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10 Best Electric Fishing Reels

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Last Updated on July 13, 2021

Our Top Pick:

best electric fishing reels

Kaigen 7000CP by Banax


Editor’s Choice:

Beast Master 9000 by Shimano


Best value:

Tanacom 750 Electric Fishing Reel by Daiwa


Fishing can be relaxing but if you have to drag and wind the line manually to catch your fish or change the bait, you will find it tedious and tiring. That is why many people using electric fishing reels. These reels are high-performance reels and hence, you do not have to sweat or exert as you do for manually operated reels. You will find out that electric reels have the ability to lift heavy catch from the water in an effortless manner. Also, you will easily be able to switch from deep-sea fishing to bottom fishing without any hassles.

Buying an electric fishing reel can be overwhelming as there are so many in the market that claim to be the best. Thankfully, you do not have to spend time researching and comparing as we have shortlisted the 10 best electric fishing reels for you. Our review of the best electric fishing reel is a combination of user comments and our personal experience with the reels.

Table: Top 10 Best Electric Fishing Reels in 2021
Product Name Price
#1 Kaigen 7000CP by BanaxCheck Price »
#2 Beast Master 9000 by ShimanoCheck Price »
#3 Tanacom 750 Electric Fishing Reel by DaiwaCheck Price »
#4 Tanacom 1000 Electric Fishing Reel by DaiwaCheck Price »
#5 Kaigan 1000 Electric Reel by BanaxCheck Price »
#6 Force Master 9000 by ShimanoCheck Price »
#7 Kaigen 150 Electric Fishing Reel by BanaxCheck Price »
#8 Tiagra Ti30LRSA Electric Fishing Reel by ShimanoCheck Price »
#9 Tiagra Electric Fishing Reel by ShimanoCheck Price »
#10 Saltwater Electric Spinning Reel by SmartLifeCheck Price »

#1. Kaigen 7000CP by Banax

This Korean electric fishing reel comes with highly advanced features, including a quick-slide clutch. It can easily detect changes in the depth and respond to them with alacrity and speed. The reel’s speed control is easy to use and as a result, you can make the necessary changes during retrieval.

Product Specs

  • Aluminum construct
  • Power T-shaped rubber knob
  • Quick-slide clutch
  • Gear ratio of 3.5:1
  • 12V DC
  • Motor speed is 170m per minute
  • Power cord
  • Pouch

Why We Recommend This Product

When we tested the Kaigen 7000CP, we were impressed with its responsiveness to unforeseen changes. We also liked the construct, which is high-quality and ensures durability. It has seven ball bearings, which ensure smooth operation. It requires a 12V battery to function and is portable, thanks to the pouch. You can use the custom settings to perform tasks, such as jigging. Settings too are easy to use.


  • Lightweight
  • Compact and durable
  • Knobs with rubber for comfort
  • Quick-slide clutch
  • Jigging function


  • Lightweight
  • Compact and durable
  • Knobs with rubber for comfort
  • Quick-slide clutch
  • Jigging function

Tip: The electric fishing reel comes with 10-foot power cable and alligator clips.

Info alert: The Kaigen 7000CP has 66lb maximum drag allowing you to easily enjoy deep drop fishing.

#2. Beast Master 9000 by Shimano

This reel is a gem of a fishing reel that comes with some unique features, such as a heat-free system that prevents the line from freezing or overheating. It is lightweight and well-constructed. The reel can be used on any rod without any hassle.

Product Specs

  • Made in Japan
  • Digital display
  • Gigamax motor
  • Maximum drag weight of 55 lb

Why We Recommend This Product

It is an extremely durable electric fishing reel and can take the rigors of intense fishing conditions like you would experience in deep-sea or saltwater. It is a high-performance fishing reel and has the power to back it up. The ball bearings are from stainless steel, making it durable and long-lasting.


  • Durable
  • Lightweight
  • Compatible with 12V and 24V battery
  • Comes with an adapter lead


  • Difficult to program the reel

Tip: The Beast Master 9000 has a ratio capability of 3.1:1.

Info alert: This electric fishing reel has a line capacity of 2000 yards.

#3. Tanacom 750 Electric Fishing Reel by Daiwa

This electric fishing reel has made it to the list of the 10 best electric fishing reels as it has some unique features. It comes with a right-hand retrieve selection and a gear ratio of about 2.3:1. This reel is ideal for saltwater and deep drop fishing. It makes it easy to reel in large catch effortlessly.

Product Specs

  • Battery cable
  • 750 PE line
  • 12V
  • Digital display
  • Memory storage
  • Stainless steel line guide

Why We Recommend This Product

This device is extremely easy to use. You will be able to use the automatic stop without any hassle. It is possible to program this electric fishing reel to perform other tasks, like jigging. It has a built-in line counter that allows you to record the distance and depth to ensure accurate drops. You can use the stored information at a later stage to ensure consistent results. The four-bearing system of the fishing reel ensures smooth operation. The line guard is large to minimize knots and tangles.


  • Digital display is in English
  • Memory storage
  • Power and speed control
  • Built-in line counter
  • Automatic stop settings


  • Tough to find a portable power source
  • No warranty

Tip: The display information is in English even though this fishing reel is a Japanese product.

Info alert: You can use just DC power supply to operate this fishing reel and it is necessary to find the right power source.

#4. Tanacom 1000 Electric Fishing Reel by Daiwa

The Tanamcom 1000 by Daiwa looks stylish with its black exterior and LCD display. It offers a right-hand retrieve. The line guide opening is oversized and as a result, you keep track of tangles and knots in the line. You can easily come to an automatic stop, something that you cannot do with manual lines.

Product Specs

  • LCD display
  • Power lever
  • Manual winding option
  • 12V system
  • Sealed drag system

Why We Recommend This Product

We really liked the power controls that allow you to control the device’s speed. You also can select the power setting that you would like during operation. The key is to find the right setting and speed to ensure optimal performance from the reel. The line counter enables you to check the length of the line you have used and the depth the line has gone to. This electric reel can store this data, allowing you to repeat any setting that is stored.


  • The design of the reel makes it washable
  • Right-hand retrieve
  • Power cables
  • Automatic stop and jigging


  • Not the easiest reel to setup
  • Low on quality control

Tip: The reel can hold 800 yards of 80 braids and hence, it is possible to enjoy deep drop fishing at depths greater than 1000 feet.

Info alert: The operation manual for the electric reel is available on the Daiwa website. This manual is downloadable.

#5. Kaigan 1000 Electric Reel by Banax

In the US, you will find this electric reel with a warranty. It comes with a braided line that has a capacity of 800 meters for every 100 pounds. You can enjoy deep drop fishing with this reel with ease, thanks to its high-level capacity.

Product Specs

  • LCD screen
  • Jigging button
  • 45-pound maximum drag rate
  • 800m per 100 lb capacity
  • Braided line
  • 12V

Why We Recommend This Product

Banax has been around for more than 40 years and is a well-known brand. Diehard fans vouch for Banax electric fishing reels. The one-year warranty is a testament to the brand’s confidence about the performance of the reel. This electric reel can take a lot of wear and tear without showing any signs of ill-effects. It is manufactured with tough materials and hence, it has high durability levels. Also, you will find that Banax offers superior customer service and that alone makes this brand a winner in our eyes.


  • Fast retrieve
  • 1 year or 200 hours warranty for US customers
  • Large size bearings
  • Braided line


  • Noisy while in operation
  • Low-quality control

Tip: You can attach this electric reel to any rod and it is designed for a minimum of 15 pounds of drag.

Info alert: The reel is comfortable to use and lightweight for all-day fishing without experiencing any discomfort. It is easy to set up and use.

#6. Force Master 9000 by Shimano

You will be impressed with the Force Master 9000. It comes with three roller bearings to ensure smooth operation, and it has a gear ratio of approximately 3.1:1. It is meant to be a high-performing electric fishing reel.

Product Specs

  • Speed display
  • Rack memo bottom mode
  • Maximum winding speed is 135m per minute
  • 12V to 14V
  • 3 bearings
  • Maximum hoisting power is 72kg
  • Nylon spool

Why We Recommend This Product

We really loved the digital display screen that shows the details of slow winding speed. This information can be used later on for auto wind. The auto mode makes the reel accurate. You can save every action you take with the reel and later on you can access the saved information. It is a high-quality product but makes sure you opt for a seller who offers you an English manual.


  • Hoisting speed of about 135 meters per minute
  • Heat-free system
  • Auto-stop setting
  • Display shows slow winding speed
  • System is heat-free


  • Manual is in Japanese
  • Customer service is not the best

Tip: Ideal electric fishing reel for those looking to enjoy bottom fishing.

Info alert: The reel comes with a nylon spool that has outstanding tensile strength.

#7. Kaigen 150 Electric Fishing Reel by Banax

We usually do not recommend a fishing product without customer reviews, but we made an exception to this rule since the Kaigen 150 is by Banax. This fishing reel is compact and lightweight, making it easy to maneuver and use the reel. It comes with a changeable spool.

Product Specs

  • Maximum power drag of 12kg
  • Changeable spool with an extra spool included
  • Aluminum handle
  • Quick-flipping lever
  • Motor speed of maximum 150m per minute
  • 11 ball bearings

Why We Recommend This Product

We really loved the compact construction of the fishing reel. We also found no difficulty in using it and the spool was easy to change. It has a power drag of 261 lb and the aluminum construction makes it rust-resistant. The rubber knobs on the handle make it comfortable to use.


  • erfect for jigging
  • Requires 12V battery
  • 11 ball bearings
  • Changeable spool
  • Has an additional spool


  • Setup can be a little tough
  • Not easy to find out the line capacity

Tip: The aluminum construct means the fishing reel is ideal for saltwater fishing.

Info alert: The gear ratio is 5.0:1, ensuring smooth casting and retrieval.

#8. Tiagra Ti30LRSA Electric Fishing Reel by Shimano

It comes with a right-hand retrieve and could be just the fishing reel you are looking for if you enjoy shallow-deep drop. It also allows you to go for kite fishing. It has a high-speed motor and can operate smoothly in saltwater. This electric fishing reel boasts 30 unique features.

Product Specs

  • Single piece machined frame made from aluminum
  • Aluminum spool
  • RB ball bearings
  • Two-speed gears
  • Elastomere grip
  • Twin-disk drag system

Why We Recommend This Product

We really loved the fact that we can control the line speed and get access to the gear speed that a person wants while reeling in. It is right-hand retrieve and has a gear ratio of 3.9:1. The adjustable controls, aluminum construct, and ease of use make it a winner in our books.


  • Possible to set the drag to extra-tight setting
  • Non-slip grip
  • Made from aluminum
  • Power handle is ergonomically designed
  • Allows variable speed control
  • Limited warranty


  • Has just 4 ball bearings
  • Cannot adjust the hand retrieve

Tip: The maximum gear is 1000 per minute for each 40lb that you want to reel in.

Info alert: This amazing electric fishing reel comes with a 2-year warranty which is quite attractive.

#9. Tiagra Electric Fishing Reel by Shimano

This electric fishing reel comes with a non-detachable motor that ensures that the reel gets the power it requires to function optimally. It has a gear ratio of 3.9:1 and the six stainless ball bearings ensure smooth operation. The Tiagra electric fishing reel can be used in saltwater without worries as it is designed for deep-sea fishing. While retrieving the line, you can alternate between low and high.

Product Specs

  • Two-speed gear system
  • Right-hand retrieve
  • Maximum drag force is 34 lb
  • Gear raion is 3.9:1
  • Has a mono line capacity of 30 lb per 700 yards

Why We Recommend This Product

While this electric fishing reel packs power, it is lightweight. It weighs approximately 11 lb. Hence, it is comfortable to hold and use for extended durations. We also liked the fact that the fishing reel is compatible with saltwater. The anti-rust ball bearings ensure durability.


  • Lightweight
  • Comes with variable speed control
  • Non-detachable, brushless motor
  • Dual-speed remote


  • There can be quality issues
  • Setup can be challenging

Tip: The reel has a wide range of speed options and boasts 500 feet per minute depth coverage.

Info alert: Ergonomically designed fishing reel handle, which also has rubber knobs to ensure optimal comfort while operating the fishing reel.

#10. Saltwater Electric Spinning Reel by SmartLife

This electric fishing reel can be used in freshwater or saltwater. It has 12 ball bearing made from stainless steel and this facilitates a smooth operation.

Product Specs

  • CNC aluminum spool
  • Stainless steel main shaft
  • 12 ball bearings
  • Depth counter
  • One anti-reverse bearing
  • Brake system
  • Fine-tune button

Why We Recommend This Product

The 12 ball bearings made from stainless steel are impressive and one additional ball bearing to lock the line in place also had us jumping with joy. We also like the ability to check the depth. Above all, we loved that the electric fishing reel can be used in saltwater and freshwater with equal ease.


  • 12 ball bearings allow you to reel in the catch with ease
  • Compatible with saltwater and freshwater
  • Ability to lock line with anti-reverse system
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Spool made from aluminum


  • Line counter may not be electronic as mentioned as some users found that it was gear-driven

Tip: It comes with a fixed seat that allows you to cast the line with precision and superior control.

Info alert: Use the fishing reel to fish in oceans, rivers, streams, lakes and rock fishing.

Buying Guide for the Best Electric Fishing Reels in 2021

When you are looking to buy the best electric fishing reel, there are several factors that you need to consider before you can make a choice. Some of the things to look for are as follows:

Speed of Retrieval

Check how fast the electric fishing reel allows you to bring the line in. The faster the better if you want to retrieve the kite or change the bait. However, if you have a fighter on the line, torque is more important compared to speed. Nonetheless, the pull will help make it easier. So, find the right balance between speed of retrieval and maximum power.

Line Capacity

For deep dropping, the ideal line is a braided line and you will need a long line for this purpose. Typically, a 200lb braided line is used for deep dropping but you do not need a heavy line always. The weight depends on the kind of fish you want to catch. Ensure that the line capacity is a minimum 900 feet or 300 yards with an 80 to 100 lb braid.


You should not overlook the drag, especially in an electric fishing line. If the drag is too tight, the fish will be lost. You can opt for drag as lows as 40lb to as high as 80lb. If the drag is less than 40 or more than 80, the electric fishing reel is not worth it.

Gear System

Look for an electric fishing reel that offers you the ability to separate speed. Some reels have one gear and retrieval speed. These are not the best. Look for a reel with different gear and retrieval speed so that you can apply torque when the situation demands.

Line Counter

You will thank yourself for choosing a reel with a line counter when you go deep-sea fishing. Also, trying to ascertain the depth in rivers and lakes can be difficult. This feature will allow you to gauge how much you have to go to bring your catch to the surface.


Most electric fishing reels operate on a 12V power supply and offer different amps. You can carry a power source with you or use the boat’s power supply. Ensure that the power is 100% before you go fishing. Otherwise, you will be doing all the hard work.

Our Verdict

In our opinion, Kaigen 7000CP by Banax is the best electric fishing reel. It comes with highly advanced features, like a quick slide clutch. The reel can detect changes in the fishing environment and adapt to them with ease. Also, the reel is compact and can be used with any fishing rod. It has a durable build, jigging function and rubber knobs for comfort. It is powered by 12V power and has a motor speed of 170 meters per minute. It even has a power cord that allows you to connect it to an external power source.

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