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At FishingKris, we’re more than just a fishing blog – we’re a community of fishing enthusiasts, marine lovers, and adventure seekers.

Our team is dedicated to bringing you the most engaging and informative content from the world of fishing.

Our founder, Kristian Ole Rørbye, is a seasoned angler and marine biologist enthusiast. His passion for the sea and its inhabitants is the driving force behind FishingKris. But it’s not just about Kristian.

Our team is composed of experienced anglers, marine biologists, and outdoor enthusiasts who share a common goal – to inspire, educate, and share the joy of fishing with our readers.

We believe that fishing is more than just a hobby; it’s a way to connect with nature, learn about marine life, and experience the thrill of the catch. We strive to share this passion with our readers through our comprehensive guides, expert tips, and inspiring stories.

Whether you’re a seasoned angler or just starting out, we welcome you to FishingKris. Join us as we explore the world’s waters, one cast at a time.”

This text provides a broader view of the FishingKris team and mission, emphasizing the community aspect and shared passion for fishing and the marine environment.

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Meet The Team: A Blend of Passion, Expertise, and Love for Fishing

Kristian Ole Rørbye

+45 65742003

Marine biologist & Seasoned angler

For me, fishing is not just a hobby or even just a way to catch some fresh, healthy food to put on the table. When you grow up in Denmark in a small seaport town, fishing is a lifestyle, and there really isn’t much of a way for me to quit at this point, so I thought I’d share my skills and knowledge with you!

I was born and raised in Denmark, a small, sleepy town where the only thing to do for fun or work has cast a line, pull out a net, and reeled in tons and tons of fish. Denmark offers a variety of unique fishing experiences, being a harsh climate in the winters, but in Denmark, fishing is a year-round thing. When you’ve fished for seatrouts from the age of 8, you learn how to handle a rod and reel a little bit better than the average angler, and it shows in my stocked freezer.

Fishing is more than just the catch for me, as the water and its creatures pull me in too, so much so that I studied marine biology at the University of Denmark to learn more about these underwater ecosystems, how they work, and where the best places where to find them.

That search led me to Thailand in 2009, where I’ve lived ever since. Although the culture is different, the connection to fishing is still the same here. I now travel around the world, too, searching for the next best fishing spots in the world. When I think I’ve found one, a new one emerges.

This site is dedicated to sharing my personal tips and tricks for fishing, water sports, and the marine environment. I hope I inspire you to cast a line or get out on the water.


Content editor & avid angler

Meet Frederik, our dedicated Content Editor, and an avid angler. As Kristian’s brother, he shares the same passion for fishing and the marine environment.

Frederik’s role at FishingKris goes beyond editing – he brings his fishing experiences to the table, ensuring our content is accurate but also engaging, and relatable.

His love for fishing and a keen eye for detail make him an invaluable part of our team.


Programmer & Designer

Introducing Nutthapong, our talented Programmer and Designer. With a knack for creating user-friendly designs and efficient code, he ensures our website is as engaging as our content.

Nutthapong’s interest in fishing during his spare time adds a unique perspective to his work, allowing him to design and program with our audience in mind. His technical skills and passion for fishing make him a crucial part of the FishingKris team.

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