The 9 Best Fish Scalers: Fast and easy fish scaling

Our reviews of the 9 best fish scalers are unbiased as we have gathered information from different users, allowing you to understand the pros and cons of each fish scaler before you decide to make a purchase.

Our Top Pick:

Fish Scaler Brush set of 4


Best Value:

Kwizing Fish Scaler Brush


Editor’s Choice:

Big Norm-Feet Magic Fish Scaler


If you enjoy eating freshly caught fish, you already know how irritating and annoying it can be to pick scales from your fish while eating. You can enjoy unhindered consumption of fish if you can remove the scales, and for this purpose, you will need a tool called a fish scaler. 

A fish scaler allows you to remove scales off a fish before you can cook it. The tool is designed to make scale removal quick and hassle-free. So, you never have to worry about spending time or elbow grease trying to remove the scales. While there are many different types of fish scalers, we have shortlisted the 9 best fish scalers in 2022.

With so many different fish scalers in the market, it can be overwhelming to choose one that is best for you. Thankfully, you do not have to bother with long and complicated research as we have shortlisted nine fish scalers that are among the best.

Table: 9 Best Fish Scalers 2022
Product Name Price
#1 Fish Scaler Brush setCheck Price »
#2 Kwizing Fish Scaler BrushCheck Price »
#3 Big Norm-Feet Magic Fish ScalerCheck Price »
#4 Speder Electric Fish ScalerCheck Price »
#5 Lxnoap Remover Amison Fish ScraperCheck Price »
#6 Sea Strike SSFS1 Fish ScalerCheck Price »
#7 Mare Heavy-Duty Stainless Fish ScalerCheck Price »
#8 HIC 8.5 Inches Fish ScalerCheck Price »
#9 Gnker Fish Scaler BrushCheck Price »

#1. GiniHome Fish Scaler Brush

If you want an easy and fuss-free way to scale fish without worrying about hurting anyone in the process, this is one tool made for you. The Fish Scaler Brush set includes a simple fish scaler that is 7.28 inches long and gets the job completed efficiently. 

It is a good investment for first-timers who do not know the technique of scaling a fish. It is made from superior quality, food-safe 304 stainless steel. Its non-slip handle is designed to keep ergonomics in mind. 

Unlike using a knife, it ensures the scaling process moves forward in a fuss-free manner. It comes with a sturdy shape that makes sure you obtain easy turning.

Product specifications

  • It is 2.4 ounces in weight
  • Sawtooth scaler design 
  • Ergonomic handle with hanging loop
  • Made in USA product

Why We Recommend this Product

At the end of the scaling process, you will find your fish in one piece. This product is designed to work seamlessly not just for home cooks, but also for professional chefs. It is so easy to use that even kids can scale a fish with this fish scaler. Its design ensures it is a functional and practical tool that can be used on a regular basis.

The convenient design of the handle ensures struggle is kept to a minimum when using the scaler. You can take it with you wherever you go as it is easy to slip the scaler into any nook and cranny of your travel bag. 


  • Seamless to clean design
  • It does not slip from your hand
  • Lightweight
  • Anti-rust
  • Does not break or bend easily


  • It gets slippery when wet
  • Its teeth are the same size making it tedious to get into finer places of the fish
  • It can be too sharp

Tip: At the end of the handle is a slot that ensures you can easily hand up the tool so you know storing the scaler does not bring up any issues.

Info alert: The teeth of the scaler are designed to only do away with the scales without penetrating the skin of the fish.

#2. Kwizing Fish Scaler Brush

If you are searching for a safe way to remove stubborn scales, this is one fish scaler that lets you do just that with no mess and very little effort. The Kwizing Fish Scaler Brush comes with intelligently designed grooves that ensure all loose scales are caught in a manner that they stay in the sink. 

The fish scaler is handcrafted in Japan and comes with a slip-resistant grip and an ergonomic wooden handle. It is a well-built product that ensures you have a more delightful time having your fish since you do not have to fret and fume about scales. 

Product Specifications

  • High-tensile strength
  • Brass tip
  • Handmade in Japan 
  • Weight is just 3.6oz
  • Size is 8-1/8 x 1-3/8 x 7/8”

Why We Recommend this Product

It is sturdy and saltwater-resistant. It possesses a large surface coverage so you do not spend too much time in the scaling process. Its full-size handle and ergonomic design make it easy to manage even when you are scaling a big catch.


  • Sturdy and well-built
  • Impeccable grip
  • 32 serrated sawteeth
  • Ample space coverage


  • The joint of the body and handle should be stronger
  • It is not suitable for small fish

Tip: This scaler works particularly well for salmon as you are not left with leftover scales. You can so use it outdoors when grilling for a non-messy affair.

Info alert: Its 32 individual serrated sawteeth ensure even and complete scale removal so you can easily reach harder areas such as near the belly and fins.

#3. Big Norm-Feet Magic Fish Scaler

The Big Norm-Feet Magic Fish Scaler is the ideal product that helps you remove scales with ease without causing a mess. It is completely safe to use and ensures fish scaling is performed without wasting any time. 

This scaler is a popular favorite in the market and is designed with superior quality plastic. This product does come with different color variations. The end of the fish scaler has a hole that you can hook the scaler with for convenient storage. 

To clean it up, you have to run the fish scaler under a tap or bucket of water. 

Product Specifications

  • An American product
  • It is 0.32 ounces in weight 

Why We Recommend this Product

It is an anti-rust product since it is made from plastic so you know it will stand the test of time owing to its resilient built. The product works wonders even when you attempt to scale tough to get scales near the fins. The scaler catches loose scales.

It lets you scale the fish in half the time it takes you to use a knife. The teeth are free-floating and hence, they can catch and hold any loose scales. It is a one-piece product so the chances of it falling apart are less. 


  • Easy to wash
  • Lightweight and practical
  • Conveniently priced
  • It can catch loose scales


  • Small handle
  • Fish scales tend to fly
  • Low grip

Tip: The fish scaler possesses a blade that makes it easier to clean the skin. 

Info alert: The fish scaler comes with a unique feature known as the magic finger. This can be utilized to remove the fish scales flawlessly.

#4. Speder Electric Fish Scaler

The Speder Electric Fish Scaler ensures moving away from the manual, labor-intensive methods of scaling fish is easy and effortless. It possesses a 304 stainless steel blade that is covered by a stainless steel sheet. This ensures scales do not fly all over the place. 

It comes with components such as a rollerblade, a motor, and a cord for power supply. The scaler has an all-copper motor that comes housed in a waterproof shell. The handle of the fish scaler is also waterproof as is the switch on it.

Product Specifications

  • Comes with a 6-amp all copper motor 
  • It possesses an adapter and a battery cable

Why We Recommend this Product

The handle of this appliance works well for both right- and left-handed people. The cable that is utilized to connect to a power supply is 12 inches long. It can also be folded so that portability does not become an issue. 

Its features make sure that the device is safe, clean, and seamless to use. The waterproof features ensure you do not encounter issues when washing it underwater.


  • Waterproof
  • Easy to use
  • Quick in scaling


  • It can be bulky to manage
  • It is not gentle and can tear up the skin of the fish
  • It does not possess an instruction manual

Tip: It is ideal for seafood marketing as well as in restaurants, hotels, and homes.

Info alert: The blade of the fish scaler spins at 6,000 rotations per hour. This ensures your fish is descaled within no time. 

#5. Lxnoap Remover Amison Fish Scraper

The Lxnoap Remover Amison Fish Scraper is an automatic fish scaler that makes it easy to complete the scaling process faster than it would take to de-scale a fish using a knife. It comes with a head, teeth, and a handle. You can hang the scraper anywhere in your kitchen has the handle has a hole for this purpose. 

The scaler is both hand and machine-washable. At the end of the scaling process, you do not end up with cut hands. It is a good tool for when you are cooking salmon. 

Product Specifications

  • It is a 304 stainless steel device 
  • It is lightweight, non-toxic and anti-rust
  • It weighs merely 2.88 ounces

Why We Recommend this Product

Its saw-like teeth work wonders when removing the toughest fish scale. The handle sits flawlessly in your palm so you do not have to fret about constantly adjusting your grip when going about with scaling. 

The holes in its head make it trouble-free to do away with all the fish scales and effortlessly clean the appliance. 


  • Strong and lightweight
  • Stands the test of time
  • Cleaning it is not a time-consuming task


  • Scales tend to fly about
  • Slippery when wet
  • Have to be cautious as its teeth are sharp

Tip: There are two distinct sizes of teeth, small at the tip and larger towards the end. This makes it easy to remove various sizes of scales. 

Info alert: The teeth of the fish scaler are trapezoid in shape. This works to safeguard the skin of the fish as well as protects the user.

#6. Sea Strike SSFS1 Fish Scaler

The Sea Strike SSFS1 Fish Scaler possesses a sawtooth scaler blade design and is made with durable steel materials. It is easy to handle while the shape of the device offers you a certain amount of anti-slip grip. 

It is one of the easy-to-use types of scale removers. It is a one-piece tool with a head that comes with small tooth-like spikes. The fish scaler is easy to clean.

Product Specifications

  • Comes in various colors 
  • It is 0.16 ounces in weight

Why We Recommend this Product

It is a reasonably priced appliance and can be used for all sizes of fish. It can endure coming in contact with saltwater. It can become the go-to appliance for all culinary experts owing to the fact that it possesses a straightforward design. 

Its design is not very bulky and hence, the scaler is portable. If you are a fisherman who is always on the move, this fish scaler works perfectly with your requirements.


  • It possesses a pocket-size design so it is portable
  • Small and lightweight
  • You can choose from various sizes
  • It can be used by culinary experts of all levels


  • Flying of fish scales can occur
  • Not enough grip in the handle
  • Can get slippery sometimes

Tip: It can be used by anglers for all skill levels.

Info alert: The small tooth-like spikes make it less tedious to get the scales out from any part of the fish. 

#7.Mare Heavy-Duty Stainless Fish Scaler

The Mare Heavy-Duty Stainless Fish Scaler ensures removing fish scales is not a burdensome task. It also makes certain you obtain a less time-consuming experience when cooking up a meal. 

The fish scaler comes with four steel rings of various sizes attached together with a handle. The rings are set with the smaller rings in the bigger circle. To make sure you obtain maximum use of the rings, they are serrated on both sides.

Product Specifications

  • The handle comes with a slight curve to offer you firm grasp
  • It is 4.6 ounces in weight
  • Spring steel 4 rings

Why We Recommend this Product

It comes with a one-of-a-kind design that sets it apart from regular fish scalers. It helps you save a great deal of time and is worth the money you pay for it. It comes with a high grip and the spring steel ensures you can easily remove scales without wasting too much time.


  • It is convenient and practical
  • It is easy to use
  • Comes with an ergonomic handle


  • Since its teeth are exposed, it can be dangerous to leave it lying around
  • Its design causes restrictions when reaching certain areas of the fish
  • The teeth are smaller than usual

Tip: Since it is a heavy-duty scaler, you need to make certain your hands are safe from any danger.

Info alert: The curve of the handle minimizes direct contact between the fingers and the blade. This ensures you are not hurt when using the tool. 

#8. HIC 8.5 Inches Fish Scaler

The HIC 8.5 Inches Fish Scaler is just as aesthetic to look at as it is practical to use. It looks like a knife butt and comprises a serrated end that can be utilized to pull the scales of the fish. It is hard-wearing and lasts a long time. 

Its design ensures you can hold it with a tighter grip and since it is not bulky, you can take it wherever you go. Warm soapy water is all you need to wash this appliance within no time.

Product Specifications

  • Curved handles ensure a secure grip even with wet hands 
  • It measures 8.5 inches in length 
  • Made from aluminum 
  • 1.6 ounces in weight

Why We Recommend this Product

This fish sealer offers you a great grip even when your hands are wet. The teeth on this appliance make it easy to conduct scaling processes like a professional. You do not have to worry about where to store it when not in use as there is a hole at the tail end of the tool so you can hang it wherever you want to.


  • It is not bulky in nature
  • It is made from a resilient material
  • It is a one-piece appliance so it does not fall apart
  • Easy to clean


  • It may not be dishwasher friendly
  • It is quite small in appearance
  • It is not always mess-free

Tip: It is a great tool to carry along with you on camping and hiking trips. 

Info alert: The raised nubs on the underside seamlessly lift and remove fish scales. All you have to do is lay the fish flat and scrape using short strokes.

#9. Gnker Fish Scaler Brush

The Gnker Fish Scaler Brush has impeccable design and an exquisite aesthetic. If you have a penchant for cleanliness, this fish scaler is for you. The device comes in the shape of a fish.

The handle is attached to a container and has a blade at the bottom with a lid at the top. The handle comes with a hanging hole for better convenience and storage. It is easy to clean.

Product Specifications

  • The tool measures 16cm x 5cm
  • It is 2.8 ounces in weight 
  • Hole in the handle for easy storage

Why We Recommend this Product

It is a mess-free way of doing away with scales on a fish without wasting any time. The blade at the bottom scrapes the scales into the container to offer you a mess-free scaling process. 

It ensures seamless handling is a possibility. If you deal with fish a lot, this device gives you a trouble-free experience. It can prevent you from cutting your hand when using it because it possesses a non-sharp design.


  • It does not result in a mess after the scaling process is complete
  • It is not time-consuming to clean
  • Easy storage.
  • Easy to clean


  • It can be quite bulky
  • You may need a bit of direction at first to use the scaler effectively
  • Plastic is not long-lasting

Tip: When you raise the bottom of the fish scaler, you can scrape you the fish scales easily.

Info alert: Its ergonomic design ensures it is easy to hold and does not skid or slip.

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Best Fish Scaler Buying Guide

If you are keen to purchase a fish scaler, it is essential you know the qualities it should have to qualify as the best fish scaler. Here is a buying guide to help you purchase the best fish scaler in 2022. 

Blade vs Scrubber:

You can get a fish scaler that is designed to work as a blade or a scrubber. You should choose the type depending on which method of scaling you prefer. You can get manual and electric versions of both types of scalers. It is prudent to remember that a blade scaler is more precise and can be used for small and big fish. 


If you want your fish scaler to last long, take a close look at the material. You can get fish scalers made from stainless steel, wood, and plastic. A stainless steel scaler is most durable and it is corrosion-free, easy to clean, and sturdy. A plastic fish scaler will not last long and may not be as effective in removing the scales. A wood scaler is a poor choice as it can get mold. 


Make sure that the fish scaler you opt for is easy to use and functional. It should perform as expected, and hence, take a closer look at the size of the teeth. They should be big enough to remove the scales but the scaler should not be too large to make usage and handling cumbersome. 


Remember, fish scalers are designed to be sharp so that they can easily remove the scales. Make sure that if you are choosing a fish scaler, it should have features that make it safe to use. Finger protection and an anti-slip grip are features that you should be looking for in your fish scaler. 

Ease of Cleaning:

Hygiene is paramount when you are investing in a fish scaler. So, look for one that you can easily wash by hand or in a machine. The cleaning process should be able to remove the stuck scales so that the scaler is clean and ready for the next use. 

Tip: made a very good guide about how to scale a fish.

Our Verdict

Based on the numerous features, we feel that GiniHome Fish Scaler Brush is the best fish scaler in 2022. It is easy to use and highly effective in removing the scales. It makes fish scale removal a quick and effortless task. It can easily be used by professionals and home cooks.

It is quite sturdy and you will not have to worry about the scaler bending or slipping from your hand. It is made from high-quality 304 stainless steel, making it rust-free, hygienic, and long-lasting.

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Updated: May 31, 2022