What Are The Benefits of Owning a Towable Tube?

Kristian Ole



Water sports are a lot of fun, especially if done properly and safely. And one of the ways you can safely do that is through towable tubes. Towable tubes make boating fun and accessible sport for anyone in your family. 

There have been many towable tubes in the market that can mount up to 5 people, so there’s no need to wait for your turn, allowing everyone to enjoy at the same time. 

If there’s a simple way of summarizing the advantages of water towable tubes, then it would be the world – Value. 

With the best towable tubes that the market has to offer, it allows you to turn your boat to have a towable platform, perfect for doing water sports that would set you back not more than $100. That is less than half of the price of a standard wakeboard, which is known to be one of the cheapest ones you can get if you want to involve yourself in water sports. Water towables were meant to be used for a single person only, but there have been variations where it allows two people to be on at the same time, and everyone can use it, no matter the age. 

Even some towable tubes can fit a whole family, giving your loved ones a good time. Now, some of the most common tubes in the market can seat up to 4 people, on several variants of a towable tube. 

If you want to experience water sports through tube towables, you can expect to have this experience. 

  • You give your whole family the enjoyment of a water sport without putting them at a huge amount of risk. That is if you’re strictly using the water tubes only. 
  • With a towable tube, you can easily mount and dismount it, setting up doesn’t take too much time either. Most towable tube designs have safety straps on them to keep the riders in place. 
  • Some of the latest designed towable tubes come with a stable platform, reducing the number of wipeouts that would usually occur in past iterations of said product. 

One of the latest innovations when it comes to towable tubes are deep seating, head and neck rest, and some knuckle guards, which makes water sports exciting, fun, and safe for your family. So when shopping around for towable tubes, make sure that it’ll fit your family’s needs. 

Best Prices for Towable Tubes 

Towable tubes have been considered to be the most affordable water sport. Depending on the towable tube that you want for you and your family, prices may vary, especially if it has increased seating and additional features for safety. 

If we’re talking about a single-rider towable tube, it’ll cost you around a $100 or less, and if you need a two-seater one, there are several models available in the market that’s priced around the $150-200 range. If you want your whole family to enjoy all at the same time, it can be quite a pricey investment starting from $350 to $450, but I guarantee you, the fun that you and your family will be having will be priceless.


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