Top 10 Bank Fishing Tips to Increase Your Catch Ratio

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Bank fishing can be fun, especially when you have to use your wit to attract the fish to your bait or lure. This form of fishing can be relaxing and it gives you an opportunity to indulge in a hobby that you are passionate about. If you are just getting into bank fishing, you may find that attracting fish to shallow water may not be as easy as you anticipated. Thankfully, you do not have to worry. Here are a few bank fishing tips that will do wonders for your catch ratio and ensure you do not end the day with empty hands.

1. Wear Dark Clothes

dark clothes for bank fishing

While this may not be comfortable in the summer, you will not regret it. When you go bank fishing, the water is shallow and fish tend to look up to identify potential predators and protect their fry. This is especially true for bass. Wearing brightly colored clothes will give you away and fish will not come to take your bait or lure. However, if you wear dark-colored clothes, you can blend with the surroundings and that will not frighten away the fish or make them wary of you.

2. Stand Away from the Edge

bank fishing tip 2

It is advisable to stand away from the edge of the water. That way, you will not spook away the fish. The further you stand away and make a cast, the higher the chances of the fish taking your bait will increase. Make sure that when you cast, you cover as many areas as possible. After that, you can move a little closer to the water’s edge if you want to get a better casting angle.

3. Identify the Target Area

Before you start casting, identify the location in the water where you think you will get good results. As a beginner, it may take a few tries but once you get the spot right, focus on it. If you find the right area, you should be able to get a catch within a few casts.

4. Keep the Bait in the Target Zone

When you begin bank fishing, master different casting angles. Remember, the fish live in shallow water and you want to ensure that you get the casting angle right. It is best to divide the identified area into zones and cast in them. Make sure that your bait or lure stays as long as possible in the zone before you start slowly reel in. This will increase the probability of hooking a fish as your lure them to the shore.

5. Do Not Stay in One Place Too Long

Try not to stay in one place too long. Instead, keep moving but not too often. Fish can sense vibrations and if you move too frequently, you will frighten them away. Identify areas in the water body and target those areas. Do not assume that staying in one place along the bank will get you a catch as it will not happen. Once you begin hooking fish, focus on that area until you no longer hook. Then move to the next area.

6. Bring Just Essentials

a lot of fishing gear

Since bank fishing involves walking along the bank, you want to make sure that you do not carry too many things. Bring along essentials, like a bank fishing rod holder, baits, lures, scissors, fishing pliers, a lightweight foldable chair, and of course, your fishing rods. You can carry the smaller items in your fishing vest. That way, you will be able to move around the area unhindered. While your rod is placed in the bank fishing rod holder, you can sit in your chair and wait.

7. Downsize Your Bait and Lure

In case you find that you are not attracting fish, it is time to downsize the bait or lure. Go in for smaller-sized baits and lures. You will find that this technique will get you a catch, especially in high-pressure water bodies.

8. Use Stealth

This is among the most important bank fishing tips that you should not think twice about using. If you are noisy, it will frighten the fish. To prevent that from happening, you should be quiet and move around carefully and slowly. Do not shout or talk loudly. Also, tiptoe when you reach the edge of the water.

9. Pay Attention to the Wind and Shade

These are two important factors when you go bank fishing. If you are attentive, the wind will enable you to pinpoint potential areas where fish will be high in number. It is prudent to remember that wind will blow food towards the bank and this will enable you to catch fish with relative ease. Of course, this will happen only if the wind is blowing toward you. So, check the direction of the wind and you will be able to identify the areas where you can cast your line.

Shade is another important factor in bank fishing. If the sun is shining brightly, look for overhanging trees and shady areas. These will be the best place to catch fish as they will be present in these areas to avoid being spotted by potential predators.

10. Look for Vegetation

Any bank fisherman will tell you that vegetation is the best place to cast your line. So scour the water body to look for underwater structures, weeds, and tree stumps. Set up your camp there. These areas provide cover to the fish, making them the perfect places to cast your line from the bank. You can be certain that you will find the best fishing opportunities around vegetation and will catch a lot of fish.

In Conclusion

These are some of the most important bank fishing tips that you should know. Try to time your fishing trip as low light periods are the best time to increase your catch ratio. Go bank fishing early morning or evening and you will return a happy and satisfied bank fisherman. 

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