5 Important Tools Every Bass Angler Needs In Their Tackle Box

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Fishing is an exciting hobby and bass fishing is the most interesting of all types of fishing. Whether you are a beginner or a professional Bass fisherman, it is important to know the tools that will make your job easier and help you earn more experience.

Bass fishing is a great outdoor activity that can be enjoyed with friends and family. In addition to your reel, rod, and few baits or lures, you will also need a few tools that will make your fishing trip more enjoyable and successful.

If you have noticed that your tackle box seems a bit sparse and you are truly ready to up your fishing game, then read on.

The following are the 5 must-have bass fishing tools that will make your fishing trip successful.

5 must-have bass fishing tools

1. Super Line Scissors:

This is one important fishing tool that you need in your tackle box. Although many fishermen may think of using a normal pair of scissors, but such is not as effective as Super Line Scissors. The Super Line Scissors provides a simple, versatile, and effective cutting solution. These scissors are made from durable stainless steel that resists wear and corrosion. And come with a serrated cutting edge that is designed to cut braid and similar materials.

Other benefits of Super Line Scissors are that it can be used to cut lines and spools quickly. When you have a tangled mess, it’s easier to cut the line and re-spool it quickly. Also, with these fishing scissors, you can easily cut bait, fish, and even cut the fins off fish. Also, these scissors help prevent cross-contamination as it has plastic handles.

2. Fishing Hook Sharpener:

Your fishing hooks can wear out after a few casts, and lose its sharp edge. If you are fishing long hours, then you don’t have to wait until you get home before you sharpen your hooks. That is why there are specifically designed sharpeners that you can take with you on your fishing trips.

A good fishing hook sharpener can save you the fishing gear costs since you will not need to replace dull hooks on your baits. In addition, it helps you to stick the fish better. Having a good fishing hook sharpener will be a great game-changer for you out on the water.

To test your hook for sharpness, you need to gently run it over the top of your fingernail. A hook that easily slides without catching is not sharp enough. If the hook creates a scratch in your fingernail with little pressure, then you have effectively sharpened the hook.

And when shopping for a fishing hook sharpener, make sure you get a portable one. It should be easy to store, and if possible to conveniently attach it to your cloth.

3. Fishing Jig Eye Cleaner:

It is very frustrating when trying to tie on a new ice jig in freezing temperatures, only to discover that it is totally painted over. Having a Jig Eye cleaner helps solve this old problem, fishing jig eye cleaner device is a useful tool that is ideal for eliminating paint from jig eyes.

This cleaning tool is functional, versatile, and has a compact design for easy placing in a pocket or tackle box. Jig Eye Cleaner can be used to remove knots from jig eyes or lines. This fishing tool is amazing to bring on your next fishing trip.

4. Fishing Pliers:

This is one of those easily ignore pieces of fishing gear. Fishermen don’t really think of this fishing tool until they desperately need them. The best fishing pliers can bend wire, cut line, change split rings, remove hooks, and do more. A quality pair of fishing pliers is a must-have gadget in every fisherman’s tackle bag. It makes things easy and makes fishing more enjoyable.

The major function of fishing pliers is to safely remove hooks without destroying your fingers on barb or sharp teeth. Fishing pliers is not like typical pliers you have in your toolbox, it comes with features like split ring openers, line cutters, and crimpers that make it very useful to many fishermen.

If you are a catch and release angler, then fishing pliers are very important for you, because it will allow you to remove hook very quickly and safely and return the fish to the water with minimal commotion.

5. Fishing Knot Tying Tool:

One thing most fishermen will agree on is that tying a knot is a pain, you will know how challenging it can be if you have ever tried to tie a fishing knot on unsteady boat. Thankfully, technology has done a great job of making fishing easier for fishermen.

One of such great invention is the introduction of the fishing knot tying tool. The major purpose of this tool is to assist fishermen while tying knots. It does not just make the task easier, but it is also secure and saves users time. This useful tool should be in the tackle bag of every fisherman.

No one is ready to lose their catch because of a wimpy knot. You can eliminate this problem with a good Knot Tying Tool. A good knot tying tool will let you to firmly hold the hook, swivel, jig, or lure in place as you tie any kind of knot you choose.


In conclusion, I won’t go fishing without these five fishing tools, they are very important, besides your reel, rod, and tackle. I like to fasten one or more of these tools to a retractable device that I can attach to myself or my tackle bag. Add these tools to your bass boat tackle and you will have a wonderful day on the water.


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