3 Best Polarized Sunglasses for Sight Fishing (Buyer Guide Included)

It wasn’t long ago when polarized sunglasses were considered an expensive luxury for sight fishing. Today, polarized sunglasses are an essential part of fishing equipment. For both beginners and professionals, it is essential to use gear that provides protection. Polarized sunglasses are great for protecting the eyes when you are out fishing.

In this article, we will tell you how to pick the perfect pair of polarized sunglasses for you. We will also share some of our favorite polarized sunglasses.

Best Polarized Sunglasses on the Market:

Based on quality and functionality, we have chosen the best polarized sunglasses for you.

1.  Oakley Holbrook Polarized Fishing Sunglasses

Oakley is considered one of the best sight fishing sunglasses on the market. Let us take a look at some of the features attributed to them.


Oakley offers high-quality polarized sunglasses at very affordable prices.

Distortion Issues:

These sunglasses don’t have any distortion issues. Distortion issues are very common due to the reflection of waves.

True Image:

They offer a true image without any magnification and refracted light. Other lenses can create a ‘false’ image, and you can’t see the precise position of the objects. This aspect may ruin the purpose of the sunglasses, limiting them to only protecting your eyes from the sunlight glare. You won’t be able to do any fishing with such sunglasses.

Furthermore, Oakley Holbrook Sunglasses offer a variety of frame and lenses colors. The brand features many smart designs, making it a favorite of many customers.


  • The lenses quality is excellent.
  • There is a variety of colors for the lenses.
  • The plastic frame doesn’t get rusted.
  • Oakley offers High Definition optics.


  • The lenses can get scratched easily.

2.  Costa Del Mar Fantail Fishing Sunglasses

Costa Del Mar Fantail Sunglasses is another versatile brand that is on the top of the list for many fishers.

Great for Bright Light:

These sunglasses work best even in bright light. Moreover, Costa Del offers a long list of lens colors for different light conditions. this makes them ideal for use in bright sunlight.

Clarity of Lenses:

Even in some of the expensive polarized sunglasses, users come across the clarity of lenses that are not so good. Costa uses premium quality lenses that offer great clarity. This is another feature that helps this brand stand out in the market.

Affordability & Durability:

Costa has introduced glass lenses at a very affordable price. The best aspect of glass lenses is that they are resistant to scratches and are thus more durable.

These polarized sunglasses are packaged with a case and cleaning cloth that helps to keep them scratch-proof and maintain their clarity.


  • This brand features 580 glass lenses.
  • The glass lenses are scratch-resistant.
  • The cleaning cloth and case are for free.
  • There is a variety of colors and frame designs.


  • The frame comes in limited sizes and won’t fit larger profiles.

3.   Flying Fisherman Boca Grande Sunglasses

Flying Fishermen Sunglasses are reputed to be one of the best in the market.

Affordable Rates:

This brand is known to provide high-quality sunglasses at reasonable prices. The lenses by Flying Fisherman are also resistant to scratches and shatters.

Great for Glare:

The lenses are designed to eliminate glare and give a clear vision.


 They also add color contrast without ruining the actual shades of colors.

The sunglasses come with a cleaning cloth and a zippered case.


  • The lenses reduce eye strain by eliminating the light glare.
  • These glasses come with a 1-year warranty.
  • The lenses don’t distort the natural colors.
  • These glasses help locate the location of the object precisely.


  • No cons.

How polarized lenses work for sight fishing

When light waves hit the water, they are reflected in one plane instead of getting scattered. This phenomenon is known as polarization. When light waves are focused in a single direction, they can form a dangerous glare. The polarizing filter will only allow light in that is vertically oriented. At the same time, it naturally blocks the horizontally oriented light.

Polarized sunglasses are popularly used for protecting the eyes from that dangerous glare. They are especially important for outdoor water activities including fishing.

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Benefits of Polarized Sunglasses:

Let us take a look at some of the benefits of polarized sunglasses:

1. Protect the Eyes from Glare:

Polarized sunglasses protect the eyes from this intense glare. The glare that hits your eyes can also cause a severe headache. This reflected light not only harms your eyes but also prevents you from seeing below the surface of the water.

2. Help you see Underwater:

Polarized sunglasses help you see underwater and catch fish easily. With these sunglasses, you will also be able to see dangerous objects lurking underwater that could snag your fishing line.

3. Help in Bass Fishing:

Moreover, polarized sunglasses are a must for bass fishing too. Bass fishing can be a little hard as they like to hide in thickets of vegetation underwater. With polarized sunglasses, you can easily see through the water and easily catch bass.

So, polarized lenses can be your lucky charm in catching bass.

How to Choose the Best Polarized Sunglasses?

When you are purchasing polarized sunglasses for sight fishing, there are some things that you must keep in your mind.

Color of the Lens:

The color of the lens is one of the most important aspects of your sunglasses. You need to get the right colored lens for a cool appearance as well as improving visibility in the water.  


Amber shades are best for fishing in dull lighting. It can help to heighten the contrast


A grey lens can filter all the colors of light without any distortions. This color works well for sight fishing in both Stillwater and freshwater.


Green lenses are suitable for any situation. They are also suitable for dirty water.


Yellow lenses are most suited for sight fishing in shades. However, they are not as useful for harsh sunlight.


The cost of the sunglasses is just as important as any other feature. It doesn’t make sense to buy an expensive pair of sunglasses that work just as well as a cheaper pair. Similarly, it is useless to buy cheap sunglasses that don’t work well for you.

However, sometimes, you will need to make a compromise between price and some functions.


The material of both the frame and lens of the sunglasses is also essential to consider.

Many brands offer a variety of materials, from PVC to nylon. You can choose the material according to the weight, feel, and durability.

Comfort level

Another vital feature that you should keep an eye on is the level of comfort of the frame. The weight of the sunglasses is an important aspect. For example, plastic frames are lighter than metal frames.

Type of Lenses

The lenses are what you actually look through while hunting for fish. So, you need to choose them carefully according to the features they offer.  

There are two types of lenses:

  • Glass lenses
  • PVC or Polyvinyl carbonate lenses.

(i) Glass Lenses

They are heavier in weight. But, glass lenses are less likely to get scratches.

(ii) PVC Lenses

They are lighter in weight as compared to glass lenses. However, they can get scratches with time and use.

Final Word:

For a great fishing experience, using the right gear, including polarized sunglasses, is very important. They are great for providing an extra layer of protection for your eyes. We hope this guide will help you pick the best pair of polarized sunglasses.

Updated: November 2, 2021