Exploring the World of Fishing: Insights from a Biology Enthusiast

Join Kristian Ole Rørbye, a seasoned angler and biology enthusiast, as he navigates the world's waters.

From his Danish roots to global adventures, discover unique fishing experiences, expert tips, and a shared passion for the marine environment on FishingKris.

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Meet Our Team


Founder & Biology enthusiast

Our founder, Kristian Ole Rørbye, is not only a seasoned angler but also a passionate student of biology. His love for the sea and its inhabitants, informed by three years of biological study, drives FishingKris.com.


Editor & Avid Angler

Meet Frederik, our dedicated Content Editor, and an avid angler. As Kristian’s brother, he shares the same passion for fishing and the marine environment.


Programmer & Designer

With a knack for creating user-friendly designs and efficient code, Nutthapong ensures our website is as engaging as our content.