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Once again avid anglers will be able to enjoy the services of this yacht that has been around for decades and has been fulfilling the dreams of anglers, who wanted to fish along in the remote parts of the Pacific. 

About Bass Tub

Bass Tub came to life in 1978 when it was created at the Westport Shipyard, which is located in Westport, Washington. However, the yacht was christened to the Ghost Rider. It was primarily used as a private yacht to sail in the hinterlands of Alaska. As time went by, Bass Tub underwent a transformation to make it more eco-friendly. The owners installed motors that were carbon compliant. 

Erik Anfinson, the current captain of Bass Tub, started handling the deck for his father at the tender age of 19. He worked for 15 years before he saved up enough to purchase Ghost Rider. 

Erik used to work as a deckhand on his parent’s boat. He started captaining the boat after his father fell ill, and once his father passed away, Erik purchased the yacht from his mother.  By then, Erik already had a license to operate a 100-ton boat, and hence, it was the right choice. 

The hard work paid off when he purchased the Ghost Rider from Longview, which is in Washington. This boat was christened Bass Tub Erik, probably to commemorate the original Bass Tub and the memory of his beloved father. The new Bass Tub was used as a private yacht to sail across the waters of Alaska. However, now it spends the entire year at the Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco Bay. It caters to sports fishermen and anyone who wants to explore the Bay. 

Services Provided by Bass Tub

Bass Tub can be hired for several different occasions. Some of the reasons people book this stunning and impressive yacht are as follows:

Fishing Trips:

Erik regularly takes fishing enthusiasts on fishing trips so that they can angle at lesser-known spots. Trips start at merely $100 per person and anglers can take a trip to fish rockfish, shark, salmon, Dungeness crab, striped bass, lingcod, and halibut among others. 

Private Charters:

Instead of waiting for Erik to complete a group, you can charter the entire yacht for your family and friends. You can host parties aboard the luxurious yacht or go on a personalized fishing trip. You can even hold memorials at sea, enjoy a team-building event, or host a special celebration. Bass Tub is a high-end sailing vessel that is replete with everything you need to make your charter a roaring success. 

Explore the San Francisco Bay

Erik operates Bass Tub every day for those who want to tour the Bay. They can sail past historic sites and click panoramic photos of awe-inspiring landscapes and sights. The entire Bay is steeped in history and can make your tour memorable and fun. This is one of the best ways to explore the Bay, especially if you have a large group of family and friends.   

Check out today to book Bass Tub, a premium yacht that can help you make cherished and thrilling memories.