfectly. Say goodbye to overheating as the machine is designed to dissipate heat. The machine is still capable of working smoothly and quietly even after loading it with 200 pounds of weight. 

A good feature for anglers who prefer to catch a river monster or smaller fish in a big batch. Some customers have given good comments on Newport’s customer service team, as they reply to customers’ complaints quickly and are willing to send parts and replacements in just a few days.


  • Fiberglass shaft
  • Durable construction
  • Versatile


  • Plastic mounts

Tip: Fiberglass shaft is the main feature which gives the motor a durable construction, its ideal for those who are fishing in rough or choppy waters.

Info alert: There are holes on the bottom of the head unit which can easily allow water to splash through the entire equipment.

Riptide 55s 55lb Thrust Motor

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You do not have to worry about corrosion or rust when using this trolling motor. It is crafted from marine-grade alloy that makes it corrosion-resistant. It can be used without a problem in salt water as well as freshwater. 

Product Specs

  • The motor comes with a 12-volt power
  • It has a thrust level of 55lb
  • The tiller is a telescoping type and is about 6 inches in length
  • The motor is not heavy and can easily be carried considering it weighs 25lb
  • The shaft length is around 36 inches
  • It has a warranty of two years

Our Verdict

You will find that the motor is easy to install as well as dismantle. It is made from corrosion-resistant alloys and hence, you can expect the components to be durable and long-lasting. Even the control board is completely protected from water with the help of urethane. You can adjust the depth of the motor. You will find that the tiller is easy to use. The motor uses a single battery of 12 volts.


  • Designed for saltwater and freshwater use
  • Very powerful motor
  • It weighs about 25lb
  • Smooth performance with minimal vibrations
  • Easy to steer
  • Has adjustable cam depth
  • Compact design that enables you to stow it away


  • The 12-volt battery has to be bought separately

Tip: You can adjust the tiller handle to your fishing style as it can be extended to six inches and can be tilted to an angle of 45 degrees.

Info alert: A fully charged battery lasts for about two hours if you operate the motor on full throttle.

Minn Kota 1363565 Riptide PowerDrive

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This motor is surprisingly quiet but packs a lot of power. It can be used in salt water as well as freshwater without worrying about corrosion. The shaft is made from composite metals and has an inner lining of alloy to prevent rust and water damage.

Product Specifications

  • The weight of the motor is 36lb
  • The motor requires just 12-volt of power
  • It draws power between 11 and 44 amps
  • The thrust level is 44lb
  • Comes with a digital voltmeter display
  • The shaft length is 36 inches
  • It comes with one year warranty for manufacturer’s defects

Our Verdict

This motor offers great performance and is designed to make your life easy. It comes with a foot control unit that allows you to adjust the speed without using your hands. The shaft is made from composite metal, which makes it very strong and durable.

It is resistant to corrosion as well. The propeller shaft is made from stainless steel and has three propeller blades. The circuit boards are completely covered to protect them from water damage. The battery is not included with the motor and has to be bought separately.


  • Powerful motor
  • Extremely silent
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to install and remove
  • Speed can be changed using the foot controller
  • Can be operated hands-free


  • Can be expensive for some users

Tip: Rather than using your hands to control the speed of the motor, you can use the wired foot controller

Info alert: It comes with six feet long power cables and a circuit breaker reset as is mandated by the US Coast Guard. 

Minn Kota Endura Transom Mount Trolling Motor

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The best trolling motor on the list is the Minn Kota Endura 30. A 30-pound trolling motor that works best in freshwater. Minn Kota has been in the industry for more than 85 years. They’ve made thousands of excellent fishing equipment and machines since 1934.

The Company was founded by Mr. O.G. Schmidt, who also invented the first trolling motor in North Dakota. The name of the company was created in honor of the anglers from the states of Minnesota and Dakota. The combined name of the states gave birth to the name Minn Kota. 

Product Specifications

  • The Minn Kota 30 is a 5-speed 12-volt trolling motor that efficiently works on freshwater.
  • This minn kota electric trolling motor also has a 3-speed reverse option for a slower and smoother sail.
  • This product comes with a quick-release lever lock bracket that allows the angler/fishermen to position it in ten (10) different ways.
  • The shaft of the Endura 30 is 30 inches in length, you won’t have to load additional weight for the machine to reach the water.
  • The machine is made of reinforced high-quality materials, making it indestructible and resistant from UV damage, warping, and irritating flex.
  • This trolling motor comes with a 2-year product warranty.
  • This trolling motor has better features than minn kota riptide.

Our Verdict

The Minn Kota 30 works best on small boats up to 14 feet in length. The multiple forward and reverse speed options are loved by customers as they could adjust it to a faster or slower sail anytime they want. 

One customer commended the product for its efficiency on energy consumption which is good since charging ports for the machine are not usually available near lakes/rivers. 

Minn Kota Endura 30 is a trolling motor that is good for the budget as it costs very little. This is also the best for small boats.


  • Lightweight
  • Quiet motor
  • Made for small/medium boats


  • Wires are a tad too long

Tip: If you’re looking for a trolling motor for fishing, this is a right choice. It’s perfect for small and medium boats also this is lightweight, silent, and cool.

GOPLUS Electric Trolling Motor – Best For Bass Boats

Goplus Electric Trolling Motor 8 Speed, 46 Lbs Thrust Boat Fishing Motor w/Telescoping Handle, Two-bladed Propeller, LED Battery Indicator and 36' Shaft for Freshwater Saltwater Use (46LBS)
158 Reviews
Goplus Electric Trolling Motor 8 Speed, 46 Lbs Thrust Boat Fishing Motor w/Telescoping Handle, Two-bladed Propeller, LED Battery Indicator and 36" Shaft for Freshwater Saltwater Use (46LBS)
  • 【Powerful & Quiet Trolling Motor】The 46/55/86LBS pound thrust to this electric trolling motor gives you a lot of power to push the boat with strong force to generate a wake off and on for several hours before requiring a charge. And even at the full speed, the motor can run very quietly.

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While some trolling motors work best only for slim-type vessels, the Go Plus machines work best even on broader fishing vessels such as the bass boat. One of the fishermen’s biggest problems is determining the remaining energy stored in the batteries machine.

The Go Plus has solved the problem by integrating a 10-point LED light indicator for battery life. Anglers will never have to worry about paddling back to the shore after a sudden shut down of the machine.

Product features and specifications

  • The Go Plus is popular for its sturdiness, versatility, and durability.
  • The materials used in this product are top-of-the-line.
  • It comes with a 3-blade propeller for a smooth and easy ride.
  • The machine is so powerful that it could withstand water grass, weeds, and marsh.
  • An advanced trolling motor that is budget-friendly for it only cost under $180. 
  • Great for its multiple adjustable components, the propeller depth that works best for boats with a height; boat clamp that secures the motor perfectly on boats of different sizes; and even the shaft that could be adjusted to different angles depending on your preferences. 

Our Verdict

The Go Pro Electric Trolling Motor is so versatile and energy-efficient for it could provide power on bass boats, inflatable fishing boats, and other fishing vessels over 14-foot long.  Customers are amazed at how energy-efficient the Go Plus machine is. 

A client once used the motor for 4 straight hours and consumed only 30% of battery life. Now, you can go on long sails without the worry of paddling back to the shore. The Go Plus is best used for bigger boats since some customers that use kayaks complain about the machine being too powerful.


  • LED battery meter
  • Compact model
  • 6-inch telescoping handle


  • Not saltwater compatible

Tip: First of all it’s made of high-quality, corrosion-resistant materials so it remains durable for a long time. The model is designed to use either a 12 volt or 24 volt DC battery.

Info alert: This model requires one to use the hands for steering so it may not be comfortable while you’re in a hurry to reach the target.

MinnKota Edge Bowmount Foot Control Trolling Motor- 45 lb Trolling Motor

Edge 45 lb. / FP - 36'
126 Reviews
Edge 45 lb. / FP - 36"
  • Latch & Door Bracket: This bracket gives you a rock-solid hold while stowing your trolling motor and makes for easy removal at the end of the day.

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Free your hands from strenuous, long hours of controlling the trolling motor. The edge 45 is a foot/heel-controlled trolling motor that works best for freshwater. Its compact design will surprise you with a 45-pound thrust. 

If you are looking for a small-sized trolling motor that could push a boat with a heavy load, go for this product. Another Minn Kota product on the list proves the company’s greatness in designing the best trolling motor.

Product Specifications and features

  • Guarantees repairs and parts replacement as it comes with a 2-year warranty.
  • A 5-speed trolling motor that is capable of producing a 45-pound thrust.
  • It has a Latch & Door bracket feature for a rock-solid hold on the boat.
  • Energy-efficient as it runs on a 12-volt battery but is sure to give your boat a good push even after loading it with a heavy catch.

Our Verdict

It is not the quietest type of trolling motor. It is a small trolling motor but the terrible type of machine with an indestructible shaft. It would be wise to always keep the box and receipt of the Edge 45, as some customers experience receiving the product with minor defects. 

Luckily, the Minn Kota Edge 45 saltwater trolling motor comes with a 2-year warranty, so in case you needed a quick repair or replacement, you could immediately bring it to the nearest service center. Minn Kota brand has been praised for creating the most durable trolling motors. You’ll be worry-free from sudden breakage on any of their products.


  • Has a directional indicator
  • Easy to install
  • Components are durable


  • A bit pricey

Tip: It is foot controlled trolling motor which is ergonomically designed with a cable steer foot pedal, using this boat can move efficiently with enough room for pedaling.

Info alert: Sometimes the troll motor doesn’t work which is not good when you’re serious at work or in the middle of the sea, so double check and buy the product.

Intex Trolling Motor for Intex Inflatable Boats- Motor Mount Trolling Motor

Intex Trolling Motor for Intex Inflatable Boats, 36' Shaft
219 Reviews
Intex Trolling Motor for Intex Inflatable Boats, 36" Shaft
  • Designed for Intex boats, includes Challenger 3, Seahawk 2, 3, 4, Excursion 3, 4, 5 and Mariner 3 and 4. Compatible with most inflatable boats that have built-in motor mount fittings

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Looking for a trolling motor that perfectly matches your inflatable boat? Then check the trolling motor from Intex with a 36-inch shaft. Now, you give your inflatable boats great thrusting power no matter how tall height is. With a thrusting power of 40 pounds, this machine is sure to bring you to the best fishing spot. Designed to have 5 forward speeds and 3 reverse speeds.

Product Specifications and features

  • With an easy-to-handle controller that allows you to adjust between 8-speed options (both reverse and forward) with ease
  • All adjustable from the 6-inch tiller up to the handle and bracket
  • Integrated precautionary features such as battery life meter, overload indicator, and dry operation indicator.
  • It also has a weed escape function in case you get stuck with stubborn weeds underwater
  • Automatic power saving module for longer battery life. This is a smart feature that most trolling motors don’t have
  • With a digital control module and a cooling system that prevent your motor from overheating
  • Item Code (SKU): 68631E
  • The machine is 24.16 pounds (estimated 12 kilograms) in weight.

Our Verdict

One of the most prominent brands in the world is Intex. Intex recreation Corporation has been in pools, airbeds, and furniture of the highest quality for over 40 years. The trolling motor is also one of their finest products, to be included on this list is proof of their excellence. 

The Intex Trolling motor comes with an Intex Motor Mount Kit and Minnkota Trolling Motor Power Center. The only drawback of the product is the defective motor that fails to work on the first attempt. Luckily, Intex replaces the machine fast in just a few days!


  • Works well on kayaks
  • Ideal for inflatable boats
  • Has excellent acceleration


  • Few units break easily

Tip: Most inflatable boats are designed with a built-in motor which is ideal for taking different inflatable pontoon boats for various rides on the water.

Info alert: Intex offers only the limited usage for the customers which is disliked by most of them, the motor leave out a myriad of vessels that could use it.

MinnKota Traxxis 45 Transom Mount 80 Lb Thrust Trolling Motor

Traxxis 55 lb. / Hand - 42'
49 Reviews
Traxxis 55 lb. / Hand - 42"
  • One-Hand Stow: Just pull up and forward to stow the motor with no buttons or release levers. Then when it’s time to go, use the easy-access thumb release to deploy Traxxis into any of ten different positions.

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Minn Kota is back on the list again for another trolling motor that is sure to impress every fisherman. The Traxxis is available in five (5) different thrusts, from 45 pounds to 80 pounds of power. You can choose one that fits your style with the same quality and durability.

Product features and specifications

  • The Traxxis is integrated with the Digital Maximizer that allows you to stay on the water for longer periods of time instead of wasting battery due to the constant flow of power.
  • Change depths easily, securely, and quickly with the Quick-Cam Depth adjuster. Once you find the right depth for you, the trolling motor helps you reach the perfect fishing spot in no time.
  • No more strenuous controlling thanks to effortless steering of the Traxxis. You can also lock the controller in place allowing you to sail without less effort.
  • The excellent durability of the shaft that is guaranteed to last for life.
  • Quiet motor for smooth sailing and no more worries on scaring the fish off your spot.
  • Product code: 1368707
  • Comes with a 2-year warranty.

Our Verdict

Minn Kota Traxxis is a freshwater trolling motor that uses a 12-volt power supply. The most advanced variable trolling motor that is capable of reversing up to 180 degrees with just a lift and tilt of the lever. Customers are concerned about the digital features of this machine, especially when sudden rain arrives. 

Though there are no complaints about it, Minn Kota trolling motor does not guarantee a 100% waterproof on the digital components. Bring a plastic rain cover in case of sudden rain to avoid leakage inside the digital parts. Other than that, the product is rated 5-stars by customers all over the world. 


  • Comes with digital maximizer
  • Has an Easy Depth control system
  • Cool, quiet power


  • Difficulty with stowing

Tip: The digital maximizer provides up to 5 times longer run time within a single battery charge which allows you to dial in your exact speed and offers as much power you need.

Info alert: One of the downside of this product is, it has difficulty with stowing which was considered as the negative with this transom motor, but now the design has changed and made as a desirable motor.

Newport NV-Series 36lb Electric Trolling Motor- Best Short Shaft Trolling Motor

Newport NV-Series 55lb Thrust Saltwater Transom Mounted Trolling Electric Motor w/LED Battery Indicator & 30' Shaft
2,885 Reviews
Newport NV-Series 55lb Thrust Saltwater Transom Mounted Trolling Electric Motor w/LED Battery Indicator & 30" Shaft
  • Efficient Power: 55Lb Thrust - This 12V Electric Trolling Motor Provides Excellent Power And Efficiency For Any Boater. The High Quality Build Allows The Motor To Run All Day Long Without Overheating, Or Making Noise To Spook Fish

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Newport has designed a powerful transom-type trolling motor for the money. It has a built-in battery ready to tell the anglers how long they could travel by boat. This is the only trolling motor on the list that uses a 24-volt power supply capable of carrying and pushing a heavy-loaded fishing boat. Perfect for minimalist anglers for its simple design. Ensures durability, speed, and efficiency that every angler and fisherman will surely love.

Product Specifications and features

  • Built-in power reader to help you determine how long your battery would last.
  • The adjustable depth collar helps you get the best depth for better acceleration.
  • The bracket uses a pin-hinge lock for a secure fit onto the mount of the boat
  • The control box has a secure cover to prevent the water from leaking into the machine.
  • Excellent maneuverability and accuracy thanks to the 6-inch telescopic handle
  • Go on full-throttle with the 24-volt motor that runs the 3-bladed propellers
  • Shaft length: 30 inches stainless steel shaft to prevent it from rusting
  • Very light and easy to install for it only weighs 18.74 pounds

Our Verdict

The most annoying thing about trolling motors is the noise it produces during activation. This noise scares away the fish making it hard for anglers and fishermen to have a good and bountiful catch. The Newport Trolling motor is so powerful yet so silent that allows you to sail on any type of water worry-free thanks to its step-less speed.


  • Responsive
  • Great battery life
  • Easy to operate


  • The shaft is too short

Tip: This is one of the budget-friendly options because it is moderately priced and has various thrust levels to choose from. The components are durably constructed.

Info alert: The bolts are not corrosion resistant so when you frequently use the motor it may corrode, so you’ve to handle with care whenever you use it.

Minn Kota Maxxum Bowmount 70 lb Thrust Trolling Motor

Maxxum 70 lb. / FP - 42'
110 Reviews
Maxxum 70 lb. / FP - 42"
  • Bowguard 360° Breakaway Mount: Breaks away on impact, then automatically resets itself, giving you uninterrupted fishing and an extra safeguard from damaging your trolling motor or boat. It even detaches for added convenience.

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The Maxxum is a trolling motor with foot control. Now you can sail like a boss as you free your hands of the annoying handles of other brands. If you require a power machine that produces great power, speed, and durability, go for this product. One of the most advanced and cleverly designed trolling motors by Minn Kota. 

This Minn Kota bow mount trolling motor has a Bowguard 360-degree breakaway mount that automatically shuts down at resets itself upon impact. Like all other Minn Kota products, this trolling motor is sure to last for years thanks to its durable high-quality materials. 

The new Weedless Wedge™ 2 Prop is a new technology of Minn Kota that uses swept-back flared blades that are capable of powering through anything without consuming too much battery.

Product Specifications and features

  • The versatile trolling motor that can be controlled both by hand and foot. It is rated as one of the best hand control trolling motor.
  • Capable of producing a 70-pound thrust
  • With a shaft length of 42 inches and could be adjusted up to 52 inches
  • Anodized aluminum mount for the secure position and rust-resistance

Our Verdict

Minn Kota was established in Fargo, North Dakota back in 1934. Since then, they have been creating and innovating fishing tools and gears that match the needs of every angler. They have been commended for the quality materials that they use on their products making them durable that customers surely love. 

In case customers suddenly shut down on the machine, report it immediately to their customer service to get replacements on parts or even the whole product in just a few days.


  • Composite shaft
  • Illuminated directional indicator
  • 24-volt power system


  • Not suitable for saltwater

Tip: Battery efficiency is excellent as it can withstand even after 2-3 hours of trolling this is because of digital maximizer technology which saves the power and reduces draining rate.

Info alert: You can’t use this motor in saltwater because the hardware isn’t suitable for saltwater, it’s the disappointing factor of this product as every user would expect to use in both freshwater and saltwater.

Caroute N300-24V 160LB Electric Boat Trolling Motor- Best Bow Mount Trolling Motor

Caroute N300-24V 160LB Brushless Electric Boat Trolling Motor Large Thrust Saltwater (160 Pound, 36' Shaft)
3 Reviews
Caroute N300-24V 160LB Brushless Electric Boat Trolling Motor Large Thrust Saltwater (160 Pound, 36" Shaft)
  • More powerful large thrust brushless electric motor suitable for boats to 3.0 tons

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The Caroute N300 is one of the only three (3) products that are able to go head-to-head against Minn Kota. A brushless type of 24-volt electric trolling motor capable of moving up to 3 tons of boat. Amazingly powerful yet simple in design. It produces less sound during use, which is good as to not scare the fish away. This is a product that can match gasoline-powered motors. It is the biggest trolling motor in the market.

Product specification and features

  • The maximum thrust that the Caroute N300 electric boat motor can produce is up to 160 pounds.
  • Its maximum efficiency is up to 65%, a great feature that distinguishes it from the competition.
  • It works decently even while running it at 1500RPM
  • Built with a telescoping handle for an easier and more accurate ride
  • Use two (2) 12 volts battery or a single 24-volt battery for it to operate

Our Verdict

Perfectly designed to fit sailboats and dinghies as it uses 2000-watt input power and produces 160-pound of powerful thrust. It’s a saltwater trolling motor with an aluminum shaft, making it rustproof giving you less effort to clean it after use. and no periodic maintenance is required.

Trolling motors come in different sizes, designs, and features. Some trolling motors can be mounted on the bow (the front part of a boat) while other types can be securely locked on the transom. For better maneuverability, go for the trolling motors designed to be installed on the bow. But if you are using the smaller types of fishing vessels such as canoes and kayaks, it would be wise to buy a transom type of trolling machines or canoe trolling motors.


  • Suitable for saltwater
  • Boasts 160 pounds of thrust
  • Can power a 3-ton boat


  • Expensive

Tip: All the parts are well-protected and it is resistant to both saltwater and corrosion which means you can run this on seawater without any fear, this works better on the freshwater as well.

Info alert: Most of the people complained that the customer service is not good; they felt that it isn’t helpful also this is most expensive on the list.

PEXMOR Trolling Motor

PEXMOR Electric Trolling Motor 36LBS Thrust Saltwater Transom Mounted w/LED Battery Indicator 8 Variable Speed for Kayak, Inflatable Fishing Boats (30' Shaft)
158 Reviews
PEXMOR Electric Trolling Motor 36LBS Thrust Saltwater Transom Mounted w/LED Battery Indicator 8 Variable Speed for Kayak, Inflatable Fishing Boats (30" Shaft)
  • 【EFFICIENT POWER】- 36LB Thrust,This 12V electric trolling motor provides excellent power and efficiency for any boater. The High Quality Build Allows The Motor To Run All Day Long Without Overheating, the trolling motor runs stably with less noise and will not disturb the fish

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The last but not the least trolling machine on our list is the PEXMOR electric transom trolling motor. The most ideal trolling motor for all types of boats. Whether you use fishing plastic fishing boats, wood boats, and even on inflatable boats, this trolling motor is sure to give a 100% great fishing experience.

Product Specifications and features

  • Its 3-blade propeller provides extra power and push that destroy stubborn weeds and marsh underwater
  • Built with 10-points LED lights indicator to help you determine how much power the battery has.
  • Adjustable clamps with 2 fixing screws for a secure and stable fit on the rear side of the boat
  • Guarantees a stable and secure trolling motor for it is integrated with a Solid Adjustable Fixed ring
  • The shaft is also adjustable to maximize thrust. It also has a reset button to position the shaft in its default form.
  • The propeller depth is also adjustable, allowing you to find the perfect depth for a better throttle.
  • Equipped with 5 forward speeds and 3 reverse speeds

Our Verdict

A trolling motor with a minimalist design that is sure to deliver good service. The only complaint about this product is it easily drains the battery’s life. Make sure to bring extra batt with you all the time. Other than that, this trolling motor works great as any other top brand on the list.


  • 3 blade design
  • Adjustable boat clamp
  • 6” telescopic adjustable handle


  • Speed switch

Tip: It weighs light of 22 lbs just for easy carrying and reduced stress on vessel, there are 10 points LED light which indicates the remaining battery charge.

Info alert: I’d say that this product is great except the speed switch because there are some issues with the switch or connections so the user may get irritated.

Best Trolling Motor: Buying Guide

We made also made a list of everything that you should know before buying a trolling motor.

How to Choose The Best 12-Volt Trolling Motor

Every fisherman’s preferences differ depending on their fishing style, it is best to do a little research and consult well-experienced fishermen and anglers who have used two or more trolling motors.

  1. Speed. If you wanted to save yourself from the time-consuming paddle to have more time on fishing, then that is the right time for you to consider buying a trolling motor. Paddling can be strenuous especially for elderly people who still love to go the water to relax and enjoy fishing. A 12-volt trolling motor gives you a smoother ride as some of the products available on the market right now have a speed option feature. Thus, giving you full control of how fast or slow you wanted to travel over the water.
  2. Power. One of the most important features of a trolling motor is its thrust. Thrust is the capacity of a trolling motor to produce a powerful push, which is essential especially for heavier types of fishing vessels. As the rule states: every 100 pounds of weight need 2 pounds of thrust. So, if you plan on loading more people and gears on to your boat, then purchase trolling motors with a good thrust.
  3. Budget. The quality of the trolling motor that you plan to buy depends on the budget that you have. Trolling motors of standard quality doesn’t come cheap. There are companies that are passionate about giving joy to their customer through their products and some of them are on the list. One of their strategies is to sell their high-quality machines at an affordable price and as the good comments and reviews come, the customers will most likely choose their machines over its competitors. Never settle for cheap trolling motors as it will only piss you off. You never wanted to experience the unexpected shutdown of your machine while on your way to the perfect fishing spot especially when you are headed back to the shore with little energy left after several hours of fishing.
  4. Features. Don’t overlook the features as it could help improve your fishing experience. Features like battery life indicators are so important these days. You can’t always depend on how good you are in estimating the energy left on your machine’s battery. After fishing for long hours, you tend to forget how much time has passed and how much energy your machine has consumed, it becomes a lot more troublesome especially if you forgot to recharge the battery a night before you go out to fish. Imagine the frustration of having to paddle back to shore after loading your boat with lots of gigantic fish after a great catch. What’s the worst? Is if you forgot to bring your paddle with you.
  5. Experience. Always keep in mind the number of passengers that you plan to accommodate on your boat. It’s actually up to common sense. The trolling motor is not a type of machine that kids should use without supervision no matter how companies label it as “easy-to-use”. Also, it would be wise to consult a person with advanced or intermediate knowledge on how to install the trolling motor. A simple misalignment of the motor can affect the performance of your trolling machine no matter how expensive or good its quality is. Setting it up in a wrong angle or unable to lock it securely can damage your precious boat too.

Maintaining the Trolling Motor

There are certain things that you should consider while operating trolling motor. The below maintenance tips will help you to use your motor for a long time. 

  • Clean. Keep your trolling motor free from mud, weeds, algae, and scum. Failing to remove these things after use can be very hard when it dries out. Make sure to spare a few minutes to wash it with fresh water as to prevent possible rust build-up ensuring performance as if it’s been fresh out of the box.
  • Recharge. The battery is the heart of your trolling machine. Never be careless when charging your batteries and always read the manual before plugging it in. Use the right charger and make sure that your wall socket matches the required volts of your machine’s battery. Avoid the bulging of batteries due to overcharging. You don’t want to cause the fire to your homes or burn the board within the motor due to your own carelessness.
  • Inspect. Always check your machine before and after going out to the water. The locks, bolts, propeller, wiring, absolutely everything. Once you go out to the water to fish, you have zero access to any parts or components when needing a quick repair.
  • Lubricate. Though you won’t have to worry about lubrication especially when you have a new-bought machine. There would come a time when you will have to check and apply oil and lubricants to your motor parts and engine. This is to ensure that the trolling motor would spin its motors and tilts the handle properly. Check the manual that comes with the package to help guide you on the machine’s maintenance.
  • Replace damaged parts. This is good if your machine still has a valid warranty, as spare parts can come in free. Sailing on dark or muddy waters makes it hard for every fisherman to avoid rocks and weeds from hitting the propeller blades. Broken parts won’t give a 100% performance thus ruining your fishing experience. Make sure to make quick replacements before going out to the water.

Final Words

Trolling motors are one of the greatest inventions of mankind. It is a good machine that makes aquatic activities more convenient especially for adults. Some people may find buying a trolling motor expensive but think about the comfort the machine could give and the time that you could save with this device. The easier transport and a bountiful catch are things that we should look forward to.

It is the performance of the machine that matters most no matter how beautifully designed they are. For the long-lasting life of the trolling motor, always keep it clean after use. Be smart enough to understand the risk of the things underwater as some of these elements could damage your trolling motor. 

The trolling machines are made for specific water types. Don’t force your freshwater trolling motor to work in a salt-water environment to avoid rust build-up that could severely ruin its components and engine. Safety is still the top priority when buying such products. Always wear a life vest!

Hope you find this article helpful as we limit it to the 10 best trolling motors that best fit your needs.


How long will a 12V battery run a trolling motor?

Battery life for a 12V trolling motor depends on factors like motor power, usage, and battery capacity. Typically, a 12V battery can last anywhere from 4 to 10 hours, but this can vary based on your motor’s amperage draw and the battery’s amp-hour rating.

How fast does a 12V trolling motor go?

The speed of a 12V trolling motor varies with factors like motor power, boat size, and water conditions. On average, you can expect speeds of 2-5 mph, although some models may reach slightly higher speeds under optimal conditions.

Is a 12V trolling motor good?

Yes, a 12V trolling motor is a reliable and efficient option for small boats and kayaks, providing ample power for most recreational activities. These motors are generally lightweight, easy to operate, and more cost-effective compared to higher voltage alternatives.

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